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Top 5 Successful Entrepreneurs To Watch In 2022 - Vol. 6

Top 5 Successful Entrepreneurs To Watch In 2022 features,

Venturing again into the start-up space with BKN301, Stiven Muccioli is a well-known serial entrepreneur. Among his former start-ups, (couponing) was then sold to an Italian group in 2016, while Ventis (eCommerce and Fintech) to Iccrea Banca Group in 2020.  

Those experiences gave Stiven the chance to engage in start-up investing. And with his successful stints, he has more than 30 stakes worldwide.  

“I collaborate with leading investment banks and international funds on tech operations and have established a VC fund (SM Capital) in San Marino.”

A man of vision and a tech entrepreneur, Stiven Muccioli took up the challenge of launching San Marino’s first ever Fintech company and started BKN301, a B2B model that provides embedded financial services with token issuing services. 

BKN301 marks his first of many ventures, where Stiven aims to open fintech banks outside the European Union and wishes to foray into the fast-growing markets of Central Asia and North Africa.  

Best Version of You, LLC is newly founded company.  Pam is an attorney and her greatest passion is when she am able to be there to support her clients through the hard transitions that life deals them.  

“However, what I found is that process IS my purpose.”

Pam started the Best Version of You, LLC to be a life coach for professional women. It started by her desire to help others. She have recently co-authored in two different women series of books a total of six (6) books.  Everyday Women and Unstoppable Women, both series have reached status as international best sellers and amazon best-selling in several categories.  

Her next book will be released on Mother’s Day, May 8th called; “Becoming an Unstoppable Momprenuer.”  Whether you are looking to pivot to a new career, level up at your current career; or just know something is missing and want to find you.  

Penelope Przekop, CEO of PDC Pharma Strategy.  

“PDC Pharma Strategy is a consulting firm that offers services to the highly-regulated pharmaceutical industry. We develop and execute risk-based strategies that support comprehensive global regulatory compliance throughout the drug development process and product lifecycle.

We’re particularly interested in working with clients at the strategic level as early in the drug development as possible to start at the start to create regulatory compliance strategies that can smoothly scale and pivot with the trajectory, twists, and/or turns that come, as we all know they will.”

Let us unfold Natasha Makhijani’s journey as the CEO of Oliver Sanderson with this interview. 

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Pamela Kurt

Helping You Work Towards the Best Version of You!

Helping You Work Towards the Best Version of You! Pamela Kurt

Penelope Przekop

Quality Expert, Entrepreneur & Writer

PDC Pharma Strategy Penelope Przekop

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Natasha Makhijani

An Ambitious Leader Dedicated to Retaining Talents

Oliver Sanderson- Natasha Makhijani An Ambitious Leader

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Driving Business Impact Through Strategic AI Adoption

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