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Ajinkya Dhumal | Founding Director | Infinity Architects and Interior Designers

An owned space whether it may be a home or a commercial space is a dream with which everyone makes efforts in his field. Of course, everyone is ambitious to make his dream space more beautiful and unique. Innovation is the backbone of every beautiful creation. Designing is a mixed form of artistry and creation.

Ideate, Integrate, and Implement-holy trinity responsible for Infinity Phenomenal Success. Infinity Architects and Interior Designers cater to the Luxury Interior Design market that can appreciate the finer things in life. Today Infinity Architects and Interior Designers is the most recognized brand in the market and is well known for its exclusivity and finesse.

The creative, innovative, and mastermind behind the long-standing success of Infinity Architects and Interior Designers is its founding director Mr. Ajinkya Dhumal.

Infinity Architects and Interior Designers

Infinity Architects and Interior Designers believes this field requires artists that create and provide authentic service to clients. Understanding the difference between the client’s need and want is an overlooked part of the process without which you cannot remain true to the project. The mantra of Infinity is to be aware of what the client needs while the client himself is drawn by his wants and overwhelmed by endless possibilities.

It requires research, authenticity, and appreciation – things that Infinity does best. Every single design and material used is original and unique for every project with no repetitions, making it completely personalized for the client.


Infinity Architects and Interior Designers takes a lot of pride for its impeccable execution process and detailing in Design, probably the only Design firm in the region where every given site has a dedicated Site engineer and individual Designer other than the principal Designer. Infinity is capable of blending different elements to create an ambiance that makes it feel good, lively and perfectly complements the client’s character and taste.

Problem-solving attitude and focus on being part of the solution is the main key to overcome challenges.  “Do not linger around the problems, be a part of the solution team” is the Mantra at Infinity to overcome any sort of challenges they come across.

Since its inception, Infinity has successfully designed over a thousand projects. All of them Designed and executed with a holistic approach. One look at any of their projects and you can feel the passion touching you.

A powerhouse of creative talent, a skilled workforce, and a dedicated team along with a reliable source of vendors is Infinity’s key to accomplishing challenges of any magnitude. Absorbing diverse insights from all the departments and applying various hurdles constructively.

The Challenges

Every project is a challenge in itself. To do the best and a bit more on every project is Infinity’s prime concern. Among the last year’s projects, E.Q. Technologic Head Office, Pune was the most challenging one. It was a tedious task as 86,000 sq. ft. the project was to be completed within 90 days. The client was not in India; the communication relied on electronic media. The most difficult part was correspondence over e-mail, explaining design ideas, details, etc., and getting approval from the client.

It was a technology-based project as research and understanding of new technologies and incorporating them in design was implemented. Dealing with a large number of agencies as well as designing as per U.S. standards was a strenuous job. Infinity Architects and Interior Designers, therefore, completed this mammoth task within the time limit overcoming all the other challenges that headed in a way.

Their Quality Offerings

Infinity Architects and Interior Designers is the only company that gives all services under one roof like Architecture, Interior Design, Project Management Consultancy, MEP Services (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing), 3D Visualization, and Annual Management Contracts.

Also, Infinity Architects and Interior Designers gives services for Material Procurement which is beneficial to the customer for cost savings.


In-house services like Project Management Consultancy, MEP consultancy (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing), and AMC (Annual Management Contracts) helps the clients with their one-stop solutions even after the project is handed over.

Furthermore, at Infinity, the material procurement team comes in handy for the client’s ease to help them with the material purchase, this further helps control the project budget in the longer run.

The Creative Vision

Infinity Architects and Interior Designers has clients majorly in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, and Hyderabad. Their enduring relationships with clients are testaments to their hard work. Infinity’s portfolio has grown extensively to include prestigious residential and commercial works. Achieving sustainability while strategically positioning and living up to the motto, Infinity sets to build a significant presence in PAN India, implementing BIM software, Product Design, and have International Collaboration.

Infinity Architects and Interior Designers is striving to sculpt an entity where the lifestyle in which everyone covets gets manifested in reality.

Secret Behind Building a Successful Customer Base

Value for money, creating a unique approach that makes the spaces more sustainable, user-friendly, and remarkable impact.

At Infinity Architects and Interior Designers, they create bespoke designs for clients.  This adds a unique language and design ideas to them every project; it is value for money and time given by clients for remarkable impacts.

With services like in-house annual management contracts, their clients hardly need to worry about the post-service issues faced at projects.

For Infinity Architects and Interior Designers, a Client is a Client-Partner. This way it becomes easy to step into the client’s shoes. When they get a requirement to furnish, they never come up with solutions to only these requirements; they would look at it from a 360-degree perspective and beyond.

Being in the creative industry, Infinity meets client’s demands, needs, aspirations, imaginations and build their dream into reality.

Every avenue of the client’s aspirations, desires, and needs to get its appropriate attention through an accommodating yet disciplined approach.

The Founding Director

Founding Director Mr. Ajinkya Dhumal has been creating true masterpieces of luxury for Residential & Commercial Interior Designing for more than a decade his success story is also rich. Coming from a simple Maharashtrian family, the grind and the Design world exploration helped him change the whole perspective. This struggle combined with his initial failures motivated him to further explore his interest in sketching. His leadership is draped in inspiration and people identify Passion as his other name. Today, with his brilliant taste and touch of luxury his company is the most recognized brand in the market and well known for its exclusivity.

Dedication, Discipline, imbibing a holistic approach towards projects, his keen understanding of the extraordinary the unerring taste and always considering customer is king, are his qualities that have contributed to uplifting the company.

The Source of inspiration is creating new ideas, new materials, visiting new exhibitions, and creating a unique lifestyle of people living in the spaces.

The Workforce

People at Infinity architects and interior designers are essentially the Key stakeholders of Infinity, as an architecture and interior design company, built on 17 years of vast experience and expertise; they have accumulated an impressive track record founded on trust and credibility. With quality service that speaks, our interior design concepts have been known to focus on translating clients’ specifications into discerning ideas. It’s only through their creative and technical eye that our projects are unique and exceptionally remarkable.

The four pillars of our team “Designers, Execution, Purchase, and Admin” have eventually carved out an Elite niche name for Infinity. Employees play the most important role in the company by working as a team; a team with vision, passion, creativity, hard work, and a thirst for the continuous growth of the company.

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