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As the world of entrepreneurship continues to thrive, more and more people are looking to become their own bosses and start their businesses. Franchising has become an increasingly popular option for those looking to start a business, as it provides the support and guidance of an established brand while still allowing for some degree of independence. In 2023, there are countless franchises to choose from, but only a few truly stand out as the best. 

Among these top-tier franchises is Signal Health Group, a healthcare franchise that has proven to be one of the most successful and impactful in the industry. Led by CEO Hahn March, Signal Health Group is a healthcare franchise that strongly emphasizes providing compassionate care to the elderly and those in need.

CEO: Upbringing

March’s passion for elderly care and nurturing them stems from her upbringing in Vietnam, where she was taught to value family first and take responsibility for caring for her parents as they age. March’s tenacious personality and independent mindset were also shaped by being raised as an only child.

Early in her career, March worked as a hairstylist and a nail technician. She also volunteered at a local nursing home, where she discovered how many older adults were living in nursing homes and how few families visited their loved ones. This saddened March, as she grew up in a culture where families are expected to care for their elderly from generation to generation. She felt a deep sense of compassion and responsibility to care for and nurture them, which later became the fundamental principle of her business model.

Starting from scratch

With a passion for elderly care and no medical background, March started Signal Health Group in her basement with a two-member team. She and a friend had little to work with, but they had passion. The business grew from two members to hundreds of employees over the years, a few franchise owners, and many more to come.

March attributes her success to staying true to the company’s mission statement, which has not changed since it opened its doors. Signal Health Group is committed to helping those who cannot help themselves and giving back to the community. In addition, the agency’s philosophy is to teach and encourage those who can do better for themselves by offering them a hand-up.

As March researched entrepreneurial opportunities, she quickly realized she was meant to own a Home Care Agency. She understood that no franchises offered everything she wanted. So, she educated herself and created her model. She started with a non-medical Home Care Agency and added a medical Home Care Agency within three years. Within three more years, she was franchising Signal Health Group. She has added many branches and franchises throughout the U.S. to her portfolio.

The Agency: 

Signal Health Group Inc. was established in 2012 in Richmond, Indiana, and now operates agencies across the United States that provide Skilled, Non-skilled, and Hospice services. The founders of the Agency have significant experience in healthcare education, home care, and innovative homecare technology solutions. The agency works closely with physicians, case managers, hospitals, and rehabilitation facilities to offer the necessary services to patients when needed.

March welcomes people who have a passion for elderly care to the opportunity to own a Signal Health Group franchise throughout the United States. She believes that by franchising her business model, she can help more people and make a greater impact on the community. She also believes in teaching and encouraging those who can do better for themselves by offering them a hand-up.

Mission to help the Elderly and Veterans

Signal Health Group’s mission is to provide quality and dependable healthcare services to its clients. The Agency’s professional staff maintains high home care nursing, therapies, and medical social work standards. The Paraprofessional staff assists clients with daily activities, promoting their independence and enabling them to stay in their homes as long as possible. The administrative office staff coordinates all services required and ensures a personalized and seamless experience for clients, including follow-ups and scheduling. 

Signal Health Group ensures clients always have someone to contact for questions or concerns. The Agency focuses on supporting elderly individuals and veterans who may struggle with loneliness or caring for themselves. 

Comprehensive Care Services 

Signal Health Group is committed to providing the highest quality care and support services for those in need. Their services include:

Skilled Care Services

Signal Health Group offers skilled care services that can be provided in the comfort of a client’s home by a large team of experienced healthcare professionals. The Agency provides many services in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and nursing homes. Qualified patients can receive 100% coverage for home health services through Medicare; insurance reimbursement is also typically available.

A coordinated, team approach involving various professionals can deliver in-home health care services such as:

  • Medical monitoring is provided when a patient’s condition is likely to worsen. The professionals offer guidance and support when a doctor recommends new medications, a change in diet, or exercises. They also help ensure discharge instructions are followed after a hospitalization or nursing home stay.
  • The team keeps a watchful eye on patients when their condition is likely to exacerbate. This provides peace of mind for patients who would otherwise need to make frequent calls to their doctors or visit the emergency room after hours. Nurses can see patients’ homes to support them in adhering to the doctors’ plans. This helps prevent medication discrepancies that pose a severe risk to patients, especially those over 65 who take longer to recover and are more vulnerable to the problems caused by medication discrepancies.
  • The fall injury prevention program combines the services of therapists and nurses to improve gait, improve home safety, review meds, and more. This is especially important for those who experienced an accidental fall recently, as there is a higher likelihood of a fall injury in the coming year.
  • Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation is provided by professionals who offer new rehabilitation or complete in-patient rehabilitation after a coronary or pulmonary event such as a heart attack or flare-up of COPD. Neurological rehabilitation is also provided to improve function, especially after a stroke, or to combat Parkinson’s. The team provides orthopedic rehabilitation, especially after orthopedic surgery for a hip replacement, knee replacement, or shoulder repair.

