Unified Services: Solving Social Issues with Cloud & IT

Eiji Uda Chairman Unified Services

Unified Services: Solving Social Issues with Cloud & IT

From startups and established players to investors and SMEs, everyone is embracing cleantech – technology for clean energy that is maturing and gaining momentum. The industry is evolving – clean energy providers and utility companies are transforming their business imperatives from centralized to a decentralized one. This evolution is customizing data to align the masses with energy usage alongside ensuring that the processes become seamless.   

Established in 2004, Unified Services is one such organization that embraces Industrial Cloud and rolls out effective solutions across various Renewable Energy and Healthcare sectors. Living by excellence, the company intelligently targets the market thereby, integrating distributed data as unified.   


Having more than four decades of experience across the IT industry, Eiji Uda is the Chairman of Unified Service. Over the years, his consistent endeavor has earned him longlasting relationships with Business Leaders, Government Officials, Members of the Diet, Venture Capitalists, Professors, Medias, etc. These relationships act as a catalyst for unlocking countless business opportunities for Unified Service.

Eiji leaves no stone unturned in helping the company to meet its goals and generate profitable outcomes. Speaking about himself, he says, I know the big change in the past and mega trend in the near future”

Apart from all this, he has successfully stirred a multitude of distinguished profiles at Salesforce.com, SOFTBANK, IBM, etc.

Unified Service: Tackling social issues with social technology

The Story so Far

With the concept of the cloud becoming common in 2010, horizontal solutions started to take over. As such, the industrial cloud age was about to transfigure all the business applications in the cloud and Unified Service was not having big servers to captivate the same. Expanding horizons across a market full of scope was becoming a major challenge as Unified Services was small and had no contacts in the Japanese IT world.

Sustaining in Japan, where the governance is strong and the market is flooded with competitors was not an easy task for Unified Services. On the other hand, the Electric power business was monopolized by a large electric company divided by the area. However, the Government decided to deregulate this area for small solar power electric generation as a resource alongside keeping distributions open to any company.

Unified Service saw this market as a plate-full of opportunities to take on. It recognized that the electricity distribution was outlined by a regional company that already had a customer like ISP. Besides, most of them were not an enterprise company with enough investment money for a new area. These companies wanted to focus on their business, not internal system development.

Acknowledging this scenario, Unified Service came to the conclusion that embracing connectivity for other systems like ERP was the need of the hour. Slow and steadily, it decided to develop this Electric Power Customer Information System as a cloud and started focusing on the application development. SFDC.com was used as the application platform to efficaciously implement powerful security measures. Also. Force.com reputation, friendless of developer and market share was another key to select.

With each passing day, Unified Services started receiving early adapter customers. This motivated Unified Service to expand its horizons and reach the epitome of success with its comprehensive business application progression.

Never Settle

Unified ServicesThe company has an array of Enterprise Portal solutions and CIS solutions (already in production).

The enterprise portal solution helpsto gatherthe distributed data and integrate the same to show the end-user while the CIS offers information on usage or electric power.

Unified Services decided to enter the market to offer electricity with an advanced billing framework to its existing customer. This system can be started within three months after they sign an agreement and implement this business application requirement. Unified Services is also well-equipped with a pool of professional consultants that help customers in understanding this business regulation.

Talking about the market capture team Unified service says, “We gain the market share that also contributes the speed up the specification enhancement. In the end, large capital increase (5 times more) from new investors in 2018 for our further growth”.

Ready for Future

Welcoming visitorsto Japan is one of the largest initiatives undertaken by the government. Recognizing this, Unified Services is now focusing on the application for visitors in Japan. Unified Services is consistently striving to develop systems that offer appropriate information to the visitors thereby, giving them an unmatched travel experience.

Unified Services is all set to help the visitors in accessing more places during their span in Japan. Seeing the future as a host of new avenues team Unified Service says, “We started a specific area in Japan and beta testing is almost all done. We expect to expand the area to welcome the visitors of the upcoming Olympics  and that leads our continuous success to incorporate their review and opinion in the site”.

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