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Artscape Projects is a complete design firm offering comprehensive solutions from Architecture, Interior Design, Project Management to Final Execution. Artscape, unlike other companies, does not focus on limited selective service but provides a complete spectrum of solutions to its clients, thereby having an edge over its competitors in the market. Artscape projects’ product basket is spread across Industrial, Commercial and Residential segments of the market.

Artscape projects’ expertise of the entire project cycle from Design to Execution has helped their clients in getting major benefits in terms of Design Innovation, Resource Optimization, Cost, Quality, and Speed of project Implementation.

In a talk with Artscape projects’ Founder and MD, Ms. Jhilmil Vijay, let’s know more about Artscape Projects and their quality offerings.

What were the initial challenges you faced?

After completing my educational qualification, I started my professional career as an Architect with a leading firm in Delhi, in 2003. But I always dreamed to be a master of my own and hence wanted to start my own business. After marriage, my husband Saurabh shifted to Bangalore from Delhi and that is when I got the opportunity to fulfill my dream. I left my job in Delhi and started my boutique firm in Bangalore in 2006. Initial years were of big struggle as we were in a new city with limited networking and relationships.

However, we had the strength that we could provide contemporary solutions with modern designs to our clients at competitive pricing and with a big smile. Service orientation and a commitment to provide satisfaction to our clients on time and in full was the MANTRA on which we built the foundation stone of our business. Quality was an in-thing in all our dealings and workings all around. 

How were the first few years of your interior designing company?

Bangalore was a new city for us with a different language, culture, architectural preferences, and a whole new community to explore and win. While it provided its challenges, I felt that there was a large opportunity for me to create my own space and brand in this fast-growing market. My ability to build relationships, innovate and do a fusion of various cultural architectural styles with modern designs to provide quality cost-effective solutions to my clients, on time and in full delivery helped me built up the business in the initial years.

My husband, Saurabh. supported me in these efforts by joining me after leaving a highly satisfying career as a Chip designer in the world’s leading MNC. We could build a strong team of like-minded professionals and built a strong “partnership of progress” with our vendors, suppliers, contractors, pear professionals, etc. in supporting fields.

These things have helped us build a name in the commercial, residential & Industrial design, and project execution segment of the market. Artscape projects have successfully delivered quality commercial, housing complexes, and residential spaces with high-end design, interiors, and construction specifications to a large group of clients in and out of Bangalore, all these years.

Which was that point that triggered the growth of Artscape projects?

I started Artscape projects in 2006 and my husband Saurabh was supporting me in my business from day one, even while he was working in an international chip design company in Bangalore. He helped me in networking, project planning, and execution in those years. Once I stabilized in the business to a base level with regular clients, he took a bold decision to leave his lucrative career in that MNC and decided to join me full-time in my Business in 2010. That became the turning point for my Business. Saurabh, with his engineering and chip designing background, is a strong planner and on-time implementer.

He has strong networking, negotiating skills and is the ‘TREASURE HOUSE” of the company, raising timely funds for project execution through a network of investors across the country. He has helped me follow a policy where we raise required funds before starting a project-this ensures timely cash flow for our suppliers and service providers and enables us to execute all projects on time and within the cost targets.  This has helped me get large international and domestic projects in commercial, hospitality, high-end residential, and industrial sectors in the last few years, which we have completed and delivered on time.

With steady growth in Business, we also built a strong partnership with reputed partners in support services and could also build a strong team of dedicated employees. All these helped us trigger a faster growth of Artscape projects post-2010 onwards.

How have Artscape projects graphs changed since the foundation? Can you share a few statistics?

Starting from a small Design firm in 2006, we have steadily grown our business into a complete Architectural Design, PMC, Interior Design, and Execution company catering to a wide range of reputed international and domestic clients in commercial, residential, and industrial segments of the industry. The client base is diverse from high-end residential and villas to commercial, hospitality, clubs, healthcare, educational institutions and extends to large industries. The spectrum of services now ranges from Architecture, Structural, MEP and related services, Project Management, Interior Design, and Execution.  

What is the reason behind Artscape projects long-standing success?

My dream to be a master of my own and do something innovative in the field of Interior Design and Architecture has been the driving force behind our success all these years. This has helped me build a great team of like-minded colleagues and partners in support services and we all collectively work as a TEAM to design and implement any project on time, in full, and with high standards of quality. We have maintained a very high degree of TRANSPARENCY in our deals with all our customers and stake orders.

Continuous Design innovation is an in-thing and before starting a project, we do extensive discussions with the user group to understand their expectations in terms of preferences, lifestyle, operational functionality/usability, environmental integrity, and wellness of the user group. This helps us in designing and implementing a project with speed and in a cost-effective way.

A zeal for continuous learning of new concepts of designing and project execution, integrating technology and nature with all our works, ability to continuously DREAM and INNOVATE has helped us keep ourselves ahead of our competitors.

Quality is an integral part of our work style and providing timely service to our clients with a ‘BIG SMILE’ is the MANTRA of our working. 

What influenced you to start an Interior Designing Company?

During my initial work life, I realized that in the name of designing, most players were providing gaudy architecture, experimenting with furniture, colors, and textures only. There was a bigger need for space optimization, understanding the expectation of the user group in terms of their usability, ease of doing work, aesthetics, integration of technology and nature to any design concept, and a willingness to experiment with newer materials and concepts of aesthetics based on them.

I, being a born rebel, always wanted to dream and experiment with something new, challenging, and very different, something which is more customer-centric and is built around his usability and ease of doing business has an aesthetic appeal and is nature/technology-friendly. With rising standards of living, changing lifestyles, reality, and technology boom and innovation in terms of newer materials, etc., I realized that a company with innovative design solutions will always have an edge over its competitors. These factors motivated me to set us my design boutique.

What are the products/services Artscape projects focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market?

Artscape projects is a complete design firm offering comprehensive solutions from Design, Project Management to Final Execution. Artscape projects, unlike other companies, do not focus on limited selective service but provides a complete spectrum of solutions under one roof-which provides it an edge over its competitors in the market. Artscape projects’ product basket is spread across Industrial, Commercial and Residential segments of the market.

This has helped our clients in getting major benefits in terms of Design Innovation, Resource Optimization, Cost, Quality, and Speed of project Implementation.

How do you decide to take Artscape projects a step further in terms of your products/services?

We strongly believe that while new design concepts are continuously being experimented with, the Contemporary styles still dominates the Industry. Clients continue to prefer Vastu designs with a lot of natural lighting and greenery, even in small places. Small spaces are the in thing and there is a continuous need for practical and innovative solutions for small spaces. Utilities are getting designed to cater to this diverse universe of users. Modular construction is becoming popular even in residential premises.

The use of improved materials and construction processes are helping faster execution of projects at a lower cost with improved quality and features. The use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Robotics is driving the design and material innovations all around. Effective utilization and optimization of natural resources like renewable energy, water conservation, Green and energy-neutral offices, LEED certifications are the things that are going to drive the architectural industry in coming times.

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