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Manju Mastakar- Armstrong Capital Advisory

The nature of capital markets is ever-changing and investing in such a fragile market can be risky. At this moment one needs an investment advisor, a person or a group who has a thorough study of the market and can guide you for your investments. These advisors also have a discretionary authority that allows them to act on the behalf of their clients.

Manju Mastakar, a financial professional with close to two decades of experience in managing Investments founded Armstrong Capital in 2011. Armstrong Capital Advisory Pvt Ltd is a privately owned investment management firm counseling both individuals and businesses. Every relationship in Armstrong starts with a Financial Plan. Before they advise they try and understand all the financial commitments the client has in the near and far future. All the investments that he has done bucket that into respective goals. Show them a complete picture as to how the financials will look 10 years from now and what would the Annuity be by the time he retires. This complete end-to-end financial planning is what they do at Armstrong.

The Company –

“We are a dedicated team focused on providing our clients with unparalleled service in handling their financial affairs.”

The Armstrong team understands that managing investments need extensive research, regular monitoring, a dedicated team, and periodic reviews of investments. Armstrong Capital Advisory believes in fostering a long-term relationship with its clients based on trust and integrity. Whether you are an individual or institution you want your investments to be managed by someone you can trust therefore we ensure that all our transactions are transparent and foster a bond of trust with our clients.

Armstrong Capital Advisory provides goal-based financial planning, portfolio management service, wealth management service, retirement planning for individuals. For corporate institutions, they provide cash flow management services.

Like any start-up, even Armstrong faced its share of challenges. To look at it, the company was not providing any different service; it was just the same as any banker, wealth manager or insurance agent would do. The real challenge here was educating people on what a Financial Advisor does. That a Financial Advisor is someone who would look at the entire picture of past investments, Loans, Insurances, and commitments and then guide properly. The bigger challenge was the brand name; they had to compete with Foreign Banks, and over a period customers realized that smaller brand offers more value. Multitasking was a challenge since they were a small company with very few employees in 2013-14 everyone had to multi-task.

When it comes to money, ignorance is NOT bliss. What you don’t know CAN hurt you.

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What triggered the growth of the company was the changing Capital market scenario. Armstrong Advisors capitalized on that and converted a lot of happy customers who then referred and the firm could influence more people to invest in Mutual Funds through SIP mode.

Their Products and Services –

Financial Planning – Mutual Fund Advisory – Wealth management – are the key offerings. Other services include Retirement Planning and Cash Flow Management.

Financial Planning –

Financial planning is the process of developing strategies to attain your financial goals.  At Armstrong Capital Advisory they will assist you with their right mix of investments based on the risk profile and cash needs and your current assets and liabilities.

Armstrong Capital Advisory Pvt Ltd will help you to define your financial goals and see whether the goals are realistic for your timeline. Armstrong Capital Advisory will help you to find new ways so that you can maximize your return on investments and will also keep a track of the investments regularly.

Mutual Funds Advisory –

Mutual funds are an important tool for investors for planning for Financial Independence and choosing the right funds can be a daunting task. Armstrong Capital Advisory’s Mutual Funds Advisory Desk will help you build a strong and winning portfolio.

We are a dedicated team focused on providing our clients with unparalleled service in handling their financial affairs.

With a proper understanding of the Fund manager’s philosophy, Armstrong Capital Advisory focuses more on the portfolio allocation and not the funds. The Armstrong Capital Advisory Mutual Funds Advisory Desk will also monitor how far the fund manager has penetrated beyond the top 50 stock of benchmark.

Cash Flow Management –

Armstrong Capital Advisory Pvt Ltd analyzes your historical cash flow statements that would help you understand your past expenses. Their cash flow management service would help you:

  • Eliminate idle cash balances and increasing return on assets
  • Investment options for Corporates
  • Properly timing the disbursements
  • Deciding when to fund a new project

 “The key differentiators are our Financial Plans they are comprehensive, and they are the backbone for our Advisory. We keep referring back to our plans and then Advice.”

The Team and the Competition –

Armstrong Capital Advisory is a very open and flat organization. For employees, the learning and career growth have been excellent. There are two kinds of organizations in our business. The first type is where you can learn, the intermediation (running the business), and the other type is where you can learn Investments as an asset class well. Armstrong Capital Advisory is one of the very few organizations in the business which has a work environment that gives one enough opportunity to learn both.

While they have been good at offering growth to people till now, they will need to put in much more effort on career planning and growth prospects for our people going forward.

When it comes to the competition in the market, no one can escape it. What is necessary is constant vigilance. It’s a need because the business environment is very dynamic and it keeps changing day by day. This is the reason why Armstrong Capital Advisory’s team keeps evaluating their failures and building strategies to overcome them next time. They also work very closely on big deals and understand what needs to be done to close the deal faster. There is a very thin line that differentiates perseverance and the need for change in strategy. When it’s hard to cark it may be a different strategy is required.

They have also been focusing on continuous innovation; they keep innovating and adding new ideas to the financial plan, continuously researching and finding out new investment ideas that have helped in getting ahead of the curve. The team also focuses more on acquiring first-time investors, handholding them through the entire process, and setting up the discipline for them to invest regularly has been the key reason for your success. With such innovative ideas and constant research, their growth has been exponential; the Assets under Management have grown 4 fold.

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