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Vijay Vashishtha Co-founder 99Home Ltd

With FinTech, InsureTech, and many other platforms making the best of technology, PropTech is a new area that is evolving among others. PropTech or property technology is a form of technology that has combined real estate services with technology. With the use of IT in this sector, people can now easily buy, sell, manage, mortgage, or search properties online. PropTech has been useful in connecting all the processes for all its participants in the real estate

Co-Founded by Vijay Vashishtha, 99home, an online platform for selling, buying, renting properties, is amongst the top 5leading PropTech platforms in the UK. The next innovation the company is intent on adding to the existing platforms is to make it more FinTech, InsureTech and Blockchain by using Artificial intelligence. It is their ambition to localize their innovation to all of Europe starting with the 5 countries they target through the SME Instrument project. For just £99. A property will be listed across all the main property selling and letting portals and owners will receive all the support they need from their experienced team of property professionals.

PropTech is a new and less explored space. And to start a company under the umbrella of PropTech was something different. Unlike others, the start was not very glamorous. They did not have many funds. It was Vijay and Sachin’s investment with which the company was started. At first, the company gained negative publicity in the press. The media claimed, “How on earth can it be so cheap? Online agent launches £99” and lots of other challenges. Some also claimed that this model is not sustainable but the success of the company proved everyone wrong.

Although success was not as easy, what did trigger their growth was their tech approach to the property market which was missing, and pricing for the services.

  • From 1 to 6000 properties listed in 36 months.
  • Grown the support team from 1 to 5 and 50 local property experts (self-employed) across the UK.
  • Average growth rate 10-20% month on month.
  • Very little spent on PR, marketing to date – growth through recommendation.
  • Proprietary designed and developed software.
  • Currently among the top 5 Hybrid agents and PropTech in the UK

We believe that customer satisfaction is not merely confined to answering telephone calls, but, providing an efficient and seamless experience, round-the-clock.

And to keep this intact, what has helped them is their

  • Customer service team
  • A good mix of technology with the system
  • Transparency with the clients
  • Transparent, fixed fees based only on the services clients are looking for
  • An online, 24/7 service ensuring all parties have access to current and accurate information
  • An improved service, ensuring all transactions are communicated immediately, reducing the stress and frustration and speeding up the complete process

The Products and Services-

“Whether it is selling, buying, letting, or renting commercial or residential property, we believe that all parties involved deserve the best value in terms of service.”

99Home is a transparent digital solution with fixed fees based only on the services clients are looking for. They combine the automation of digital service with on-demand assistance by licensed and specialized real estate experts. It is a one-stop shop with the most competitive prices. 99Home has the most flexible sell package for residential property:

  • Pay advance £99 (DIY) / £499 (Team Work) / £999 (Complete package)
  • £799 (No Sale No Fee, we do all, vendor to host the viewings. £999 for London within M25)
  • % (Commission only with No Sale No Fee, we to do all)

99Home has the most flexible let package for residential property:

  • £49 (Marketing only Pay advance) • £99 (Marketing and support Pay advance)
  • £499/£49pcm (Part management rent collection £99 advance)
  • £999/£85pcm (One-time setup fees £79 for Full property management £99 advance)

Trackable Conveyancing:

  • Track progress online
  •  Easy to see all movement of your property sell or purchase 

Tenant Reframing

  • £20 for fast track referencing
  • £40 Full comprehensive referencing


  • Rent Guarantee Insurance from just £180
  • Contents Insurance from just £10 PCM

Auction and Reserve now

  • % (Commission only with No Sale No Fee, we to do all)
  • £999 one-time fee

99Home is proud to be able to offer the most competitively online priced package for selling or letting property in the UK. For just £99 a property will be listed across all of the main property selling portals and sellers will receive all the support you need from their experienced team of property professionals.

The company’s rich, exquisite and diverse neighborhoods provide accommodation for everyone from all socioeconomic classes. Whatever your property needs, they ascertain a premium-grade service experience to you. Their expertise, reliable resources, and strategic partnerships contribute to delivering incredible results to the clientele. With professional photography, floor plan, inventory services, and advanced software for marketing and property management services, 99Home ensures a smooth and efficient selling, letting and property management process, while keeping their clients abreast of the real estate laws and their legal obligations. The company is the UK’s 5th largest hybrid estate agency and 16th largest single branch estate agency. Where their competitors spend more than £300 to secure instructions, 99Home only spends £65.

With their professional expertise and customer satisfaction 99Home has won many awards and accolades. Some of them include-

  • The UK’s Most Innovative Online Real Estate Agent 2019
  • Online Estate Agent Of the Year 2019
  • Most Trusted Real Estate Professionals
  • Highly Commended Website of the Year 2019
  • Hybrid Agency of the Year 2019
  • Best Overall  Agent of the Year 2019 (Wembley)

The Team-

Look after your team, they will look after you as well as your business. And Never give up!

At 99Home, employees are not treated like employees. They are the team members, more like a family. Because, at the end of the day, each person brings something unique to the table, which has taken the company, where it is now. Employees at 99Home enjoy a lot of freedom, motivational exercises and timely training.

99home is not an estate agency. It’s a PropTech platform. Are we only creating a platform for estate agencies?  Not Really! A bigger picture ahead. Estate agency is just a door to get to InsurTech, FinTech, and Blockchain by using artificial intelligence. With this said, constant vigilance is the need of the hour. It surely is a rat-race but you also have to run at your own pace. When you are in a service industry you have to follow the process and monitoring all the processes is very important for any industry. End of the day, it’s a matter of customer satisfaction.

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