Spanish Residency for Indians: Exploring Golden Visa Opportunities 

Exploring the Spanish Golden Visa for Indians | The Enterprise World

Government initiatives create opportunities for simplified residency. Living in sunny Spain looks attractive. The government program participants must contribute to get the required type of permit within a few months. Thus, Indians have access to visa-free travel, a simplified tax system, and citizenship after 10 years of residence. 

Overview of the Spanish Golden Visa for Indians:

The system of obtaining a residence permit deserves high praise, as evidenced by its popularity. The modern Spain Golden Visa has many attractions that stimulate demand. An important aspect and motive for moving is that more than 70 thousand Indians live in the country. In this regard, immigration from India looks attractive and quite profitable.  

Exploring the Spanish Golden Visa for Indians | The Enterprise World

The description of the offer, which includes the system’s features, will help you learn more about the system: 

  1. Program terms and conditions. Only those Indians who have prepared documents according to the requirements can participate. The package includes a bank account statement, a valid passport, medical examination results, and insurance. 
  1. Requirements. The applicant is checked to determine his reliability. Thus, Indians with criminal records cannot apply for residency. In addition, these checks are required to determine the financial situation and health status. 
  1. Advantages. The application is considered within a few months. Personal presence is not always required for registration. Indians can use the services of accredited agents and lawyers. 

Residence permits can be renewed to obtain citizenship after 10 years. The application process is somewhat simplified, and the list of documents and requirements is reduced. The naturalization of Indians is an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of being an EU citizen. 

Eligibility Criteria for Indians Applying for Spanish Residency:

Exploring the Spanish Golden Visa for Indians | The Enterprise World

Verifying the applicant’s eligibility consists of checking the status of an Indian. It means that you can get a residence permit for up to two years if you have: 

  • documents on the place of work or current status; 
  • information from the place of registration with the address of residence; 
  • address of residence in Spain and additional documents (bills, lease agreement, etc.); 
  • bank statements. 

The results of a medical examination and a certificate of no criminal record are required to verify the person’s reliability. 

Investment Avenues for Securing Spanish Golden Visa for Indians:

Participation in the program leads to the determination of the option to invest. According to Vladlena Baranova, a specialist at Immigrant Invest, each of the proposals has its own advantages – the period of capital return, the possibility of sale, etc. Thus, Indians choose from the following ways:  

  1. Bonds. Indians invest at least EUR 2 million in government-approved bonds. 
  1. Shares. Becoming a shareholder in a Spanish company is a profitable way to obtain a Spanish golden visa for Indians. The purchase of shares costs from 1 million euros. The government also provides a list of companies that obtain approval.  
  1. Real estate. Buying real estate in Spain to participate in the program costs from 500 thousand euros. At the same time, you need to formalize the ownership at least 90 days before applying. 

The payback period for investments is from 5 years. It depends on the investment method chosen and the company’s line of business. 

Benefits of Spanish Residency for Indian Nationals:

Exploring the Spanish Golden Visa for Indians | The Enterprise World

A resident of Spain gets access to the rights of the local population. It is a rather advantageous offer, as India is not a member of the European Union. Thanks to the convenient Spanish Golden Visa guide, it will be possible to simplify crossing the borders of the EU and the Schengen zone. Temporary residents also receive: 

  1. The right to work. Legal employment is offered not only by the new country but also by its partners. Thus, Indians can work in any region with higher salaries and career opportunities. 
  1. High quality of life. Indians who have received a residence permit can get an education in public institutions, seek qualified medical care, and receive some benefits from the state. 
  1. Business opportunities. Investments, setting up companies, buying franchises, and scaling up your business are available immediately after approval of the apply. Thus, Indians have the opportunity to develop in any direction. 

The program for the Indian investor opens up wider opportunities. Thanks to the visa-free regime, you can travel by pre-registering in the electronic system of the host country. There is no need to obtain other permits.

Bottom Line:

The offer should be evaluated with special attention. The country offers a Spanish golden visa for Indians, which gives them access to a high standard of living, free travel, and development opportunities. You can get more information from agents and lawyers. 

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