Personal Care Services

Signal Health Group provides a team of aides, companions, homemakers, and personal care attendants who work in their clients’ homes, offering attentive care in the setting the clients are most comfortable. The Agency’s staff is also available as private duty sitters to provide care while clients are in the hospital. Signal Health Group’s home care staff attend to the daily needs that promote health, independence, and social engagement, including transportation assistance, crucial cleaning around the home, and hands-on care like bathing, companionship, or supervision for parents with dementia. Signal Health Group’s clients have varying health and mental statuses and needs, but they share the need for a skilled, reliable, and hard-working caregiver.

The agency provides various personal care services to assist clients in their daily routines and improve their quality of life.

  • Companion Services: The agency offers Companion Services to keep clients comfortable and engaged in activities such as conversation, reading, writing, games, crafts, playing cards, walking, and more. Companion Services also include assistance with medication and appointment reminders, escorting clients to appointments, visiting friends and neighbors, shopping, and attending events, plays, and religious services.
  • Personal Care Services: Personal Care Services provided by the agency include assistance with hands-on, health-related tasks such as grooming (hair care, shaving, cleaning teeth/dentures, makeup, dressing), hygiene (baths, showers, toileting), ambulation and transfers, eating or feeding, as well as monitoring vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse, and respiration.
  • Alzheimer’s Care: The agency offers specialized care for those with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia illnesses. The approach includes creating safe and comfortable environments, building trusting relationships, and maximizing independence for as long as possible. The agency’s focus on encouragement and assistance helps family members cope with the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Home Support Services: The agency’s Home Support Services aim to promote its clients’ health, happiness, and peace of mind. These services include planning, cooking, and serving meals, general cleaning, laundry, changing beds, caring for houseplants, overseeing home deliveries and maintenance, and caring for pets.
  • Sleepover Attendant Care: The agency provides Sleepover Attendant Care for clients who require constant bedside supervision and advanced personal care for up to 12 hours. Extended Sleepover Attendant Care is also available for clients who need assistance thrice at night.


Signal Health Group provides hospice care services for patients with life-limiting illnesses like cancer, heart disease, and dementia. Their hospice team comprises experienced professionals, including nurses, social workers, chaplains, and volunteers, who work together to provide comprehensive care and support to patients and their families. Patients who have a terminal illness with a prognosis of six months or less to live are eligible for hospice care. They must also have focused on comfort care rather than curative treatment. Hospice care can be provided in the patient’s home, nursing home, or hospice facility.

Signal Health Group’s hospice service offers a range of services, including:
  • Medical care: Managing symptoms such as pain, nausea, and shortness of breath
  • Emotional and spiritual support: Offering counseling, chaplaincy services, and grief support
  • Personal care: Assisting with bathing, dressing, and other personal needs
  • Medications: Providing medications related to the patient’s hospice diagnosis
  • Equipment: Providing medical equipment such as hospital beds, oxygen, and wheelchairs
  • Bereavement support: Offering support to the patient’s family members before and after the patient’s death

How does hospice care work?

Hospice care involves a team approach that focuses on managing patients’ symptoms and improving their quality of life. The hospice team works closely with the patient’s primary care physician and specialists to develop a care plan that addresses the patient’s unique needs. The hospice team is available 24/7 to support and assist patients and their families.

Hospice care offers several benefits to patients and their families, including:

  • Enhanced quality of life
  • Management of pain and other symptoms
  • Emotional and spiritual support
  • Assistance with personal care
  • Reduced hospitalizations and emergency room visits
  • Greater peace of mind for patients and families
  • How to get hospice care

Patients can get hospice care by talking to their primary care physician or specialist about their options. The patient’s physician must certify that the patient is eligible for hospice care, and the patient or their family must agree to focus on comfort care rather than curative treatment. Once the patient is enrolled in hospice care, the hospice team will work closely with the patient’s physician to develop a care plan that addresses the patient’s unique needs.

“Signal Health Group’s mission is to provide quality and dependable healthcare services to the Elderly, Veterans, and those in need.”

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