The Importance of Taking Care of Your Health While Working at a Computer

Working at a Computer: the Importance of Care and Attention | The Enterprise World

In today’s digital world, where many people spend hours in front of a computer, taking care of your health is extremely important. Primarily when we work at a computer, our health can gradually deteriorate due to prolonged sitting, poor posture, and screen radiation.

Many people believe that working at a computer is always accessible. It is a false impression because the worker must constantly concentrate on the monitor regardless of specialisation. It has a negative impact not only on vision but also on the entire body. Even frequent play of your favourite slots online and bollywood casino game can lead to problems due to monitor influence.

Working at the computer does not harm health; you need to follow specific rules constantly. They are simple but effective.

1. Posture

Working at a Computer: the Importance of Care and Attention | The Enterprise World

To ensure comfort while working at the computer, you must have a comfortable chair. Its absence will lead to back pain, curvature of the spine and rapid general fatigue. You should always control your posture and ensure your back does not sag.

2. Fresh air

You must periodically ventilate your room in an office or at home. Fresh air helps to cheer you up, set yourself up for productive work and improve your overall physical well-being.

3. Monitor

Periodically it would help if you wiped the monitor from dust and fingerprints. A dirty monitor affects the way we focus our eyes. In addition, it is recommended to use special cloths or vacuum cleaners for the keyboard. A lot of dust and germs accumulate in this place. So take care of the cleanliness of your computer and this way you will avoid health problems.

Tips from an ophthalmologist

While working at a computer, your eyesight will first suffer. Therefore, doctors recommend taking the following steps.

1. Equip your workplace

Working at a Computer: the Importance of Care and Attention | The Enterprise World

Choose a chair that is comfortable for you and the right height for your desk. It would help if you leaned only slightly over the surface or reached over it. It is also essential that the table-top is wide enough. Then you will be able to put your hands correctly and thus ensure the correct distance of the computer to your eyes – 40-50 cm.

If you are working on a laptop, use an extra keyboard to maintain the proper distance to the screen.

Why is distance critical? The closer your face is to the monitor, the more your eye muscles tense up for accommodation – the mechanism for adjusting your vision to see at different distances. Unnatural strain impairs vision.

2. Consider the lighting

Lighting is essential for eye health. Ideally, it should be natural. However, it is only sometimes possible to contain this. Therefore, provide ample supplemental light.

If you work in a blackout, there should be another source besides the light from the screen, such as an ice lamp. Otherwise, intraocular pressure may rise, and the muscles will be overstretched. In the choice of daylight and artificial lighting, give preference to the former.

3. Monitor brightness

Adjust the brightness of your monitor to match the ambient light. Choose anti-glare screens with an additional protective filter against blue light. It adversely affects the retina of the eye.

Prolonged exposure can lead to age-related macular degeneration, where the central field of vision is lost. If you are unsure of the monitor’s characteristics, buy special protective computer glasses against blue light.

4. Give your eyes a rest

Be sure to take rest breaks. Every 40-60 minutes, get up from your computer, exercise to restore muscle blood flow, drink water, and open a window to get fresh air.

In addition, follow the 20/20 rule: 20 minutes of work, 20 seconds of rest – transfer your gaze to an object at a distance of 6 meters. This way, you will eliminate overwork and relax your eye muscles.

5. Moisturize your eyes

Working at a Computer: the Importance of Care and Attention | The Enterprise World

Use moisturizing drops to avoid drying out the tear film. It is also affected by the overall humidity level in the room, so humidifiers come in handy. Also, remember to blink – this naturally moisturizes the eye.

6. Follow the recommendations of doctors

Pay attention to glasses or lenses for comfort, especially if you have age-related farsightedness and are still getting used to seeing poorly at close distances. You can enlarge the text font or zoom the screen, but that’s only sometimes comfortable.

Also, see an eye doctor once a year. The doctor often sees the initial stages of serious diseases that usually begin asymptomatically.


  • There are many benefits to taking good care of your health while working at a computer. First, it helps reduce the risk of unpleasant symptoms such as eye strain, neck and back pain, dry eyes, and headaches. Regular breaks for stretching and exercises help to relax muscles and improve blood circulation, contributing to overall well-being and productivity.
  • In addition, staying healthy while working at the computer helps conserve energy and maintains our physical and psychological stamina. A healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet, regular physical activity, and adequate sleep, helps keep us energized and focused during the workday.
  • It’s also worth noting that taking care of your health while working at a computer helps prevent serious problems, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, which is associated with improper hand positioning and excessive keyboard and mouse use.

Generally, taking good care of your health while working at a computer is essential to our professional life. It helps to maintain our physical and mental well-being, ensures efficient performance, and improves our overall quality of life. Therefore, we create favourable conditions for a successful and healthy career by caring for our health while working at the computer.

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