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Aaron Wright-St Clair Founder & Director WrightZone


Manufacturing industries have long been carrying out their tasks manually, right from maintaining the records to everything else. Technology has been playing a major role in every industry now, easing the operational hurdles once faced long ago. Employing software in processing and production, the manufacturing industry has to adopt these technological changes. 

Mike McPherson, Director of McPherson Resources Ltd describes; “manually, was us for over 10 years. In literally a fortnight with ease, we have transformed the business with processing, loading, and invoicing to being dynamic and digital under WZWeigh”  

Transport Management, Loader, and Weighbridge software are helping the industry to increase its scalability and productivity. 

Established in 2002 and built on a foundation of sincerity, respect, commitment, and trust, WrightZone International Limited is a technology solutions provider. They take the time to learn about their client’s business operations and their measures of success to tailor solutions. 

Their enterprise metrology software remains unparalleled, New Zealand manufactured and owned. They bring expert insights, invaluable experience, and software solutions that automate business processes to create business efficiencies.   

The company focuses on providing affordable software solutions to increase your sales, reduce costs and automate and/or integrate your company’s business processes and systems.

“The vision was easy having identified a market gap in the early trading days of WrightZone, says Aaron Wright-St Clair, Founder, and Director

Funding is always a challenge and without risk, there is no reward hence, after a year and several hundred thousand dollars, of personal equity, WrightZone had a product to showcase. The next challenge was the first sale in software competing against two providers from New Zealand and two from Australia. With their modern user interface, dynamic self-service grid reporting engine and other differentiating factors like Multi-Master Database architecture, over the common Master-Slave, a position of leadership is well-recognized by new and existing clients. 

The introduction of WZLoad has triggered the growth of the company with as much as 80% of clients turning to it and 70% of new businesses expressing primary interest in this aspect of their enterprise metrology software solution. A dedicated team and out of the box yet convenient products and services make this company work hard and run successfully. But apart from this, the fact that WrightZone is a software-only house, specializing in services on software means their clients can retain their own preference of metrology instrumentation and computer hardware making another difference, strengthening the real reason behind their long-standing success. 

WrightZone’s suite of software applications WZWeigh, WZLoad, WZBulk, and POSWeigh is non-modular, all-inclusive. An enterprise application at a small business price. Coupled with their outstanding consulting and software development capabilities, deep business and industry knowledge their market proposition is one of software and solutions.  

As WrightZone continues to grow market share with WZLoad, they are excited to do the same with WZBulk. WZBulk will extend their existing WZWeigh, Transport Management Software offering Outlook inspired planning and scheduling, to the logistics fleet; in tablet form. 

WZBulk processes and transacts in the same way WZLoad does; wireless communication to any-site weighbridge scales for tare and gross weight capture or net weight only transaction processing with recall, edit, and specific driver notes instruction. Time-stamped transaction scheduling, percentage complete reporting and invoice production coupled with automated and stepped driver time capture for payroll processing.         

“Our vision with WZBulk is to deliver a 360° approach to the supply chain for the weighing industry.” Says Aaron

The future promises one multipurpose user interface (with multiple configurations) for the weighing mobile workforce. This convergence of applications and technology see’s truck drivers invoicing their customers, entering and exiting an unmanned site; loader drivers loading and/or invoicing and operations managers overseeing with the one simple and intuitive user interface.  

WZ is now tailoring WZBulk for clients with the expectation to merge all the functionality of WZBulk, WZLoad, and POSWeigh (their unmanned site and software solution) into one cohesive application for the tablet and touch screen. 

A good supplier relationship is just as important as a good clientele. WrightZone retains long relationships with key industry suppliers and most importantly are trusted. They don’t advocate one supplier, product or service over another, in fact, they endorse a clients’ decision for their preference of supplier.

“We offer our clients innovation and technology and in doing so have created a market that didn’t and doesn’t otherwise exist. We are not replacing or competing with market leaders, suppliers and products we’re integrating them.”

WrightZone is a disruptive company, integrating what already exists and is proven. From the accounting systems through to the heavy machinery and metrology instrumentation, their software WZWeigh, Syphons data from multiple sources without bias and across all connectivity platforms. Data is captured and distributed, inside decentralised database architecture, with its grid reporting engine empowering users to problem solve and make evidence-based decisions that create, business efficiencies to grow the business, saving on the bottom line. 

“Workplace knowledge sharing delivers better results, stimulates innovation and achieves growth easier”

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