Best VPS Hosting for WordPress, According to Reddit

Best 3 VPS Hosting for WordPress, According to Reddit | The Enterprise World

Choosing a web hosting provider for a WordPress site could be a more tiresome and time-consuming task than it should be, thanks to all the “honest” reviews out there! Read Below full article To know more about Best VPS Hosting for WordPress on reddit, According to Reddit

Your first step should be determining the type of hosting service you need. Shared hosting is what most beginners opt for because of its simplicity and affordability. But the downside is that shared hosting comes with limited server resources, which may cause poor/slow performance for a demanding website.

If you’re looking to host a fairly large or highly dynamic website, such as a WooCommerce store, most developers would advise against using shared hosting and would recommend Best VPS Hosting for WordPress on reddit, According to Reddit instead. In terms of performance and customizability, VPS hosting takes the prize any day.

That all sounds good, but which are the best VPS Hosting for WordPress on reddit providers ? Let’s see what Redditors have to say about it…

Best VPS Hosting for WordPress on Reddit ;

Many tech-savvy users on Reddit are in favor of running your own server at one of the major cloud providers, such as DigitalOcean, Vultr, AWS, and so on. But these unmanaged services aren’t the right answer to someone who lacks the experience and/or time to administer and monitor their own server.

The following are a couple of the best managed Best VPS Hosting for WordPress on reddit, According to Reddit services that are recommended on Reddit and make a great choice for hosting WordPress sites.

1. CloudWays: Powerful and fully managed cloud servers

Best 3 VPS Hosting for WordPress, According to Reddit | The Enterprise World
Main Features
  • Scalable cloud servers
  • Fast NVMe drives
  • Preconfigured web server stack
  • PHP-optimized hosting
  • Managed WordPress platform
  • Built-in server caches
  • Staging tool
  • Automatic backups
  • Many global server locations

CloudWays isn’t a traditional VPS service but a more modern cloud server platform. It automates the process of spinning up a cloud server with a preconfigured software stack and a custom control panel.

You can choose from five major cloud providers: DigitalOcean (most recommended), Vultr, Linode, AWS and Google Cloud. You will be asked to select an app to be automatically installed on your server (in this case WordPress), provide some basic details and the rest is automatically handled by their system.

You don’t need to know anything about server management and you don’t even get root access to the server. You’ll be using CloudWays’ own custom control panel, from where you can manage different settings of your server and WordPress installation (e.g. SFTP, caching, staging, backups, etc.)

Although the platform may seem a little complex at first, it’s quite easy to use once you get the hang of it.

As for the downside, the free standard support that comes with each plan may not be much helpful with issues that are not related to the platform or server systems. So if you need app-related support (e.g. WordPress customization and troubleshooting), you’re gonna have to fork out the dough for a premium support add-on.

2. KnownHost: Affordable VPS plans with great support service

Main Features
  • Plenty of NVMe storage
  • High frequency CPU
  • High speed RAM
  • 2 free IP Addresses
  • Free DirectAdmin
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Affordable managed VPS
  • Excellent technical support

KnownHost has been maintaining a good reputation on Reddit as a reliable privately owned web host based in the USA. Their knowledgeable and responsive support agents is what earns them the most upvotes.

You can find three types of VPS Hosting for WordPress on reddit services at this provider: general use SSD VPS (cheapest option), high frequency NVMe VPS (better performance and speed), and cloud VPS (better redundancy).

For WordPress hosting, I’d recommend going with either a high frequency or a cloud VPS Hosting for WordPress on reddit plan since both these options offer NVMe SSD storage with higher I/O rates.

You get a free DirectAdmin control panel license while cPanel is available as an optional add-on. Other optional add-ons you may want to consider are Imunify360 (malware protection) and LiteSpeed web server (improved performance and caching).

3. ScalaHosting: Custom VPS plans with free SPanel

Best 3 VPS Hosting for WordPress, According to Reddit | The Enterprise World
Main Features
  • Flexible scalability
  • NVMe SSD (NY data center)
  • USA and Europe servers
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free SPanel control panel
  • Free OpenLiteSpeed (with SPanel)
  • Optional LiteSpeed add-on
  • Offsite weekly backups
  • Responsive 24/7 support

ScalaHosting is one of several web hosting companies that are active on Reddit and I think they deserve a mention here. This provider has some of the best deals for managed VPS servers in the USA and Europe.

