Top 10 Business Intelligence and Business Analytics Trends in 2021

top 10 business intelligence trends and Business Analytics Trends in 2021

Over the past few years, data in businesses has become massive and it has caused many businesses to access the cloud. Self-service data analytics has enhanced the flexible data product chain leading to advanced business analytics.

Business analytics is key to using business intelligence fully as it can facilitate data interpretation to predict future patterns. The business intelligence industry received a major boost in 2020 and the trends are expected to continue in 2021. Let’s see the Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends.

This article reveals the top 10 business intelligence trends in 2021. 

1. Artificial intelligence (AI)

AI is the science of enabling machines to execute complex tasks by reasoning like humans. It is through the power of AI that society is expected to change greatly, although it is not meant to replace human beings. 

AI and machine learning are changing how people interact with analytics and data management. Businesses are evolving in various ways, such as using the Internet of Things to see what is happening and predict the future. This is the topmost trend in the Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends.

2. Predictive analytics tools

As mentioned on an MBA essay writing service, business analytics focuses on answering the question of what is expected to happen in the future. Predictive analytics is the main concern of most BI experts as it is the basis of analyzing the current situations and estimating what may occur in the future.

Large and small enterprises are leveraging big data as the key focus of the processes of analytics. These enterprises are looking to understand products, customers, and partners to point out opportunities and risks. 

3. Data automation

A popular essay writer help states that data automation complements business intelligence. In the last few years, a lot of data has been produced, stored, and processed and this has caused companies to be interested in automating the data.

2021 is likely to see lots of data science tasks automated, and therefore this presents a trend in business intelligence to keep an eye on. BI may enable organizations to consolidate data to manage it easily. Data automation is nowadays in the Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends.

4. Expansion of integrated systems

As per an auction software plugin developer firm, business intelligence applications may become increasingly embedded in established workflows. Vendors are already focusing on increased integration to allow for data analysis within the existing systems. 

The integration capabilities are expected to expand in BI applications and offer third-party functionalities. With improved integrations, users will access the necessary systems easily and make relevant changes. 

5. Mobile business intelligence

Mobile BI is one of the top trends expected to gain momentum in 2021. More BI solutions and vendors are expected in mobile applications such as mobile dashboards. Companies will implement and actively use mobile solutions to take advantage of numerous benefits.

Physical presence in offices is slowly fading away, which is also affecting the BI industry. Mobile BI enables organizations to access data in real-time and in a more flexible way. Mobile BI is a good trend in the Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends.

6. Increased passive users of data

There may come a time where business intelligence does not have to be actively influenced by human users. People may be able to passively receive the business intelligence instead of going to look for it on a dashboard or report.

The idea is for the relevant data and information to be brought closer to the people instead of people going to look for it. Personalized data and real-time deep analysis are largely expected in 2021.

7. Data security

Data security is a major concern currently due to an increase in the number of people working from home. Privacy regulations are expected to be implemented to manage users’ personal information.

The investment in information security products is expected to increase tremendously. Global security spending will be triggered by privacy regulations and the desire to address online business risks.

8. SaaS BI

Performing analysis using accessible tools is expected to shape the future of business analytics. Due to the popularity of home working, businesses have adopted SaaS BI to gain flexibility and access to the data via cloud-based systems.

SaaS technology that facilitates data movement from various places will continue to emerge in 2021. Experts have to keep an eye on it because there is a rapid shift from the traditional work setups to remote working. SaaS BI is a very known trend in the Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends.

9. Collaborative BI

The competitive business environment requires employees to interact differently as they carry on business activities. Collaborative BI combines different tools including online tools and social media. 

Collaborative BI is emerging due to the need for organizations to address challenges that require more analysis. The collaborative BI tools help to simplify data sharing and automated generation of reports. All the activities supported by these tools are possible through various devices and they can facilitate problem-solving and decision-making. 

10. Data discovery

Business users are being consistently empowered with the emerging trends in BI data discovery. The tools of data discovery rely on processes that can bring about business value, which is the main focus for business practitioners.

There is an increased demand for data discovery approaches and this leads to increased data usage and gaining insights. Online data discovery may become an invaluable aspect in 2021.


Starting the business intelligence journey requires an understanding of the 2021 BI and business analytics trends. For businesses to survive in the marketplace, they must be ready to take note of and adjust to changes in technology. The future of BI and business analytics are likely to be automated and actively used, with fewer limitations. That is why these trends are in the Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends.

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