Top 5 Best PlayStation Games to Play Right Now

Top 5 Best PlayStation Games to Play Right Now | The Enterprise World

Over 4,000 PlayStation games are available to play right now, meaning you have many options. However, not all deliver thrilling features, and you want to play the best games for an optimal experience. As a result, we’ve reviewed the numerous PlayStation games on the market to identify the top ones. 

Our search led us to the top 5 premium titles from top-rated developers with engaging gameplay and unique mechanics. Pick from any of the best PS games below, regardless of your player preferences.

Quantum Conundrum by Airtight PlayStation games

Top 5 Best PlayStation Games to Play Right Now | The Enterprise World

First on the list is Quantum Conundrum, a relatively simple puzzle-platform game. It was launched in 2012 by AirtightGames and published by Square Enix, but it’s still among the best today. That’s because the PlayStation games offers an exciting twist with a blend of mind-bending puzzles and unique storylines. 

The game revolves around a boy who goes on an adventure while visiting his uncle, Professor Fitz Quadwrangle. The professor gets trapped in a pocket dimension due to a failed experiment. Your goal as a player is to help the boy rescue his uncle. You’ll have to navigate challenges by switching between four dimensions, including: 

  • The Fluffy Dimension which transforms everything into a lighter and softer version.
  • The Heavy Dimension intensifies the weight and hardness of objects.
  • The Slow-Motion Dimension alters the perception of time, creating a slowed-down environment.
  • The Reverse-Gravity Dimension defies conventional physics by inverting its force.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Top 5 Best PlayStation Games to Play Right Now | The Enterprise World

Insomniac Games developed Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 game in October 2023. It’s a captivating action-adventure game to play only on the PS5 console. The game is the third in the series, with the earlier versions being Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018) and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (2020). 

Interestingly, this game brings Peter Parker and Miles Morales as playable Spider-Men. Hence, you get two superheroes to choose from. It’s worth noting that each comes with distinct gameplay abilities and narratives. 

You can leverage Peter’s symbiote powers, Miles’ bio-electric skills, and their web-swinging and combat techniques. Additionally, the game introduces new villains, including Venom and Kraven the Hunter. Many players have applauded this, enriching the game with fresh challenges. 

Furthermore, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 expands the range of Marvel’s New York with two new boroughs: Queens and Brooklyn. You’ll find top locations like Coney Island with more characters from the Marvel Universe.

Since it’s exclusive to the PS5, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 leverages the console’s features for better gameplay. You’ll enjoy the stunning visuals, haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and game-help features. The game further supports PS5 game streaming with a premium subscription.

Street Fighter 6

Top 5 Best PlayStation Games to Play Right Now | The Enterprise World

If you’re a fan of fighting video games, you’ll find the third title on the list impressive. Street Fighter 6 was launched in 2023 by Capcom and is the seventh main entry in the iconic Street Fighter series. Currently, it’s available on PS4 and 5, as well as on Windows and Xbox One X/S.

One of the game’s top features is the long list of 18 playable characters. These include classic favorites like Ryu and Chun-Li and new names like Luke and Jamie. A notable addition is the “Drive” feature, which allows players to customize moves and combos. So, you’ll have more freedom to experiment with different fighting styles and strategies. 

Street Fighter 6 further features three distinct game modes: single-player, multiplayer, and social hub. In the single-player World Tour mode, you enter a world of character-centric stories. It has different costumes, stages, and characters to unlock. Meanwhile, Multiplayer Fighting Ground mode allows online and offline competitions. You’ll enjoy the ranked matches, casual matchups, and engaging tournaments.

With the social hub, also known as Battle Hub, you get a space to interact with other players. You can watch replays and join clubs, and many fans have applauded the option as one of the best among PS games.  

Tetris Effect: Connected

Top 5 Best PlayStation Games to Play Right Now | The Enterprise World

Tetris Effect: Connected is a captivating puzzle game with the timeless appeal of Tetris. This time, however, you get to enjoy the classic video game with exciting visuals and innovative multiplayer modes. It was initially released for the PS 4 console in 2018 with dedicated support for the Play Station VR, but it also fully supports the PS 5. 

The game has three primary features, and you will find each one interesting. First, there’s the single-player mode, where you navigate through over 30 stages with shifting appearances and sounds. Then, the multiplayer expansion adds collaborative and competitive modes if you want more than solo play. 

The multiplayer expansion modes include Connected Zone Battle and Score Attack, each with different challenges. You’ll enjoy playing Tetris Effect, mainly due to the support for Play Station VR. It’s commendable because it improves gameplay by making the elements more real-like.

Gravity Rush Remastered

Top 5 Best PlayStation Games to Play Right Now | The Enterprise World

Here’s another unique game to play if you love puzzle-platform titles. It’s a high-definition remaster of the original Gravity Rush, launched in 2012 on the Vita. The game features a backdrop of the floating city of Hekseville and the main character, Kat. 

As you play, you guide Kat to explore and confront the villains — the Nevi creatures. The enhanced graphics with 3D structures and comic book art style make gameplay enjoyable. You also don’t want to miss the gallery mode option, which lets you explore over 600 illustrations from the game. 

However, the motion-sensing control system is the standout feature, which leverages the DUALSHOCK wireless controller. It lets you change the direction of gravity, an option not common with many similar Play Station games. Gravity Rush Remastered has extra content, like missions, challenges, and costumes. These were initially released as downloadable content for the original game.


In conclusion, 2024 presents an exciting selection of PlayStation games, and we’ve curated the top 5 titles. There you have it, the best five video console games from top developers like Airtight Games and Capcom. From the mind-bending puzzles of “Quantum Conundrum” to the action-packed “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2,” the PlayStation games offers diverse gaming options. “Street Fighter 6” stands out with its 18 playable characters and customizable moves, while “Tetris Effect: Connected” adds new dimensions to the classic Tetris. Lastly, “Gravity Rush Remastered” offers a unique puzzle-platform adventure with gravity-manipulating controls. Each one supports the recent PS5, so if you have a console, download it and start playing it immediately. 

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