The Gracious F- Your Colour Consultant

The Gracious F- Your Colour Consultant

We see colors everywhere but seldom do we relate them to the thinking, or look deeper into the meaning behind those particular colors. When it comes to brands, colors do play an important role in how the brand is perceived. With the help of color psychology, one can build a strong and relatable brand. Color psychology or color consultancy is the study of colors about human behavior.  

Mastering that is The Gracious F, the color consultancy founded by Fatima Al Shirawi. She has her expertise in color psychology, and started the venture of The Gracious F. Established in 2008; The Gracious F has assisted a variety of individuals and businesses. Based in Dubai and working with large organizations, international and local designers, The Gracious F provides specialized services across the Middle Eastern region.

The Gracious F-

The Gracious F is the leading color solutions consultancy in GCC, dedicated to assisting people and organizations in benefitting through the power of Colour Science and Psychology. Established in 2008, based in Dubai, The Gracious F has assisted a variety of individuals and businesses and holds a Portfolio of national and international organizations. 

The Gracious F is the leading Aesthetics Consultant in the Middle East, established with a vision to assist both individuals and corporates in achieving their goals and fulfilling their objectives.

This consultancy company advises individuals through different aspects on a personal level starting with Colour Consulting, personal Styling, and Feng Shui of their homes and personal space. 

On the Corporate level, The Gracious F uses its expertise across the aesthetics scope in assisting companies with their branding and corporate identities, in addition to advising them on their corporate and retail space, by implementing modern interior design strategies enhanced by Feng Shui.

Established in 2008, the company has assisted a variety of businesses and individuals with its niche specialization. It has established itself as a leading global player in this space by successfully collaborating with international and local entities.

The inception of any company has its initial battles, with The Gracious F, the explanation had to be completely different. The biggest challenge before them was to explain the importance of colors in the branding structure, and then design accordingly. Why color psychology is important when it comes to brands was still a question less asked. “The Gracious F” has learned to use different methods of awareness from public relations, education, and social media to build an understanding of the concept. 

The growth of the company started as soon as awareness started to spread about the benefits of color science and how these can impact an organizations’ performance and also be a life game-changer for individuals.

“I started off the journey by individual sessions, most of my clients were leaders or entrepreneurs, who started to realize they needed to benefit through this science for their businesses.”

 The company y holds a portfolio of diverse luxury brands, consumer brands, interior design firms to education and government entities. The company’s branched into segments in a very organic manner. It’s a fact when an individual sees the impact of a science and tool on themselves, they quickly realize how the same can impact their business performance and revenues to help create a sustainable organization.  

Their Services- 

TGF works with individual color consulting / Feng Shui for corporate & personal spaces, luxury brands, corporate branding, and marketing consultancy, Interior design and Training and development programs, PR & Events management. Recently they have launched an in-house program: The Colour Matrix for Luxury Retail brands, a chit-chat for retail organizations in training their teams on how to use color psychology in consumer behavior. It’s a revolutionary tool that has proven to be a game-changer in the Luxury Brands world, results proven by main KPIs within the first semester, and this makes The Gracious F group very proud and satisfied, it’s a kind program. 

With such a successful service portfolio, the plans of the company include taking the company to a global level. This can only be done with a dedicated staff and thorough research to keep up with the changing trends and technologies and remain updated even on the market scenario. It is crucial to keep researching how to improve your skills/services and business model. 

Research plays a pivotal role in the success of The Gracious F success. Constant research and education about new things in the field, as well as fields that complement this particular one, have been the major game-changers. 

“It’s important to be driven towards learning something new every day in order to be able to always innovate your services or products, and to maintain the quality of service.”

The Colourful Journey-

An entrepreneur’s main responsibility is to dedicate a lot of their time in mentoring and supporting their team, the team will learn by example and when they see your dedication and passion, it will reflect on their work, bringing into your company autonomy and efficiency from your workforce, which is crucial to allow the entrepreneur to innovate, sustain and look at the bigger picture for the future of their businesses. 

The key achievements in the journey of The Gracious F can be the knowledge they have been able to impart to the people, in terms of color psychology. Being able to support all the clients and watch them achieve balance, wellness, and results within the individual and corporate segments with the knowledge of color psychology has been one of the many key achievements for the company. 

With an approach to always understand, listen and support the team with their problems, Fatima Al Shirawi mentors her teams, and then? Just wait for the magic to happen!

“I embrace the race”

Competition is a part of the journey, and to always be on top of that is the primary aim of the TGF team. Always thinking of ways to improve their service, business strategy and be up to date with changes. Change is inevitable and to sustain a business you have to embrace the change yet keeping the true values intact.

One always needs to have a lookout for competitors, and neatly strategize it to the benefit. In the journey, there will come times when one wishes to give up or find the easy way out. But pushing through all the negative is a strategy that will make up a win every time. Sticking to what you believe in. 

“Fear needs courage. Courage needs a purpose.”

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