‘The Sian’ Lamborghini launches its first hybrid supercar


One of the top brands in the automotive industry, Lamborghini takes the first step in an electric march of the automotive sector by launching its first hybrid supercar The Sian. This hybrid supercar comes at an attractive price of 3.6 million USD.

Lamborghini always tries to be ahead in a car race by launching cars that have more power than before. The Sian’s electric system generates 819 horsepower i.e. 602 KW to power up all 4 wheels.

‘The Sian’ Lamborghini

According to the company, The Sian can go from zero to more than 60 miles an hour under three seconds.  It’s a car powered with supercapacitors that helps to move cars faster more than 217 miles an hour.

It’s not the first time that Lamborghini is using supercapacitors. They have used supercapacitor technology in The Aventador V12. In Aventador, the supercapacitors were used to push a V12 engine only. But in The Sian, supercapacitors will help the car to move.

The company stated that it’s not a full hybrid car. It cannot drive even a short distance on electric power alone.

Lamborghini is about to manufacture 63 models of The Sian by the first run. All these 63 models are already sold now. With the market response for The Sian, the company will make further decisions to manufacture more units.

Lamborghini always surprises automotive enthusiasts with unique names for their supercars. Sian is another example of it. The Sian means flash of lighting in the Bolognese dialect.

Lamborghini never fails to amaze people with the stunning looks of their cars. The design of The Sian is heavily inspired by the 2017 Trezzo Millennio concept and The Aventador V12.

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