Appnomic: A Pioneer in Creating Self-healing Software for IT Operations

Nitin Kumar CEO Appnomic

Every software company has challenges like creating features that customers request and staying on an innovation trajectory to build the product of the future. Today, the challenge is the messaging in the market which is much cluttered with a lot of companies positioning themselves as AI Ops with very similar messaging techniques. Yet, many of them only address AI Ops partially. “Our complete strategic pivot to self-healing brings in clarity to our customers and partners,” says Nitin Kumar, CEO of Appnomic. “We tried to balance both, we treated every feature request as an opportunity to understand the business problems and create a solution.”

At the time, the company was founded, it was based on the observation that performance issues were not code related and finding the root cause was a cumbersome task. It involved elimination or seeking the cause and effect relationship between overall usage load and system behavior.

On the lookout for a way to quickly solve the problem and provide a lasting solution, the company found it could potentially replicate the actions and decision-making criteria into a learning system. To achieve this, it needed to work with something that could take cognitive actions thereby preventing problems from occurring. This led to the establishment of Appnomic, the industry’s first AI implementation in Application Performance and self-healing abilities. 

“We help our customers to achieve their objectives, we look at issues through their lens,” shares Nitin. Referrals are one of the company’s sources of new business because customers get to experience a win-win situation with the firm. The robustness and ease of using its software adds to value to their business. Appnomic’s products are quite unique, when it comes to the self-healing capabilities for the enterprise.

Appnomic has multiple patents enabling self-healing, transaction shaping, and other techniques which optimize capacity, service levels, costs and enhance performance. The Company team operates with integrity and has delivered the promise of a quality product, taking it to the next level with new release every time.

Appnomically Able or Autonomously Able?

Appnomic is the innovation provider of HEAL, the first self-healing software for IT operations that fixes problems before they happen. It has an ability that present day AI-assisted APM and monitoring tools don’t have. Contrary to AI-driven monitoring tools that send alerts or find the problem sources when an incident occurs, HEAL can recognize ‘signals.’ These signals are leading indicators of future incidents that can eliminate factors that can create problems. HEAL uses unsupervised AI to learn how a system works under normal circumstances and creates a dynamic baseline for the entire system and workload behavior, thereby precisely predicting and preventing problems. 

We are an ambitious and innovative software company that loves solving difficult business technology problems.

HEAL is Technology software for the digital era using artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning models to help enterprises run without a hitch. In this fast-paced digital world, it is no longer enough to simply flag up IT issues after they have taken place.

HEAL analyzes all the aspects of a smooth-running IT system and reacts every time something abnormal happens to interrupt the normal. Thanks to its uniquely designed cognitive abilities, HEAL helps prevent IT system failures and ensures businesses can focus on doing what they do best without worrying about a potential system performance error or failure.

HEAL is a new age IT software using AI algorithms and machine learning models to help enterprises operate without a hitch. The company’s self-healing solutions are capable of solving a very specific problem – opening partnering opportunities for it.

Nitin says, “We now have pointed value propositions unbundled like HEAL Cloud, HEAL Enterprise, HEAL SAP, HEAL Edge, HEAL Server-less, etc. Some are live today and deployed in customer environments while others will be launched and available in the coming few weeks and months.”

With a lot of companies positioning themselves as AI Ops with similar messaging, even though many of them only address AI Ops partially, the system gets cluttered. Appnomic’s complete strategic pivot to self-healing brings clarity to its customers and partners and demonstrates immediate value.

An Exceptional Professional

Nitin views his career in three waves. The first one was in cyber-security gaining hands-on technical expertise and growing into running large security business which included hardware, software and services. After running one of the largest security businesses in the world (at that point), he made a change into M&A with a large global consulting firm which exposed him to C-suite. Nitin got used to selling and exposure to many different functions like sales, marketing, products, pricing, customer experience and the nuts and bolts of each.

During that time, he experienced around 1000 M&A transactions ranging from due diligence, integration, separation, M&A strategy and business model pivots. He spent time running a start-up and then went back to Management Consulting. There he was doing high end strategy and M&A work while mastering the game of working with Boards and CEOs to help them conceptualize and execute pivots, business model changes and deal with disruption. “Now, it is about bringing all the functional, technical, operational and consulting experience together for my second CEO role,” shares Nitin.

A good CEO or an entrepreneur should be doing things on a continuous manner, that is, raising capital or looking for the next wave of investment. According to Nitin, he should also be building and evolving the product constantly, recruiting talent, acquiring customers and selling round the clock and working on the vision and execution for the next level for the company. The entrepreneur has many stakeholders i.e., the investors, the board, the community, customers, partners, employees and at times even the regulators. Managing all of these in balance while protecting and creating value is the fine art that an entrepreneur should always keep his or her eyes open for.

Nitin tells there were three major decisions helped him in getting to where he is in his career. Given below are these pointers:

  • Creating the ability to reinvent my skills and pivot my career into new areas thereby adding adaptability and versatility into everything I have done.
  • Creating a lasting and sustainable network of professionals, nurturing the network and believing that relationships are for life.
  • Ability to do strategy, execution, value creation and execute at speed across many problems, be it M&A, Transformation, Pivots or Disruption.

“I do not think that the world is a rat race anymore. It used to be true back in the last century. Today, the world has shifted from pyramidal opportunities (i.e. more people competing for limited opportunities) to cylindrical opportunities (i.e., the breath of opportunities has expanded to lend themselves to the talented),” adds Nitin.

According to him, it is about having the right ideas, aligning oneself with the right talent and executing it well. Having said that, the changes in business, the evolving range of disciplines and technologies moving at a speed is hard for linear learning styles to cope. One needs to adapt to new styles of learning and keeping up with all the new disruptive changes and trends impacting business. Nitin has adapted by building a vast network and exchanging value on a continuous basis with them.

“When I wanted to learn about self-healing and autonomous IT operations, I could no longer afford to acquire this knowledge from reading many books, etc.,” describes Nitin. Hence, he took a different approach, leveraging on his network, Nitin met approximately 100 companies spread across this value chain. “Once you have spoken to 25-30 of these talented people, you start seeing things that they have validated well and also what they have missed,” advises Nitin. 

People start seeing patterns, partnerships, market opportunities, M&A deals, technologies that could benefit from each other etc., through this approach. Customers value insights from the field rather than theoretical aspects acquired from literature. One could use this approach with anything that one needs to learn, just having the right attitude, curiosity and network is all it takes.

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