5 of the Best Business Watches for Budding Entrepreneurs

5 of the Best Business Watches for Budding Entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs who are coming up in their respective industries of choice, having a small collection of business watches can not be overstated. These watch collections should have two separate and individual business watches that you can mix and match depending on the event you are going to. Or a classification that’s more straight-up: daily driver and special occasion watch. In this article, we’ve listed down some of your top choices of business watches:

1. Hugo Boss Aeroliner Men’s Quartz

The horological industry is filled with aficionados as well as purists that like to debate about the merits of each watch movement. Until the Japanese brand, Seiko has launched it, the best business watches to get are mechanical and automatic movements. But with quartz, the industry is changed forever. People now have a lot of options when it comes to business watches, but most business watches in the market today are powered by a quartz movement.

Although you can indeed buy a quartz movement watch anytime and anywhere, that’s not to say that the movement is cheapened by any means. It is quite the contrary because most top-notch luxury business watches are quartz-powered, more specifically, high-accuracy quartz or HAQ. If you want a stunning quartz watch for a budding entrepreneur, the Hugo Boss Aeroloiner Men’s quartz watch is a steal. 

At 44mm, this Hugo Boss watch needs to be seen, and with a finely-brushed stainless steel case and mineral crystal for protection, it’s a watch that can easily be your daily driver. It pairs well with most casual, smart casual, and business casual outfits but can also surprisingly paired with a three-piece suit. The dial features a chronograph complication, and the leather strap completes the quite sophisticated aesthetic. 

2. IWC Portofino

If you’re looking for the ultimate dress watch to complement a bespoke suit, look no further than the newly-revamped Portofino collection from the International business watches Company. Called IWC by the initiated, the company is a stalwart for Swiss watchmaking and is one of the few watchmakers in the world that can truly claim the luxury branding as their own. 

For a budding entrepreneur, getting an IWC Portofino might be too much too soon, especially if you’re just starting, but it could be a great remembrance and reward for your first milestone. The asking price is astronomical, but you can get the Portofino brand new for half the price if you know where to look. 

Under the hood, you are getting an automatic self-winding chronograph movement, a caliber from the renowned watchmaker, with a 44-hour power reserve and a frequency of 28800 vph. You also get a sapphire crystal for glass, stainless steel for the case, and leather as the main strap. The day-date complication, alongside the chronograph, lends itself to convenience. This is a serious watch, and you’ll need to mull your decision over before going all in.

3. Hamilton Jazzmaster Thin Auto

Hamilton is the brand to-go-to when it comes to affordable luxury Swiss business watches. The brand has slowly and surely cemented its place in the industry with several collections, namely the Khaki King, Broadway, and the thoroughly enjoyable Jazzmaster line. The brand’s heritage is rooted in traditional Swiss watchmaking coupled with American aesthetics and functionality. The result? business watches that just work. And works well.

What’s perfect about the Jazzmaster Thin Auto for businessmen is its light build and quality. It’s stylish to a fault and elegant where you need it to be. Among the many business watches listed here, the Jazzmaster Thin Auto is one of the more good-looking, with a selection of dial colors ranging from stunning sunburst gray to pearly white. The case is a stainless steel number, and it sits nicely on average-sized wrists. 

At its price point, you’re getting the best bang for your buck, although there are also compromises here are there. Instead of the coveted sapphire crystal glass, it’s a mineral you’re getting, but the movement powering the watch is more than enough to justify the choice. It’s a caliber automatic, with a 42-hour power reserve and a water resistance of 50 meters. Quite the value proposition if we are honest, because you won’t find a better deal at this price point.

4. Apple Watch Series 6

In this list, the only smartwatch Apple’s latest and greatest, the Series 6, is way ahead of the competition in terms of integration, build, and features. If you have an iPhone, even an Android phone, Series 6 is the best smartwatch you can buy right now, bar none. This latest iteration features an ECG feature that monitors your blood oxygen level through blasting light on your wrist, a better and more refined screen, plus longer battery life. 

It also has a faster charging system, with early reviewers clocking in charging time at less than two hours from zero to 100%. The screen is brighter, with the always-on feature better and more streamlined. There are new color options – red and blue – as well as a new ceramic build that will set you back a couple of hundred dollars more than the standard case.

Getting a smartwatch means that you’ll have the option better to integrate your mobile life into your daily routine. Activity monitoring is still one of the best features for any smartwatch out there, but Apple’s approach to “completing your rings” is infinitely more people-centric than most. If you like to be more technologically advanced in your day-to-day life as a businessman, the smartwatch lifestyle may be more to your liking than a regular automatic business watch.

5. Rolex Daytona

If you want to be on the flashier side when it comes to presenting yourself, or you just want a Rolex any way you can get it, the Daytona is probably your best option among the numerous Rolexes that crowd the market. The Cosmograph Daytona, in particular, is as ostentatious as one can get with a watch. 

You get Rolex’s proprietary Oystersteel, with finishes from gold to platinum, and a series of stainless steel and gold-finish buckles to pair it with if you’re buying from a Rolex boutique. The movement inside is a perpetual self-winding chronograph, certainly not the most heralded among its contemporaries, but ages well than most. This is probably the best luxury sports business watches you can get, and if you are savvy enough, you can get discounts on it on some retail sites.


Looking the part of a businessman means investing in quality rather than quantity. It’s also about getting the best quality out of your budget. Keep that in mind when shopping for your next watch.

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