What has Coronavirus changed around the world in 24 hours?

Coronavirus changed

Worldwide, Coronavirus is making new changes every day.

Lockdown is set to increase in the United States in New York until May 15. New York governors report on this. Earlier, he had told everyone in New York City that they were reluctant to head out. Meanwhile, New York City has become the epicenter of Corona in the United States.

In addition, lockdown in Britain has increased by 3 weeks. British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab made the announcement from Downing Street. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been relieved a few days ago and is currently resting as per the doctor’s advice. So, Dominic Raab announced this. He also stated that it was necessary to raise the lockdown to completely destroy Corona.

Brazilian President Javier Bolsonaro has removed the health minister from his post. Both of them had disagreements over the rules put in place to fight the Coronavirus. Meanwhile, differences between President Jared Bolsonaro and Health Minister Luiz Henrique Mandeta were also publicly visible. The Brazilian health minister was constantly saying that social distance and isolation were important. President Zaire Bolsonaro said the Brazilian economy was more important.

The number of coronavirus infections and deaths worldwide is increasing rapidly. According to the latest data, more than 21 million people have been infected with coronavirus worldwide so far. The number of deaths has risen to 145000. Over 5 million people worldwide have returned home after winning over the coronavirus infection successfully.

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