Top 6 Fashion Styled Watches That Is Popular In The Market Right Now

Top 6 Fashion Styled Watches That Is Popular In The Market Right Now

Fashion Styled Watches have been a part of most people’s lives right now—only a portion of people globally aren’t into watches. Thus, tons of brands and companies have started to share their creativity and artistic sides, which led to an abundance of wristwatches with unique designs and features. It could be luxury, casual, classic, and styled for fashion.

Speaking of Fashion Styled Watches. Big brands have been through a lot in creating and designing them. All of them started with the classic ones but as the generation evolves, so does the wristwatch-making industry. Here are some of the best fashion styled watches that have been created all through those years. Be sure to check them all out.

1. Michael Kors Bradshaw Chronograph Ladies Watch

Starting with one of the most affordable, the Michael Kors Bradshaw Chronograph Ladies watch is a surprisingly budget-friendly timepiece with a price range of a little over $2,500. It means you will have a one-kind wristwatch without having to pay loads of money. It offers features that you have probably never seen before in a wristwatch.

The Michael Kors Bradshaw Chronograph Ladies Watch comprises a stainless steel material and a solid round-shaped back. It also has a pink-colored dial, gold-tone hands, and a water resistance of about 50 meters in depth. But the best part about this watch is that it has an alternating index and a Roman Numeral hour hand that looks great!

2. Kate Spade New York – Women’s Scallop Quartz Watch

Another timepiece that will surely fit your budget is the Kate Spade New York – Women’s Scallop Quartz Watch. Yes, Kate Spade is indeed popularly known for its clothing line and handbags. Still, over the years, they are slowly investing and let people know that they are also great in designing Fashion Styled Watches, which made their popularity grow even more.

This specific wristwatch is a unique and elegant one that offers a pure white dial and all silver case and strap. But that’s not the only thing that makes this masterpiece stand out. Apart from it looking like a classic timepiece, it also has some features that fit this generation. One example of that would be the spade design on the top.

3. Anne Klein Women’s Bangle Watch

Anne Klein, also known as Hanna Golofsky, is an American fashion designer who founded Anne Klein & Company. At first, they started to sell sportswear and have been very good at it. Soon, they began to design other works of art on a different platform, which is in watchmaking. And they undoubtedly conquered that platform.

Since then, they have created tons of stunning and beautiful Fashion Styled Watches, and the Anne Klein Women’s Bangle Watch is not an exception. This surprisingly extraordinary wristwatch became a sensation ever since its release. Many people buying it, Anne Klein and Co, were inspired to create more out of this world’s Fashion Styled Watches.

4. Christian Dior Women’s Black Face Crystal and Diamond Watch

Founded by a designer named Christian Dior, this specific fashion house started its business in the fashion industry in the 1940s (1946 to be exact). They started with footwear, jewelry, makeup, leather, and now Fashion Styled Watches and are currently considered the leading luxury goods producer in France. That’s a great leap for them!

The Christian Dior Women’s Black Face Crystal and Diamond Watch is an exceptional timepiece with diamonds embedded on it with a black-colored dial and white hands. It also has a teardrop-looking index covered with a thick stainless-steel material that will match all of your outfits in any event. It can be used casually or formally.

5. GUESS Quartz Rubber and Silicone Casual Watch

Though being a casual watch, the GUESS Quartz Rubber and Silicone Casual Watch did not disappoint us with its design and color scheme. Founded in 1981, this US-based company was founded by Georges Marciano, Maurice Marciano, Paul Marciano, and Armand Marciano. This company has been making a name of its own.

But for this specific watch, the GUESS Quartz Rubber and Silicone Casual Watch offer an all-blue design, including its dials and a white hour marker that plays a significant role in the rise of this fantastic company. It also has the “Guess” logo embedded on its dial that shows the true beauty of a wristwatch made by Guess. It also has a budget-friendly price.

6. Fossil Men’s Grant Quartz Stainless Steel Watch

Fossil has already been in this industry longer than you can remember. If you are craving that particular outstanding wristwatch with a classic or a luxurious look on it, Fossil is the best candidate as your first pick. You will not regret it since Fossil has been considered the best designer in the market so far. But that’s just what most people say about this brand.

This particular watch is elegant and enchanting. If you seek that classy yet classic style, all you need to do is check this out. It has a pure brown alligator/crocodile leather strap that brings out the best in this wristwatch. It also has a blue-colored dial and a Roman numeral index to see it easily. It also has three sub-dials that show other great features.


Fashion has always been part of human lives; they have been beneficial not just to provide clothing. They also give people a sense of satisfaction whenever they wear them from clothes to shoes to glasses and now to Fashion Styled Watches. Now, most people out there will not even go out without making sure that they look fashionably acceptable and good-looking.

Nowadays, Fashion Styled Watches are now an option since their use is now accessible everywhere. You can tell the time just by a simple glance at your phone, in your car, and even in public places. But owning and wearing a beautiful and fashionable watch will never go out of style. Be sure to check these Fashion Styled Watches above and see if some of them fit your poise.

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