TOP 5 EU Golden Visa Programs 

TOP 5 EU Golden Visa Programs Offers to the Citizens of India | The Enterprise World

Among numerous options for moving legally to some regions becoming an investor is the quickest and the most convenient way. Many regions are interested in those who are ready to fund local initiatives or launch new projects. On their part, they guarantee safety and a quick seamless process with profits. 

Here we disclose the best EU golden visa programs offers to the citizens of India, their rules, and key attractive points:

1. Portugal Golden Visa: Flexibility and Benefits 

Various Golden Visa Programs are offered all over the world but this EU golden visa program is more than popular. It was introduced in 2012. Since that time, the state has approved numerous requests and is still interested in potent funders. 

The applicant may select an investment based on his preferences: 

  • funding 200,000 euros to projects related to the preservation of culture; 
  • investing in local funds of 500,000 euros; 
  • donating 500,000 euros to local researchers. 
TOP 5 EU Golden Visa Programs Offers to the Citizens of India | The Enterprise World

This program allows including relatives and their full participation according to the rules. 

The main advantage is the location of the state. The holder of the local permit automatically becomes an EU resident and can freely travel across this region. Therefore, not only did Portuguese medical care and education become available but also of all other states in the EU. 

Another benefit is the chance to get a permanent permit after five years. It is enough to stay in the territory of the state only a week per year to be eligible. The package of needed documents is also minimal and is represented on 

2. Greece Golden Visa: Affordability and Access 

This region with its rich history and astounding landscapes is another popular destination among citizens of India. Here they feel almost at home. 

The expert of My Golden Visa Kenley Henderson points out the main rules of the local initiative: 

  • sponsors may select between buying a property for 250,000 euros and government bonds for 400,000 euros; 
  • there are no requirements for a minimal stay on the territory of the state; 
  • a further request for a permanent permit is possible after 7 years; 
  • inclusion of relatives is possible. 

It is possible with EU golden visa programs to visit numerous states without additional permits and freely travel across this region. 

3. Spain Golden Visa: Lifestyle and Family Inclusion 

Those who wish to reside in Spain may select one of the following options: 

  • buy real estate for 500,000 euros; 
  • purchase bonds for 1,000,000 euros; 
  • deposit into the local bank for 1,000,000 euros; 
  • invest 2,000,000 euros in stocks. 
TOP 5 EU Golden Visa Programs Offers to the Citizens of India | The Enterprise World

The successful applicant becomes a temporary resident with free access to the EU. In 5 years, he can apply for a permanent permit. A decade of being a participant in this initiative gives the opportunity for naturalization.  

This is one of the most straightforward ways to the latter. It is associated with minimal criteria, includes relatives, and does not pose rules for the minimum stay on the country’s territory. The latter should be mentioned separately, as Spain is bright and vibrant and guarantees a perfect experience for everyone. 

4. Malta Golden Visa: Comprehensive Due Diligence and EU Access 

This small prosperous island also provides attractive offers to those who wish to get permanent residence or make profitable funding, namely: 

  • minimal donation to the local fund should be 600,000 euros; 
  • one can buy property for at least 700,000 euros or rent it for 5 years for an annual 16,000 euros. 

The whole procedure is quick and starts with the check of the candidate’s personality. Only after the final approval, does the participant perform the chosen transaction. During the verification stage, he needs to pay only processing fees that vary according to the selected option. 

Moreover, the investor has the right to apply for citizenship shortly, on average after one year. It is the quickest option compared to similar programs. Meanwhile, the obtained permit opens up more than 180 countries all over the world.  

The EU golden visa program enables the inclusion of all relatives. This increases the funding sum but does not pose any other additional rules or demands.  

5. Cyprus Golden Visa: Rapid Path to Citizenship 

One more attractive island on our list is Cyprus. Its favorable location and zero bureaucracy related to the application procedures make it more than popular among citizens of various countries, including India. 

TOP 5 EU Golden Visa Programs Offers to the Citizens of India | The Enterprise World

The primary person may include children and a spouse in the project. The participation requires buying a local property for 300,000 euros and paying taxes. 

The permanent permit becomes available after five years. Two more years lead directly to citizenship. There are no additional rules, such as language or cultural tests. 

Thus, this island offers one of the most comprehensible and easily accessible initiatives for investors. 


These are the top EU golden visa programs, in which Indians are eligible to take part. They differ in the lower threshold and available approaches for funding. Still, they are united by similar seamless procedures, minimal documental requirements, and numerous additional profits for the applicant and his relatives. 

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