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Ashmita Dhingra, Managing Director at Digifish3

We have seen many changes in the last few years and all these changes are universal. There was a time when the product or service was sold through barter and nowadays, everything is available online through the internet.

The Internet has given people living in the world a wonderful platform to connect, which was not possible before. Internet is one such medium that can be used to create good harmony through regular conversation between the seller and the customer.

The effectiveness of digital marketing can be seen in the form of rapid sales of products and services. Previously, manufactured products were read in warehouses for a long time and kept rotting because they could not be sold on time. The help of offline advertisements was taken to sell very expensive products and the advertisement reached only a few people. Those advertisements were not effective according to their value.

And so businesses are in continuous search of a digital marketing services provider that can accelerate their growth. In this context to cater to the digital needs of businesses, a leader Ms. Ashmita Dhingra is offering innovative and comprehensive digital marketing services through Digifish3.

Ashmita Dhingra is a Managing Director at Digifish3. In a conversation with TEW, she shared her views on the current industry scenario and how Digifish3 is transforming businesses digitally.

Tell us about Digifish3.

Digifish3 is a Digital Marketing Organization catering to a 360 Degree approach for a Brand Solution. It caters to marketing and branding services along with consumer engagement solutions. It was created in 2014, and since then it has been a great journey for the organization providing the brands with a better end-user experience. Digifish3 has three core pillars of marketing; Presence, Promotion, and Engagement.

Social Media Marketing, search engine optimization, and mobile advertising is something that the organization started with. And now it caters to Digital Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Brand Management, Personal Branding, and Celebrity connection to global brands. The Organization compliments today’s entrepreneurial ecosystem of India. The government launched the Digital India campaign for its citizens, to become at ease and cater to various services with just a click. And we would be doing the same in a small way, catering to the brands and connecting them with the consumers via the digital space. Branding, Marketing and Creatively catering to the audience is what Digifish3 does best. It is a self-funded organization catering to Global clientele’.

What were the initial challenges Digifish3 faced? 

Initial Challenge in 2016, was purely making people understand the importance of Digital and the impact it could make to their business and of course the funds. The funds were required to build a team, structure, and operations. And being a bootstrapped organization, everything had to be thought through. Digital mode of marketing was a new way of promotion for the brands and it was difficult for us to convince them of the worth for the same and make them understand the result matrix. Like all businesses, taking the payments from the clients initially was a challenge. But gradually when the clients had long term contracts with us, that problem was also sorted.

Which was that point that triggered the growth of Digifish3?

Customization for every brand is our core strength. And this was something that created a niche for us and triggered our growth in 2017. The ideation, campaigns and strategized yet different content creatives make us different from the other competitors in the Industry. Brand Connect with Consumers is what we do digitally, and along with that train people on Digital marketing for them to independently handle their job roles or their start-ups.

Training and customization is our secret ingredient for growth.

What is the reason behind Digifish3’s long-standing success?

Digifish3 understands the consumer mindset, and that is the reason it has been standing strong in the market of immense competition. We try and reach out to the right people with engaging brand content. Digifish3 are chosen by brands, as we do not enforce ideas, rather we understand the requirements and customize solutions.  

What are the services Digifish3 focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market?

Digifish3 focuses on brand solutions majorly. And we understand that every brand is different and, needs different research. We would be the only agency customizing solutions for people. We help brands connect with consumers in a way best understood by the common man. The ideation, strategy, campaigns, content, and creative approach makes us different from the other competitors in the Industry. Digifish3 just doesn’t provide digital solutions or brand solutions, we cater to the emotional connection of the brand with the users.

Digifish3, as an organization is not just catering to digital marketing services. It also has a strong foothold in the Mobile VAS Marketing sector. During the pandemic, the organization has launched a web/ app service around the health domain catering to 360-degree solutions around health essentials. From nutrition to exercises, mental health, astrological health, everything has been taken care of with the association and guidance of the health experts from the respective genres.  Our thought for the moment and faster execution is surely something which we are known for in the Industry.  

How do you decide to take Digifish3 a step further in terms of your services?

As the global digital ecosystem is changing, we are planning to change our approach towards marketing as well. Digifish3 plans to cater to a few products around Health and Education, which is indeed the need of the hour. The plan would be to showcase content and integrate consumer engagement activities in the form of a web/app and cater to the requirements of people.

The content showcased would be powered by domain experts, which would give the product credibility and authenticity in the vast ecosystem of various products in the market around the same genre. Along with the products, we would also cater services to global clientele’ and try and launch their products in India as well and execute great PR/ Branding Plans for them. This indeed would help us make the Indian market have more international brands and help us connect them to their potential users.

Is there any new addition to the list of products/services? Anything exciting you would like to share?

The new addition would surely be building new interactive consumer platforms around health and education and promoting the same globally. These platforms would help consumers to attain the right content and connect with experts at the same time and have authentic information along with consultancy and self-evaluation. Learning, information, fun, and attaining knowledge, all would be taken care of in less than one domain. 

