Top 5 Benefits Of Sit Stand Desks

Top 5 Useful Benefits Of Sit Stand Desks | The Enterprise World

Let’s admit it. Most people spend their lives at their office, sitting at their computer table facing a computer or doing lots of paperwork. While a full-time Sit Stand Desks job usually signifies career stability, it unfortunately comes with a few health risks.

Sitting all day affects one’s overall health because the lack of physical activity can be harmful in the long run. Many people also refer to these health issues as ‘sitting diseases.’ These conditions include heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. 

Now the question is, how can you change your sedentary lifestyle while staying at your desk job? This is possible when you use sit stand desks at your workplace. This article will discuss what sit stand desks are and their innumerable benefits. 

What Are Sit Stand Desks? 

A sit stand desk, also known as an adjustable standing desk, allows an individual to have several options while performing desk work. You can use it to alternate between sitting and standing positions while working on documents or typing on a computer. 

Moreover, you can manually or electronically adjust the height of this desk. Due to modern iterations, you can lower or raise the height of this desk by pushing a button. This feature makes it great for anyone, regardless of their height and preferred screen eye level.

These sit stand desks are useful, and they even offer the following benefits:

1. Helps Burn More Calories 

Top 5 Useful Benefits Of Sit Stand Desks | The Enterprise World

Compared to sitting, standing allows you to burn more calories. On average, you can only burn 60 to 130 calories per hour when you’re sitting down. If you’re standing up, you can burn 100 to 200 calories each hour. It might not seem much, but if you alternately sit and stand while working, those burned calories can add up and help you maintain a good body mass index (BMI).

2. Improves Blood Circulation 

A sit stand desk can help you choose between sitting and standing positions. If you’re standing, you’re doing yourself a favor by improving your muscles, balance, and overall health. You also allow proper blood circulation that will help keep your cardiovascular health in good condition. Proper blood circulation also ensures your brain gets enough blood and oxygen, which ensures you feel energized and focused throughout the day.

3. Reduces Back And Neck Pains

If you’re always sitting while working, you will eventually experience body aches like back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain. All of these are caused by the pressure and compression of your spine when sitting. 

Top 5 Useful Benefits Of Sit Stand Desks | The Enterprise World

Standing desks with proper ergonomics will lead to an improved posture. To do this, you need to position your sit stand desk accordingly. First, place your monitor at eye level—around 50 centimeters around your face with a 20-degree tilt. Second, make sure your arms are bent at 90 degrees for a more ergonomic position that will lead to an enhanced typing speed. 

4. Reduces Risk Of Chronic Health Conditions

Burning more calories, improved blood circulation, and reduced body pains are all benefits of sit stand desks that improve your overall health. Maintaining a healthy weight and living a non-sedentary lifestyle reduces your risk of getting chronic health conditions like hypertension and type 2 diabetes.

5. Enhances Job Performance 

When sitting, you will likely feel sleepy and take a nap. On the contrary, standing while working will help you to stay focused and proactive. Additionally, it can increase your energy level and reduce the feeling of tiredness. This is very useful, especially if you’re working long hours and need to stay focused.

Top 5 Useful Benefits Of Sit Stand Desks | The Enterprise World

A study revealed that if you’re in a standing position, you tend to accomplish many things and increase your work performance by up to 45%. The same study also found that school-aged children experience a productivity boost when they use standing desks.

Many people tend to forget that schoolchildren are also required to sit down for three or more hours each day. Therefore, the benefits of a sit stand desk are not just limited to adult employees, but they’re beneficial for young people too.


Many people think that sit stand desks are just a meaningless fad. But their benefits, as found in numerous studies, simply means that more workplaces and institutions should adopt this type of modern furniture to promote a healthier lifestyle among employees and students.

While a desk job is relatively a comfortable and decent way to earn a living, you should not neglect your health in the process. An adjustable sit stand desk can help you switch to a less sedentary lifestyle as it allows you to change positions throughout the workday.

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