Top 7 Tips on how to Benefit from the Digital Signage in the Corporate Environment

Top 7 tips on how to benefit from the digital signage in the Corporate Environment.

Digital signage refers to an electronic platform for displaying essential information using engaging graphics and videos. Its purpose is to advertise, building brand awareness, and convey vital information about businesses.

Smart brands and businesses are continuing to adopt this dynamic communication medium to reach employees in real-time and ultimately improve internal communication. In today’s workplace, the workers can get distracted and disengage easily. Digital signs help capture more attention than other modes of communication and convey messages in a way that sticks in people’s minds.

Here are the 7 tips on how to benefit from the digital signage solution for corporate communications.

1. Deliver Company’s Events, News and Other Communication

Digital signage is an interactive way to share the company’s latest news, upcoming events, training schedules, reminders, new policies, and other relevant information. When the screens are placed in strategic places such as common rooms and receptions, they can be used to inform workers about information alerts and urgent changes.

You can either transfer information from internal communication streams or create unique content. To get maximum attention from staff, the programming on the screens should change with time and integrate the business’ information with digital entertainment, news, and traffic updates.

Digital signage solutions complement traditional methods like in-house messaging services and platforms such as Workplace, Slack, and Instagram.

2. Connect Non-desk and Frontline Staff

Making the non-desk and front-line employees feel like part of the team affects the company’s productiveness. A study conducted by McKinsey Global Institute researchers found out that productivity improves by between 20 and 25% in organizations where workers feel connected.

For instance, night shift employees can feel disconnected from their daytime counterparts and maybe in the dark about what’s going on in the company when they are away. Installing digital signage as a communication tool can help pass on relevant information from one team to the other. Both teams will be informed about what transpired in their absence.

You can as well direct dynamic content specific to the front line and update the non-desk staff with corporate campaigns and news. This connection with the rest of the team gives everybody a chance to engage with the most recent content. They will no longer feel overlooked at the workplace.

3. Enhance Workplace Collaboration

Digital signage improves employee engagement and collaboration. A Stanford study revealed that the mere feeling of working as a team on a certain task can dramatically boost performance. Participants who worked collaboratively reported lower fatigue levels, higher success rates, higher engagement levels, and commitment to their assignments 64 percent longer than those working alone.

When a lot of new information is shared regularly via digital signage, it’s more likely to trigger conversations among workers and across various departments. For instance, announcements regarding business goals that need execution create opportunities for staff to work in unison and devise solutions for implementing the business objectives. Also, problems that need solutions can be tackled faster and in a creative fashion.

This collaboration can improve the company’s overall productivity as well. A digital sign can make the staff more engaged with their colleagues and enable them to work on their goals with greater efficiency and awareness.

4. Boost Intranet Traffic

Companies are increasingly looking for methods to integrate screens with digital communication tools like the intranet. Employees will be encouraged to read more information on the intranet once they see headlines on the displays.

Popular social feeds, spotlight features, trigger queues, and push notifications can feature on digital signage screens to advertise the business content and direct individuals to read more on the intranet platform. This step will widen your audience and enhance intranet adoption.

5. Reinforce Workplace Compliance

Outdoor Digital signage can be used to reinforce business expectations. Corporate values and goals can be listed on prominent displays to motivate and remind employees of what is expected of them each new day.

This technology can also be useful in making the staff aware of the company’s safety procedures. Should there be an emergency that requires all employees to evacuate the premises, the exits and designated workers’ meeting points outside the outlet must be listed in an open and visible place.

Furthermore, information on how to deal with allergic reactions, in-office injuries, and other medical emergencies should be placed in a centralized point. That way, that staff will have sufficient knowledge to navigate unexpected incidents in an organized and safe manner.

6. Display In-house Metrics

Companies use digital signage software to keep track of their internal analytics, sales, and production. These software solutions help workers measure their productivity with the correct business metrics and know if they’re hitting their targets or not. Additionally, the sharing of internal metrics enables companies to track their overall performance.

Businesses need to strategically place digital signage screens so that workers can look at them from time to time. They should also be available in administrative rooms for managers to see financial results, stock prices, and sales figures often. At the same time, they keep the employees informed about their goals’ achievement and production statuses.

7. Develop a Strong Company Culture

Many organizations have witnessed remarkable changes thanks to strong business culture, and that is why there is an increased uptake in digital signage solutions by most corporates. Businesses can share messages and company goals to large audiences at once, courtesy of corporate information networks. A strong connection between the business’ mission and employees result in improved overall workplace productivity.

Businesses can also display the employees’ milestones and performances on digital signage to boost their morale and create a positive corporate environment. The contemporary digital signage systems also keep the staff informed of updates from the different departments of the company.

The Takeaway:

In a corporate environment, digital signage can be used to show in-house metrics, develop a strong workplace culture, and deliver company news and other significant information. It can also play a role in making non-desk and front-line employees feel part of the team, boost workplace collaboration and engagement, boost intranet traffic and widen the audience as well as reinforce workplace compliance.

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