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We bet, there is not a single person who doesn’t like entertainment. In today’s fast paced world, entertainment has become the fourth most important basic need of human beings after food, clothes and shelter. There are many people around us who still watch animated shows or films as a stress buster. Animated shows have always been the forefront to cater healthy content needs of humans.  For not only entertainment, animation technology has helped major sectors of industry in many aspects and helped economy to get a boom too.

The theory of animation dates back over a century before the invention of cinema. Early experimenters were working to create pieces of convergence for Victorian parlours or touring magic-lantern shows, a popular form of entertainment.

If pictures of an action step were shown in rapid sequence, the human eye would perceive them as a continuous movement.  That’s where the art of animation started.

The core factor behind any successful animation company is Creativity. As Albert Einstein said, “creativity is intelligence having fun!”Creativity plays a vital role in the process of advertising and marketing. A single image conveys a stronger message than a thousand words. We feel proud to feature Trip Creative Services as a cover story for our special issue – The Best of 5 Animation Companies in 2020. Their creativity and out of the box thinking made them what they are today, a leading name in the visual communication design landscape.

Being crazy is not a crime if your craziness reflects in your creative work! Creativity has no boundaries and barriers. Trip Creative Services has worked with many major brands across various sectors. It’s creative and driven by a passionate team which makes hard and smart efforts to cater to the visual communication design needs of businesses and transform them with more and more innovative crazy ideas.

Mr Prateek Sethi, Creative Director, Communication Designer and the master brain behind the long standing success of the company says, “Trip creative services was literally thought of while sitting in the loo, contemplating the particle theory. I was obviously flushed with great ideas for my own Design house and possible Animation housewith varying degrees of depth, what we would do to conquer the world, one idea at a time. It was the greatest thought I ever had and well, I am glad it never got flushed down the toilet.”

All of us must have observed at least once in a lifetime, a loo is a space that gives us the personal space where thoughts in parallel universe gets in focus which helps us to think more creatively. Give it a try!

Team Trip Creative!

The hurdles in the journey towards prominence

Every business needs to face challenges while inception to obtain a steady growth speed ahead.  Trip Creative Services also faced few major challenges that helped them to learn and improve. Their first challenge was to get people to take them seriously and give the work. It was tough. “It’s not easy to suddenly make people think you are a responsible individual. Let alone a responsible individual, responsible for other individuals with varying levels of responsibility, all being responsibly adult. It takes alot of hard work to go from the fun guy in the room to the fun guy with the bill.”

And then, the company tasted growth

Trip Creative Services have great clients and co-conspirators who have spread the madness and good will across industries and segments. They are the growth triggers. A design is only as good as the brief. A company’s growth is only as good as the product it sells and the relationships it builds.

They recently celebrated 10 years at Trip. With 500+ projects successfully completed, 15+ awards and 25+ nominations, the company is going strong for another decade.

They have a secret room that opens up unlimited 3 dimensional portals into the think tanks of every big agency on the planet. Then the team try and come up with better ideas, while incessantly twiddling thumbs. True Success is directly proportional to the amount thumbs are twiddled in meetings.

Trip creative services Offerings

Besides their Steller intergalactic personalities and fabled sense of humour, Trip Creative Services offer a Trans platform approach, which is good for the client’s business. Trip Creative Services is a visual communication design house. With 15+ years of experience in various scenarios and requirements, they can help their clients design and communicate in the most suitable way. Its award winning visual design team works with and has worked with some of the biggest names across industries while still keeping a nimble and agile approach to the creative process. Their motto is to provide the best service possible for the bracket and working tirelessly to make sure their patrons are more than just satisfied. For this specific reason, given the constraints of a project, their work speaks for itself.

They just step aside, evaluate themselves, throw out the excess junk and start over. Simple. Prateek says, “I am an explorer. The new excites me, the old fascinates me, the present captivates me and the future makes me smile. I am a Communication Designer and a creative entrepreneur. I provide a vision, direct movement and experiences, help people communicate, but most of all make ideas come to life. Have you seen the future? Neither have I. We plan for it; we work towards it. Which is what makes it so remarkable.” Technology with a human touch is where creativity and science form a melting pot of possibilities.

The trip crew is its biggest asset. The company takes great pride in nurturing talent to make them more equipped to be better communication designers and more importantly better human beings.

