Unified Services Case Study

Unified Services Case Study

Established in 2004, Unified Services is one such organization that embraces Industrial Cloud and rolls out effective solutions across various Renewable Energy and Healthcare sectors. Living by excellence, the company intelligently targets the market thereby, integrating distributed data as unified. The company wished to expand its outreach and digital media presence by not only breaking the geographical boundaries but also increasing its web traffic, click-through rate, and its browser visibility. 

The Profile Experience: 

Since the company wanted to expand its digital outreach, The Enterprise World published a company-oriented profile. The profile talked extensively about the company’s success story, growth, persistence, and the exclusive services that it provides. 

  • TEW featured Unified Solutions as a profile first in The Best Performing Salesforce Solution Providers in 2021.
  • the profile discussed the growth of Unified Services under the leadership and of Eiji Uda, CEO and Chairman of the firm. 
  • The company saw a significant rise in the number of page views as it rose to 57,803. 
  • The average time was increased to 02:07 minutes with unique page views of 52,202.
The Profile Experience Unified Services

The Cover Story Experience: 

Unified Services was impressed by the response and the media expansion received and it offered to be featured as a cover story for the next Salesforce edition of the TEW magazine. 

  • The published cover story had 10+ thoughtfully designed pages and an exclusive cover page appearance.
  • The cover story mainly focused on the cloud strategy introduced by the company. 
  • After the publishing of the cover story, the number rose to 107,023 views.
  • The average time was increased to 03:14 minutes and the unique page views rose to 99,244. 
The Cover Story Experience Unified Services

The Results:

TEW promoted Unified Services and its story across all the well-known Social Media Platforms with personalized posts and strategized social media & digital marketing campaigns. With all these creative and strategic efforts, we succeeded to deliver the best results to Unified Services. 

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