What I especially like about Scala Hosting is that they give you the option to build a custom VPS Hosting for WordPress on reddit plan with any amount of CPU cores, RAM and disk space. Furthermore, you can scale any of these resources down the road as needed. This is more flexible and cost effective than other services that only allow you to upgrade or downgrade between fixed plans.

Another reason I recommend ScalaHosting is that each VPS Hosting for WordPress on reddit plan includes a free control panel called SPanel. This is a custom-made cPanel alternative that has all the essential features of cPanel in addition to some extra features, such as real-time security protection.

If you want to achieve the best performance and speed with your VPS Hosting for WordPress on reddits build, you should opt for NVMe SSD storage (available in the NY data center) and Lite Speed web server (available as an add-on).

How to Find The Best Hosting Service?

In addition to your own discretion and criteria, the following are some of the key elements to have on your checklist as you set out on a search for the best VPS Hosting for WordPress on reddit.

1. Reliability

Being a reliable hosting provider means offering optimal server performance, speed, uptime and security. And more importantly, it means having a team of skilled support technicians available around the clock to promptly fix any technical problems when they occur.

If you’re not familiar with the company in question, look for other users’ reviews and experiences to get a better idea of how reliable their service is.

Check out the recommended WordPress hosts at SiteWays if you don’t have the time to go through hundreds of reviews yourself. This site analyzes feedback from various independent sources and compiles lists of the best web hosting providers for different uses.

2. Disk Storage

You don’t just want to look at the amount of disk space you get, you should also take into account the type of storage devices that the servers are equipped with.

One sure way to have a slow WordPress site is by hosting it at a provider that uses old HDD storage devices. You definitely want to stay away from those.

What you should be looking for is a service that utilizes modern NVMe SSD storage devices. These offer the highest I/O and IOPS rates resulting in faster transfer and loading of your website’s data.

In case you can’t find a suitable plan that offers NVMe storage, you can settle for standard SSD, which is still much faster than HDD.

3. Resource Quotas

Unless you are using a dedicated or a virtual server, your site will be sharing the server’s resources (CPU, RAM, I/O, network port, etc.) with other websites.

In most shared hosting services, there will be anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand websites sharing the same server. Your hosting account will come with certain limits on how much of each resource you are allowed to use.

WordPress in general does consume a relatively high percentage of resources, most notably RAM, CPU, I/O and database connections. The estimated amount you’ll need of each of these resources depends on the specific requirements of your website.

Cheap shared hosting companies generally set lower resource quotas for each account. More advanced plans — such as those designed for e-commerce or business sites — usually come with more server resources to facilitate fast and seamless performance.

In short, you get what you pay for. If you pick a cheap shared hosting plan without paying attention to resource limits, don’t be surprised if server errors and slow loading become a daily occurrence for your website.

4. Control Panel

The control panel is a visual interface that allows you to access and control different aspects of your hosting account, such as files, email, databases, DNS, etc.

The most popular control panels are cPanel, DirectAdmin and Plesk. Of these three, cPanel has plenty of features and tools that are favored by beginners and experts alike.

If you have no previous experience with any control panel, cPanel would be a safe and highly recommended choice. It is easy to learn and you can find tons of articles and videos explaining every bit of the interface and how to use it.

5. Backups

Keeping recent backups of your WordPress site is the first and foremost defense against unexpected server failures, software glitches, accidental mistakes and security threats.

Many things can go wrong at any point, and sometimes the only applicable solution is to restore your site’s files and/or database from a recent backup copy.

Best 3 VPS Hosting for WordPress, According to Reddit | The Enterprise World

Try to find a provider that offers automatic daily backups at no additional cost. Remotely stored backups would obviously be better than local backups, but oftentimes, that requires you to pay a little extra for offsite storage.

6. Security

WordPress doesn’t have its own security system, so you must utilize a third-party tool to ensure your website remains protected against common security risks, such as malware, hacking attempts, DDoS attacks, and so on.

A lot of WordPress hosting companies offer free security scanning and protection, especially with managed WP services aimed at small business and e-commerce sites.

One of the most popular server security tools is Imunify360. It provides advanced malware detection and removal capabilities, a firewall, PHP hardening, and other critical security enhancements. Keep this name in mind when you go shopping for a host for your next WordPress website.

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