May | 2022

Top 5 Influential Women To Watch In 2022

Top 5 Influential Women To Watch In 2022 features,

The Enterprise World is proud to feature these prominent women in this special issue of Top 5 Influential Women to Watch in 2022. 

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Dr. Deborah Crown, dean of the Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College. 

Dr. Crown has held leadership positions in business schools for more than twenty years, while also holding academic chairs in strategic leadership for much of her tenure.

Deborah also led the development and implementation of a new strategic plan for Crummer. 

Lori Vann, an expert in coaching, counseling, and consulting with Vann and Associates for a healthy mind for the community and a healthy bottom line for businesses who want to attract, retain, and keep happy with their team members. 

“I did not believe that quality mental health care should be a luxury item.  It’s a philosophy that I still believe in today and the reason why Vann and Associates offers a variety of services.  Throughout the years, there have been many new ventures and opportunities to serve the community that did not occur to me when I started out in this profession over twenty years ago.”

In conversation with Jennifer Barnes, Founder, and CEO of Optima Office. Let’s hear more about the company, her professional journey, and much more!

Optima office provides an entire accounting and HR team to businesses in all industries and of all sizes. We can also fill the gaps at any level, from the bookkeeping role to the CFO or HR Director. Our main focus is on providing our clients with strategic advice, financial statements they can rely on and human resource services that keep them out of trouble and their employees happy. 

Pae (Utoomprurkporn) Natwilai is the founder of Trik. Trik is a drone mapping and 3D reporting software for structural inspection. Pae is truly a splendid example of an entrepreneur and is all set to catch the top spot of enterprising women of the year!

“When I was working as an inspection and maintenance engineer, the main pain point is being able to store and search for relevant information about the area I’m working on. I worked in an oil and gas industry where the site is in the middle of the ocean with a limited internet connection.”

Tania (Riahi) Amar, Founder, and CEO of CXP Consulting. CXP Consulting is based in Israel, one of the most vibrant technology ecosystems often named the “Start-up Nation”, where unique high-quality innovative solutions have the potential to revolutionize the world and even save lives (through hundreds of MedTech companies).

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