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After having worked under a lot of big names in the world of architecture and interior design, Rupali and Satish finally decided to be their bosses. With the experience on hand and the spirit to serve, the pair thought they could contribute to the world of interior design, which is why they took the plunge and established A Design Studio.

A Design Studio, the brainchild of Satish Naik and Rupali Naik was established in 2008 and has been the ultimate destination for all kinds of interior aesthetic functionalities for more than a decade. With the designer duo at the helm, the team of expert and experienced designers has served a lot of different clientele right from those that need retail space design to residential design.

The Initial challenges

In their voyage so far, the world of design has taught numerous lessons to the designers at the A Design Studio. Satish Naik has learned in the process of running the business that clients may have a great number of dreams, some of them even whimsical, but they always need a practical touch to the spaces that they own.

In the process of creating a niche for herself in the field of interior design, Rupali has had to experience natural hostility from workers and contractors that were not accustomed to taking orders from a woman. After having successfully shattered the glass ceiling she has now grown to become the go-to contact for everyone that needs help from the design team.

First few years of A Design Studio

With about 12 years of experience working in the design and décor industry, Satish and Rupali from A Design Studio have gained a whole lot of knowledge about how the industry functions and how it can be improved.

While it was challenging to bag new clients in the beginning, things started getting better when the world sat up and took notice of the unique, innovative, and aesthetic solutions that the design team was providing.

And the growth started…

One of the most important factors that set A Design Studio apart from the rest is the uniqueness and the innovation in the design process. When a new project is taken up the design team focuses on how it can be handled in a customizable manner so that the clients can be provided with the most satisfactory design solutions.

The growth of the company is also greatly influenced by how they are seen everywhere on social media. Being omnipresent on the social network helps more people to take notice of the work they do and the kind of service that A Design Studio offer, which is why so many new projects have poured in, in the recent past.

Factors behind A Design Studio’s long-standing success

It can be inferred from the range of projects of A Design Studio that there is nothing that the team cannot design and execute with utmost expertise and professionalism. The clients of the design firm place their trust in the experts to meet the aesthetic, functional as well as economic requirements of the projects that they take up.

The motto of providing excellent service to each client is something that has led to the popularity and the success of the business.

The Range of Quality Services

A Design Studio works on all kinds of interior design solutions and makes sure to take up projects that need to be handled with innovation and utmost creativity. One thing that sets apart the work of the team is that they think emotionally and act practically, which is the best way to amalgamate the desires of the clients with their practical needs.

A design Studio and its entire team continually work towards the betterment of the work that they provide with each passing project. The most foolproof way to further business is to contribute to the quality of work positively. Apart from the impeccable solutions in design the team also ensures that more and more people are noticing the brand and talking about it by creating a buzz on the internet.

When A Design Studio people work on the planning of a space they make sure to design it with all their heart and creativity to ensure that the aesthetic factor of design is not compromised at any cost. However, during the planning and design phase, they also keep a keen eye on the practical requirements of the space as well as the clients to ensure that the space is a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Mr. Satish Naik & Ms. Rupali Naik, A Design Studio

Mr. Satish and Ms. Rupali say that “There are two people that we draw inspiration from. One is Zaha Hadid, the great and famous architect who is known for her breakthrough work in the field of architecture and design.  And the other is Steve Jobs because of the focus and business acumen that he showcased in”

When you talk about the journey of the business you cannot overlook the fact that Satish is the anchor to the ship of A Design Studio that has numerous miles to cross in the ocean of design and aesthetics; he is truly the leader that brings about an undeniable air of realism to the world of imagination and creativity.

On the other hand, Rupali Naik, the partner and driving force of A Design Studio balances the scales beautifully by contributing with her innovative design ideas and creative concepts. Rupali is the element of artistic innovation that is inevitable in running a design business successfully. While she leads from the front in the world of A Design Studio, she is also a great example of how women have been able to bring about a revolution in the world of design on the whole.

The key achievements

One of the most important achievements in the journey of their work is that a lot more people now know about them. The fruitful use of social media has led the business to gain a lot of buzz among clients as well as prospective business providers. People owning different kinds of properties now approach them to get help with planning and design jobs.

A design Studio has also achieved a niche in the world of design by winning not only accolades among clients but also winning awards from agencies that matter. The team has won 2 National Awards and a place in the list of Top 20 as well as Top 10 Interior designers and architects.

The Team, A Design Studio

The team of A Design Studio is immensely unique because of the amount of ownership that each member of the team has. People that work with the company do not think of it as their job but as their design firm. When people do not consider themselves as mere employees they are bound to be much more productive and creative.

 A change over in the landscape of interior designing

As the world turns towards smart living, the field of interior design is also in complete sync with the trends of the modern world. The Internet of things and connecting it with interior design solutions is the way to the future of design. More and more designers must make use of technology to create smart homes and include the use of automation to make sure that clients have a modern and comfortable environment.

One of the most important trends of modern interior design according to the design pair is the use of sustainable design ideas. While it is important to have aesthetic interiors, it should not be done at the cost of the environment which is why plans should be brought into place to carry out design practices such as making sustainable furniture, using environment-friendly paint, having rainwater harvesting provisions, and use of sanitary ware that spends water cautiously.

The Creative Designs

The design decisions taken within the powers of A Design Studio are always based on the needs and preferences of the clients. When a client talks they listen and make sure to use the knowledge in the process of planning design. At A Design Studio, nothing is more important than the demands and the choices of their valuable clients.

People at A Design Studio find their inspiration from the happy and satisfied demeanor of the people that they work for. When the clients can find the designs that they envisaged it becomes the biggest inspiration for them to go on doing the kind of work that they do.

‘Don’t wear a brand, Be a Brand’

At A Design Studio, the only target is to be better with each new project and work in a positive direction to serve their clients. Since they do not work towards leaving the others behind they can automatically reach new heights with each project and keep heads above the water in a market where people can easily get overwhelmed by the amount of competition.

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