6 Facts about Ford Motor Co. you didn’t know!

6 Facts about Ford Motor Co. you didn’t know!

Ford is a global brand, known for its unique design and production marvel. The company is one of the most renowned and sought-after brands across the world. 

Ford Motor Co.was started by Henry Ford and his son Edsel in 1903 along with other 11 founders. Father and son bought out 10 owners of Ford Motor Co. by 1919, taking full control of the company. The company has gone through thick and thin, earning the place of one of the most successful and established automobile manufacturers.

Ford Motor Co. began its journey almost a centennial ago. Detroit’s Mack Avenue marks the site of Ford’s first plant. Since its inception, the company has been able to provide and produce automobiles that have been greatly revered and bought like hotcakes. Their strategy, products, and standards have become an industry standard. 

Let’s get to know 6 lesser-known facts about Ford Motor Co.

1. Henry Ford’s first vehicle was the Ford Quadricycle.

The first vehicle ever produced by Ford Motor Co. had four bicycle wheels mounted on a simple frame with a gasoline engine. This was completed in 1896, as Henry Ford worked as Thomas Edison’s chief electrical engineer during his free time. This made him build the quadricycle, after reading an article and started dwelling further into automobiles. 

2. Thomas Edison’s last breath

Not many people have heard or know about the great friendship between Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. Both ended up buying vacation homes in Fort Myers, Florida, because of their genuine and lifelong friendship!

As friendship was very important to Henry Ford, he made sure that the last breath of Thomas Edison was captured in a test tube and sealed. Henry wanted to preserve and cherish his friendship with Thomas Edison, and to this day that test tube remains a prized possession of the Ford family.

3. Ford’s Innovative Assembly Line

Ford Motor Co. is the innovator behind automobile assembly lines. Yes! They were the ones who started this and this method of construction was the brainchild of Henry Ford, who perfected it, making Ford’s production line unparalleled and extremely popular, even by today’s standards!

The company’s productivity boomed owing to Henry’s innovations, and Ford Motor Co.can build a car in less than 90 minutes. This means more cars, faster delivery, and profits soared, making Ford one of the most successful companies and innovators changing the world!

4. Ford Mustang at the top of the Empire State Building

Ford Mustang was showcased at the Empire State Building in 1965. To achieve the same, the car was disassembled into four pieces, taken up in elevators, and was photographed by a helicopter.

The car remained on the roof for five months before it was dismantled and taken from the scene.

5. Jim Morrison owned only one car, a Ford!

The Doors is one of the most popular rock bands in music history, known throughout the world with a fan base that is not countable. The band’s lead singer, Jim Morrison owned only one car, and it was a Ford!

It was a 1967 Shelby GT 500 that Jim Morrison, the legendary Doors singer owned.

6. Ford has racing DNA embedded in it!

What turned out to be an amazing story of Ford trying to acquire Ferrari, and in return getting insulted about their cars. Ford Motor Co. lost its sense of commuter segment vehicles and plunged into the world of motor racing.

In the 24 Hours of Le Mans race in 1966, Ford beat Porsche, Lamborghini, and Ferrari, with its iconic and extremely popular GT40. The car was made in collaboration with the famous racing driver and automobile designer, Carrol Shelby. Ford ended Ferrari’s six-year winning streak and won the championship for the next four years consecutively, thus carving their name in the history of motorsports.

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