Top Businesswomen in the World

Top Businesswomen in the World

Top Businesswomen

Women have long faced the patriarchy. Even with the influence of western culture, feminism, and its impacts, there still was some sort of a barrier for women. Being paid lesser than the men, or having faced gender inequality, women have thrived hard to achieve equal opportunities today. Starting from scratch and generating opportunities, finding recognition to facing criticism, all of them have shown the power of resilience. Here are a Top Businesswomen acing the business game, who have taken the businesses to different heights.

List of Top Businesswomen in the World

1. Michele Buck

Michele Buck is an American Top Businesswomen, who is currently the CEO of the famous American food and beverage company Hershey’s. Before she joined Hershey’s, she served many superior positions in various companies. And then after working in Hershey’s group, she finally got the chance to shine, when the former CEO of the company stepped down and she was given the position.
Her net worth as of today is about 7.8 million USD.

And she plans on expanding the already vast business of the company by pushing the comfort levels. Her aim is to work hard to make an impact on Hershey’s family. Having advanced many levels in the Hershey’s group, and with every level she undertook the responsibility for the research, development, innovation and strategy at the Hershey’s. “Always view the glass as half full. This leads to uncovering endless possibilities and finding solutions, you wouldn’t have otherwise”, Michele Buck

2. Ursula Burns

The Xerox Corporation is a global corporation that sells the print and digital documents. And leading this global brand is Ursula Burns. Even when there were many who doubted her capabilities as a Top Businesswomen, Ursula stood up against the odds and has proved to be a great leader in the global company Xerox Corporation.

Her net worth today stands at 18.7 million USD. But becoming a CEO was not the biggest win for her; it was when she, along with a group of executives, rescued the Xerox Corporation out of bankruptcy back in 2011. Her zeal towards working has made her what she is today, leading the global brand. “Dreams do come true, but not without the help of others, a good education and a strong work ethic, and the courage to lean in”, Ursula Burns

3. Naina Lal Kidwai

Naina Lal Kidwai is a banker by occupation, with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. She is also the Top Businesswomen to be a Harvard graduate. Before working as a country head, she has had many other eminent positions in the past. These include Global Advisor, Harvard Business School, the Auditor General of India and many more. She is currently the Country Head and Group General Manager

HSBC India Group.
She was the Head of Investment Banking at ANZ Grindlays, and also a Vice Chairman at JM Morgan Stanley. The Indian Government has presented her with a Padma Shri award for all her contributions in the field of Trade and Industry.
“The most important quality in an employee would be integrity. You need to do everything with spirit so that you live by the principles”, Naina Lal Kidwai

4. Mary T Barra

General Motors, an American multinational corporation, is driven by Mary T Barra, the Top Businesswomen force driving the company to new heights. She joined the company at age 19, and has worked at almost all the levels before being appointed as the CEO of General Motors.
The success of General Motors today is because of Mary’s great values, business techniques and her communication skills. With this, her net worth today is about 22.4 million USD. “Do every job you are in like you are going to do it for the rest of your life, and demonstrate that ownership of it”, Mary Barra

5. Chanda Kochhar

Recognised for her role in changing the dynamics of retail banking in India, Chanda Kochhar is today the CEO of one of the most celebrated banks, the ICICI Bank. Under the leadership of Kochhar, the ICICI Bank has won the “Best Retail Bank in India” award for the years 2001, 2003, 2004, and 2005. It has also received “The Excellence in Retail Banking Award” in 2002.

Chanda Kochhar too has a few feathers in her cap. She has received the “Top Businesswomen of the year 2005” by the Economic Times and also “Rising Star Award” by the Retail Banker International. Surely, with her leadership and the banking skills she has changed the scenario of banking in India. “We have to always set an aspiration for ourselves and then strive to get there”, Chanda Kochhar.

These were a few Top Businesswomen in the World, with their Zealand ambition are at the top of their respective careers. Not just at the top, but are leading the multinational companies and taking them to different heights. There are many more women who have taken up leadership in the different fields and have excelled like any other.

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