Unified Services Co. Ltd. – Social Issues Overhauled

Eiji Uda- Unified Services Co. Ltd.

Unified Services Co. Ltd. – Social Issues Overhauled

The IT sector has witnessed exponential development and this sudden growth demanded innovation and also created new possibilities and scope for further new services and technologies to be brought in and revolutionize the world and push the IT sector as one of the fastest progressing sectors in the world. The IT sector grew manifold and one of the most important and unique innovation was cloud computing. Cloud computing is the availability of computing resources, most importantly data storage and other related solutions and all of this without active user management and heavy costs incurred on the servers, manpower, etc.

Unified Services Co. Ltd. is the leading name amongst the top Industrial Cloud companies in Japan, they are unique and distinguished with their focus in Recycling Energy, Healthcare at Home, etc. making them one of the most dedicated and superior Social Innovators. As the use and applications of cloud computing grew, many forms evolved but one of the most important and most innovative being the Vertical cloud. Vertical cloud is a set of cloud computing that are designed for specific business model or sector which benefit the organizations which require niche IT requirements.

Unified Services Co. Ltd. (Unisrv) is among the first names excelling in providing vertical cloud solutions. Their services are unique and standards unparalleled with utmost customer satisfaction ratings and solutions that are technologically advanced and equally friendly to use makes them one of the most sought-after and respected companies in the domain. They offer their unrivalled services in the Energy sector, Healthcare sector, etc. Their platform is not only of the best but also easy to use interface, accounting for the status and respect they command as the pioneers in the domain and among their competitors.

The Journey to the Clouds:

Unified Services Co. Ltd. (Unisrv) is a company that originated in Japan, which aims to tackle the social issues/challenges by Information Technology, especially vertical cloud, called “Industry Cloud” which was established in 2004. Their expertise and thorough knowledge vary across domains, relentlessly work and products that are different and offer unique solutions to various issues. As electricity retailing was liberalized, the major task for conventional electric power companies was to reduce their costs to survive in the market, resulting in a major and increased demand for a low-cost rate calculation system. Unified Services Co. Ltd. stepped up and built a system for calculating electricity charges, including customer management functions, based on the Salesforce.com platform.

This Electric CIS (Customer Information Services) business is currently their main business. They are looking forward to creating a product for the local consumption type power supply system that connects sales companies and renewable energy power generation companies.

A new working style would start, and we have the responsibility to adapt to this new movement with Industry Cloud (& beyond).

Ejji Uda

The journey from the ground to the cloud was not easy for Unified Services Co. Ltd. as their expertise and niche is something that many people are not aware of and when the company was founded, the challenges and hurdles, they faced not only tested their spirit but also their dedication and will. The initial stage after Unified Services Co. Ltd. was founded was to establish the brand, fund, talents, etc. as there was no awareness nor knowledge about it.

Also, another challenge was to hire good and expert talent on the team as they were just a start-up with limited resources and their products require expert personnel which do not come cheap, so they changed their ideology to find the greatness in each individual and push them to achieve greatness than to look for just the experience, etc. And rest is history with some of their highly distinguished achievements that still do not completely define their prowess and knowledge. Major achievements for their growth are:

  • 2016 Salesforce.com joined as an investor, FIT system project started, electric CIS service started to serve.
  • 2017 My-number PoC project started.
  • 2018 TEPCO joined as an investor, merged with 4U Lifecare Ltd. (health-tech start-up).

Unisrv’s Cutting Edge Products and New Additions:

Their Industrial Cloud strategy, as a vertical cloud solution, for energy, renewable energy, healthcare is the unique factor that outshines them in the market for their innovation and unparalleled products. In addition to it, their company’s new vision is “industry cloud & beyond”, which includes a new approach for a new customer set. Conventional electric CIS focusing on new entrants who entered this market with reasonable pricing. But the intensifying market competition forced older players, TEPCO, etc. i.e., to use this simple solution to minimize the cost. Currently, TEPCO is one of their key investors and started the service to them. Unified Services Corporation advocates “improving society with IT services.”

In 2019, Unisrv merged with 4U Lifecare Ltd., established in 2016, focusing on a skill-sharing platform for health industry professional to strengthen our industry cloud beyond vision. Ms Kumi Ito, CEO of 4U Lifecare, and CMO of Unified Services Co, Ltd is leading this area. The main issue is to solve the shortage of nurses. This is a common global issue, especially in this Covid-19 situation. Nadeshiko-Nurse is their solution, which is a Salesforce-based matching platform to connect nurses and hospitals, clinics and other living care facilities, like Uber, etc. They are also trying to connect this solution with online diagnostic/treatment.

Unified Services Co. Ltd. and its team are always a step ahead of its competitors with their products which not only defines their talents and command over cloud computing horizon but also their willingness and dedication to contribute to the social issues and causes are what makes them a truly unique company and best among the competition in the market. They charge the time ahead with innovation and responsibility in mind towards the impeding social issues in the domains of Energy, Healthcare sector, etc. making them one of the best contributors and solution providers in the domain of Vertical cloud computing.

Leaders at Unified Services Co. Ltd.

Innovative companies with differentiated and breakthrough products come more occasionally than usual as it requires intensive research and extensive knowledge. Also, the products which deal with such complex domains such as the Energy sector, etc. requires not only a team of highly skilled experts but also a leader who not only understands the team and the market but is also more than capable of handling such a complex arsenal of products, etc. Unified Services Co. Ltd. has one of the best leaders on board who is not only a visionary but also an expert in the field with his experience spanning years across different companies.

Unified Services Co. Ltd. has been lucky to have more than one leader who not only takes their products ahead with the changing trends and amidst the competition in the market but also leading the sphere of innovation and cloud computing. The men leading the sphere of Vertical cloud computing is Eiji Uda, CEO and Chairman of Unisrv and Mitsutoshi Hirono, COO of Unified Services Co. Ltd. 

Eiji started his career at IBM. After taking several important roles in IBM, he moved to Softbank and joined Salesfroce.com Japan. He contributed to cloud market expansion in Japan, and did several roles including board member in HQ and Japan Chairman in Salesforce.com, After retiring, he started to revitalize Unisrv in 2015. 

Akiko Kashiwaba, who is not only talented but also showcases immense leadership qualities and Eiji is set on grooming him to be lead Unisrv’s electric CIS engineering and client projects, etc.

Unisrv’s COO, Mitsutoshi Hirono, emphasizes the diversity of employees. Employee’s background is versatile, from small/medium company to big companies like IBM, Hitachi, and also their origins are also diversified from China, Vietnam to Japan. They respect the variety of experience and background and leverage them, making their team unique and pooling in experiences that range across many domains and working atmospheres, etc.

The employee relations and the factors that make their team unique. The CEO’s take on constant vigilance and the rat-race in the market 

Eiji learned a lot from Mr Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce.com. He respects each people’s diversified ideas and opinions and takes care of the talented people and candidates for promotion. He believes in giving personal care and attention to the talented people in his company.  

Eiji feels that we need to think about a new era with Covid-19. A new working style would start, and we have the responsibility to adapt to this new movement with Industry Cloud (& beyond). For example, renewable energy will be the key energy resource globally. Renewable energy has tremendous potential, but at the same time, it is very fragile, and hard to manage. With Unisrv’s solutions, they can provide a stable hybrid management system for renewable energy and conventional energy. 

Being completely honest, he feels he isn’t a part of the competition nor does he plan to get involved in it any time soon. He feels one who wants to do something for our society to solve social issues, will always be welcomed. The important thing is to do the right thing, earn your trust from the eco-system and never cheat them.

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