How did the Toy Business Go in 2020?

Toy Business in 2020 by Toynamics

At the beginning of the year 2021, Toynamics Uk & Ireland mentioned that the year 2020 was a strong one despite many challenges, where they finished the period with over +25% YOY growth. When it came to the pandemic situation, the toy company has adapted quickly and worked closely with the retailers where they provided increased marketing and promotions. Besides these two, Toynamics has also supplied the retailers with various quality products from tried and tested brands such as Hape, Nebulous Starts, Nanoblock, and the new toy nursery brand Skip Hop.

Presenting Hape

Toynamics works with many toy brands mentioned above. However, one of them, Hape, has managed the best to overcome 2020, besides others. Hape is a world-leading educational toy brand that specializes in developing children’s learning spirit through play experiences. Play experiences that are educational help children to be better prepared for the world that awaits them. The Hape brand has quality wood toys with popular categories such as Railway, Junior Inventor, Pre-School, Nursery, Music, Role Play, Nature, Sand & Water, and many more.

For Hape, the Wooden Railway is a key category because, in 2020, their new toys were competitively priced, and in 2021 new themes will be introduced to the popular type. The Railway category will have two additional new Bucket Sets. The Bucket Set contains a railway with a new form of a core that is part of a finished track layout. The form has a new engine controlled by an app, and the track can change color. Toynamics is creating a heavyweight marketing campaign which will support his category throughout the year.

However, Hape isn’t just wooden toys. The brand is also known for the DJ Spin and Mix in the Music category. The toy is a unique keyboard that allows children to play tracks and various instruments or mix them just like a DJ. Besides, the Hape collection also includes toys that are part of the Magic Touch range, where the Magic Touch Piano was the best toy sold in 2020.

In addition, a new popular element of the Hape will have eco-friendly credentials, where toys can be recycled, and it will sustain the product development. Hape’s Nature Range toys are made from bamboo and recycled plastic. Besides, when it comes to enhancing the traceability of its raw materials, the company also has its bamboo forest, which will help the investment for these fast-growing natural resources. This year, the new bamboo item made by Hape is the Greenhouse. Besides, the company will expand its reach of sustainable materials with the Nursery toy range, including items made from high-quality and eco-friendly Japanese rice.

The toy company continues to research and develop new products and packaging solutions that combine sustainability, value for money, and high quality. They will also want to keep this range front for the more eco-conscious consumers.

Nursery on-the-go

In the Toynamics portfolio, there is also Skip Hop. In 2020 the toy brand offered new opportunities for Toynamics in quality nursery products across many categories like backpacks. The backpacks, for example, come with unique features such as special buggy straps and pockets to hold all the essential accessories, like on-the-go items like bottle bags. Other essential nursery elements that Skip Hop offers are organizers and bath time solutions that include the ever-popular portable baths, toys, potties and more

Skip Hop also includes home gear line-up such as high-chairs, playmats, soothers, and also the company has activity centers that will keep babies preoccupied while the parents are away. The company isn’t just toys. The company is all about nursery items, including infant feeding lunch bags, jars, utensils, storage, travel bags, bibs, and more. These items go very well hand-in-hand with the Skip Hop toy range that offers an assortment of fun nursery toys full of characters. Retailers that get the things from Skip Hop should look for Spinning Yeti, Selfie Phone, 3-in-1 Ride-Ons, soft toys, and a great luxury Activity Gym.

Nebulous Like a Fairy

Another toy brand that is part of the Toynamics portfolio is the Nebulous Stars Arts & Crafts, which features unique creative sets that allow children to create beautiful items they can play with once they are made. Nebulous Stars is based around four fairies. Each of them has its color and identity. The product highlights include colored lanterns, mobiles, wishing jars, hourglasses, dream catchers, and snow globes. These items can be used by kids for decoration as well. In addition, Nebulous Stars has a collection of secret diaries, books, and dress design kits.

The Nanoblocks

Finally, we will come across the Nanoblock set, which is the world’s smallest micro-sized building block of Toynamics. They are just like Lego, but way more smaller. Nanoblock allows children and adults alike to construct detailed and realistic models across many themes. This brick collection was the most popular in 2020 because the nanoblock range featured Pokemon and Sonic characters back then. In 2021, Toynamics will help Nanoblock launch many new characters.

For now, the nanoblock collection features realistic musical instruments, Titanic, London Underground, Bus/Taxi, Buckingham Palace, and animals. But the nanoblock group doesn’t stop here because there are other ranges made from PolyM, high-quality plastic with colored building blocks that are flexible for the little hands and can be washed up to 30 degrees Celsius.

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