Top Cybersecurity Companies To Watch Out 2022

Top Cybersecurity Companies to Watch in 2022 features,

Yokogawa: Taking a lifecycle perspective, Yokogawa delivers resilient cybersecurity services and solutions to reduce cyber risks in each customer’s industrial control systems (ICS) environment. By implementing a cybersecurity lifecycle management solution, organizations can rely on the long-game efficiency of their business operations across different areas.

Comprehensive cybersecurity management is also the basic precondition for sound operations by reducing risk against attacks, safety breaches, and ransom requests.

A cybersecurity program will align and improve the capabilities of the plant’s three key elements of people, processes, and technology to reduce cybersecurity risk. It helps to overcome the imposing challenge of closing the gaps among the three key elements and reducing the human factors that contribute to incidents.

A developed security roadmap will support companies as they create mid to long-term plans to execute their security program for the lifecycle of their plant. This roadmap will also illustrate the countermeasures needed to achieve the company’s security goals in an understandable and digestible format.

As a result of involving different stakeholders, the security program creates more effective organizational team synergy involving all employees. In addition, it greatly helps to strengthen employees’ higher commitment to their daily security vigilance.

Techforing: TechForing is a premier team of certified cybersecurity professionals. We started in 2014 with only one goal: to provide safer cyberspace for everyone. And since then, we have been delivering best-in-class cybersecurity monitoring and management solutions to corporations, government agencies, and individuals. Since our conception, we have served security solutions to almost 7000 clients across 90+ countries.

TechForing’s growth came from research, analysis, and understanding of our customer’s pain points. Cybersecurity services can be lengthy, complicated, and expensive in general. We created our services in a way that focused on alleviating those issues.

AaDya Security: AaDya Security combines the expertise of a complete cybersecurity team with the latest AI and machine learning technology within its all-in-one AI-powered security platform Judy. With its AI and machine learning capabilities, the platform continuously learns and defends SMBs against ever-evolving cyber threats.

Recently, there has been an uptick in the number of Ransomware attacks, however Phishing, Malware and Credential Stealing along with Ransomware continue to be the biggest threats to any organization. 

Additionally, businesses are struggling with the fundamentals of security hygiene – Vulnerability Management, Credential & Privilege Management, Multi-Factor Authentication and Defined (and Tested) Incident Response Plans. As the old adage goes as much as things change they stay the same.

AaDya’s product is simple, affordable and provides 24/7 cybersecurity protection for SMBs who lack the time, expertise and capital to successfully implement these solutions. AaDya provides customers with a flexible, comprehensive solution with multiple cloud-based offerings. We are not a point product and pride ourselves on offering a unified approach to what small businesses need.

Our Artificial Intelligence and machine learning differentiate us from our competition. Designed with Small Businesses in mind, this proactive AI approach manages, monitors, protects and informs. It finds and mitigates issues quickly through machine learning and security automation.

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