5 top tips for marketers when using call tracking software

5 top tips for marketers when using call tracking software | The Enterprise World

Call tracking is undeniably a great software for marketers everywhere who want to boost the number of leads and sales generated by their business.

That being said, incorporating call tracking software into your business is only the first step. If you want to optimize how the software is used, there are many steps you can take to increase its effectiveness.

Read on to learn five top tips for using call tracking software as a marketer;

1. Choose the right call tracking software provider

One of most important tips for using call tracking software is to ensure you choose the right provider. This is essential for how effectively you increase leads and sales for your business.

5 top tips for marketers when using call tracking software | The Enterprise World

When choosing a platform, it’s key to have a provider that uses a wide variety of detailed metrics to analyse customer engagement across your business. This should include things such as:

The marketing sources which generated callers –

The call tracking software can assign dynamic phone numbers to help you trace the specific online marketing sources visited by customers before, during, and after they called you.

Website visits from specific activities –

Using Urchin Traffic Monitor (UTM) tags, you can see more granular data for your website visits, and view which activities led customers to this point.

Tracking your Google Business Profile –

By using static phone numbers, you can accurately track the number of customers who call you from your Google Business Profile.

These are just a few of the many intricate features and metrics you can receive from the right call tracking provider, which further highlights why the platform you choose is so pivotal.

2. Create full visibility for your marketing performance

When using call tracking software, it’s also important to ensure you create full visibility over your marketing performance – this includes accurate monitoring of every activity, campaign, and channel.

This can be achieved using the detailed insights and reports from the software, which can help you create customer journey maps. These will outline the exact touchpoints visited by each customer in their interaction with your business.

As a result, you’ll see the journeys of every customer, have a clear picture of the leads and sales being generated from each area of your marketing, and gain a full view of its performance.

3. Refine every step of the customer journey

Another great tip for call tracking is to use the software’s analytics to refine different areas of your marketing, to boost engagement across the business.

Once you know how many leads and sales are being generated from each activity, you can quickly establish the areas which are performing best, and those which are underachieving.

5 top tips for marketers when using call tracking software | The Enterprise World

As a result, you can assess which elements make certain campaigns more successful, and then replicate these aspects across your marketing.

This will leave you with a range of activities at every stage in the customer journey, which are proven to generate increased leads and sales for your business.

4. Incorporate speech analytics

One expert feature you can, and certainly should include with your call tracking software, is speech analytics.

This feature enables you to set a variety of important keywords, which the call tracking software can then pick up if they’re mentioned in any call conversations.

These words are determined by you, ensuring they are relevant to your business. For example, you might want to highlight the customers who mention a purchase, or make a query, as this can help you identify your valuable leads.

This expert feature is perfect for bringing additional accuracy and analysis to your software.

5. Re-evaluate your marketing budget split

Your marketing budget split is crucial, which is why another tip is to use call tracking data when re-evaluating how you invest in your marketing.

With the insights and reports, you’ll know which areas in your marketing are delivering high numbers of leads and sales, and which are lacking in this respect.

5 top tips for marketers when using call tracking software | The Enterprise World

In turn, you’ll know which of the areas will be more profitable to invest your budget in, since they can continue to deliver consistently high levels of engagement. You can then withdraw your budgets from any activities failing to produce sufficient interaction.

This will increase your return on investment, as well as the cost-efficiency of your business.

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