How has technology transformed the traditional way of business?

Technology surely has been the backbone of our business and the traditional ways have taken a backseat because of the growing digital markets. For Example, E-com is a growing industry than shopping in stores, every person/brand is now looking at a website to showcase their portfolio instead of having a file showcasing their work. These are just a few examples, but the growing tech world surely is changing our lifestyle and the business promotion mechanism overall.

What do you think are the responsibilities of an entrepreneur?

Responsibilities of an entrepreneur are according to me are:

– Be a  part of a team, and not only focus on leading the team.

– Believe in yourself, only then would someone believe in your actions or your vision.

– Be a motivator

– An Entrepreneur needs to be determined, be positive, and focused.

– Follow your passion, and make dreams come true.

Can you please brief us about your professional experience?

I, Ashmita Dhingra have done an MSC in Media Management and my area of interest has always been communication and marketing. I hold experience of 10 years in the field of media and marketing. Started my journey in a PR agency, worked with a Celeb management organization, and then started working for branding and marketing in a content company known as Hungama Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. Post the same I handled the account of Airtel as a brand manager with Seven three rockers and also took care of digital campaigns of IPL and led sales in Aircel for cricket related VAS products.

Post which, Ashmita and her business partner (Mr. Sandeep Banger) started a Digital organization, looking into the industry scenario and also grabbing the opportunity at the right time to thrive upon the knowledge both had around consumer behavior and requirements. Since Digifish3 started, I have a part of promoting many brands and giving them their right audience. Branding is my core forte, and strategy, content, and creative uniqueness are my strengths.

What are the key achievements of your entrepreneurial journey?

Key achievements of my entrepreneurial journey are:

–    Connecting with the start-up ecosystem, which is indeed vast and catering to them with customized solutions.

–    Bagging awards like “ Brand of the year” and “ Entrepreneur of the year” in 2018.

–    Attaining International clientele’ and taking care of their brand requisites in the very early phase of my career.

–    Making a name in the Industry as brand builders or a dolphin that dives deep into a brand and nurtures the same.

–    The biggest achievement has been client belief and satisfaction.

How do you look after your employees? What makes your team unique?

We work as a team and do not believe that any sort of experience is less. Everyone has their set of learnings and way to look at things. It helps us give a broader perspective. Every employee is incentivized according to the role they are in. This keeps them thinking out of the box and chasing their goals and dreams. Regular Recreational breaks are something that we look forward to always. Our team is unique, as they have the freedom to speak and share ideas and implement the same for growth in their career as well as the organization, which indeed is lacking in today’s professional scenario.

According to you, what are the basic factors that businesses in the digital landscape should focus on to get better results?

Businesses need to evolve with the changing work environment, and to attain better results a few things need focus:

–    Goal needs to be fixed, with milestones attached to achieve them.

–    Keep the work environment very light and do not let stress overpower the creative mindset.

–    Conceptualise and implement strategies post deep understanding and research about the client and its competition.

–    Take feedbacks seriously, as that helps improve work and the outcome is better.

–    Do not run behind quantity, thrive for a better quality of work.

One person who you admire the most?

There are many when it comes to admiring. I have always liked the working style of my father. If there was work he had to deliver, he would not hesitate to deliver that, even if it meant a lot of sleepless nights or less family time, etc. When it comes to working, I admire the working style of my business partner Mr. Sandeep Banger. He is surely a visionary and the major motivation/ mind behind starting Digifish3.

He is a powerhouse of energy but a man of few words. His close network knows him and people acquainted envy his thoughts of working on things before time and having the knack to understand consumer behavior. He is a pure business mind with great ideas. A great human and an amazing partner to work with. I have learned a lot as a person from him. He is a person I admire along with people in my family, as I learn from them every day and the work ethics surely come from them.

Which is the most inspiring quote you have read?

Ans: I believe the words said by. I completely believe in this quote and that’s what inspires me as well. I would want to be recalled as someone who people have worked with and are contented with what has been delivered to them. The long term association with my clients and their references is surely an inspiration for me to work harder. We would like Digifish3 to be known in the vast Digital Ocean, as a Dolphin giving great results and is brand driven catering customized and consumer-friendly solutions.

 It’s a rat-race out there. How do you cope with that?

Ans: It surely is a rat race, and brands around us are in a constant dilemma of which agency to choose and who would be beneficial for the growth of their company. We @ digifish3 were never and would never want to be a part of that rat race. We have our uniqueness and strengths, and we constantly work on that and try and fine-tune them. Branding, Mobile Marketing, and Campaigns are our forte. We assist brands in conceptualizing and implementing strategies well suited for them and their consumers and do not offer the general genre-based approach like other agencies. We collaborate with brands who are looking at an edgy campaign and strategy which is different yet acceptable by the audience. 

 “Never start a business just to make money. Start a business to make a difference”

Marie Forleo

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