Folktales, An Indian traditional audio visual treat

Folktales of India is a showcase of the rich variety of folktales and lore from the Indian Subcontinent. The folklores and folktales have been an eternal part of every culture since ages. When it comes to Indian folk tales, the country of diverse religions, languages and cultures, has a complete range of tales and short stories and a plethora of art forms in all regions.

The objective of the YouTube series is to bring to the forefront our rich Indian culture through these tales with their corresponding regional art along with a moral for the viewer. The tales have been specially curated for the tale, art and moral to be the highlights. Sprinkled with modern storytelling and a unique voice. A passion project that they have been working on.

“Carpe Diem!” – “Seize the day!”

Mr. Keating (Robin Wiliams), Film – Dead Poets Society

The Animators Guild of India, Everything about Indian Animation

The Animators Guild of India is a community of artists, animators, designers and enthusiasts, that aims to be a pioneering platform to represent the animation scene in India. They dream of showcasing all the lovely work being done by Indians at home and across the world and create a distinct voice that celebrates Indian Animation.

What started as a WhatsApp group created in April 2017 as a means to get Indian Animators together on a common platform has grown into a robust Telegram group and now this. The Guild is a place to celebrate all things related to Indian Animation.

Currently the magazine is designed, managed, edited and curated by a team of fellow nutters – Arun Kishor, Rituparna Sarkar, Snigdha Rao, Juhie Gupta, Mickey Bardava, Pranoy Pal, and me.

An unmatched leadership

Prateek A Sethi is Founder, Creative Director at Trip Creative Services, a multi-award winning communication design house based out of Mumbai and Pune. A graduate of NID, Ahmedabad, he is an animator, producer, director, designer and an avid aerial cinematographer with over 15 years of experience. He is always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to engage audiences. 

He works with really talented people and clients who want to do something new and unexplored. Besides that, He says, “my thumbs are swollen due to the constant twiddling…”

While talking about the constant vigilance, Prateek says constant vigilance is a real need that has to be inbuilt into the business model for any company today which is even remotely serious about safeguarding its work and who it was meant for. Unfortunately, the creative protection laws in India are still nascent and well, our judicial system can take years to decide anything. Life is short. To be vigilant is to be prepared!

As Prateek Says, he admires his wife Juhie Gupta. He says “she is the coolest person I know.” She runs her own communication and spatial design firm called Interrobang Creative. Interrobang is doing some outstanding work in the retail and spatial design field!

The creative workforce

Trip’s greatest strength is its team. It is a close knit team of likeminded people with tons of keeda. Mr Prateek says, “My crew is the right blend of “Wait! That’ll cause a fire” to “Run the house is on fire” to “Oh look! The house is on fire… Barbeque time!” if you know what I mean.” Sketchbooks. Doodles. Daily rants and knowing whether they like their fries with ketchup or mustard are absolutely necessary to know a person’s creative mindset. Other than that, they try and share inspirations daily and keep it a jovial atmosphere…

Overwhelming client experiences

With unique and out of the world creatives, Trip Creative Services has not only satisfied their customers but also made great relationships with them. Here are the few testimonials of Trip’s valuable clients:

  • “Trip has been one of the few partners who have consistently delivered good work and in most cases exceeded expectations. Their strongest quality is understanding the clients brief precisely and then intuitively developing content and designs to suit each requirement. Always committed and never faltering on deadlines, Trip has a super enthusiastic team with great depth in different skill sets.”

Denver Fonseca, Head of Communications, ŠKODA Auto Volkswagen India Pvt. Ltd.

  • It is very rare today to find a creative team that can seamlessly translate the stories you need told into reality in such an honest and creative way. Since inception Journey to Ladakh has been a bespoke experience and caters to a very discerning audience. Trip Creative services was able to communicate what our brand stood for very effectively with their audio video stories, illustrations and web support. Their Arial cinematography perspectives are truly world class. We have really enjoyed working with them and we hope that this is a long and fruitful association.

        Rigzin Namgyal, Founder, Journey to Ladakh, Travel and Tours.

  • It’s an absolute pleasure working with Prateek and his team – a very creative, quickest response with an eye for detail keeping in mind the overall requirements of the project.

Neeraj Datta, Project Head, Satyamev Jayate, Aamir Khan Productions Pvt.Ltd.

India is growing in all perspectives related to the creative field. It is a fast developing country which is learning quickly. We are evolving our techniques and methods at par with design-forward countries. Implementation is a whole different story. But as they say, business is not fun unless it’s cutthroat, so there is a lot of healthy competition amongst the very talented designers, creatives, agencies, clients and that has always been fun.

 Trip Creative Services –

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