Auden Digital – Digital Pioneers Empowering Marketing through Data Analytics

Auden Digital

Auden Digital – Digital Pioneers Empowering Marketing through Data Analytics

The year of 2020 witnessed a spike in the growth of many companies and start-ups, despite the problems and hurdles that the pandemic threw at them. These innovative companies not only coped but thrived, adapting to the many changes in the global business landscape and implementing strategies that not only drove overall growth, but also impressed the market and people’s perception towards them.

One of the most impressive areas is the evolution of the digital form of marketing and promotion strategies. While this form of marketing and promotional strategy has been a staple of the marketing industry, the year 2020 created a major change and revolution as this service was combined with UI/UX and author automation techniques to provide maximum target audience reach. It also brought forth a large scale of awareness and promotion regarding the products/services that digital automation offers. Thus, digital marketing has truly brought new and unique possibilities to the marketing industry as a whole and has drastically changed the way we look to and perceive marketing strategies and techniques.

Auden Digital is one such innovative company, landing as a one of the top five most innovative agencies in 2021. A leading name when it comes to providing digital marketing solutions, their level and standards of service are truly unique when it comes to providing an unparalleled and exceptional experience to their clients. Auden Digital’s services are tailor-made to their client’s needs and demands, and have one of the best-in-class solutions in their industry.

Their clients speak highly of their highly skilled and expert team that has extensive knowledge in the field of marketing, and are always up to date with the latest changes in trends and techniques. All this not only makes them a leading name in the field of Digital Marketing, but also differentiates them from the competition in the market- making them one of the best service providers in the Digital Marketing industry.

The journey of Auden Digital to success

Auden Digital is an industry-leading inbound digital marketing agency that helps companies grow their businesses by leveraging modern technology and data. They not only excel in using innovative techniques and technology in the areas of user experience, marketing automation, analytics, and more, but have helped increase ROI and engagement for companies in the US and abroad while freeing up their internal resources to keep companies at the top of their industry. 

The journey of a successful company is full of hurdles and opportunities related to decisions and functions. Auden Digital entered the enterprise world with challenges ahead of them as a start up. It took several years for them to have the volume of case studies and validation of their services to secure the strategic partnerships necessary to grow into larger organizations. Knowing that you can deliver value to a company and being able to demonstrate it with past success is very different, and having created this same technology for other companies did not initially have the same weight as having created it for themselves.

It took time for them to prove their worth, but that time enabled them to hone their processes and offerings that now enable them to scale efficiently for the needs of their clients at any stage. All this not only strengthened their hold in their field but also gave them the long-standing respect and loyalty of their clients.

Auden Digital transforms the Digital Marketing space by providing truly unique and impeccable solutions, which combine ground-breaking data analytics with UX/UI services.

When COVID-19 began affecting economies and shutting down businesses, they faced a decision: sell and be safe, or go head-first into the storm and scale. With strategic guidance and help from their mentors and partners, they decided to take this challenge head-on. As a company, putting all their efforts into helping businesses adapt and overcome the challenges faced by the global economy and helping streamline business operations for their clients. As a result, they witnessed an exceptional growth of the company and the world of marketing automation, and are thrilled to have taken innovative approaches to new challenges in the marketing world. 

Auden Digital is a rapidly growing company. In March of 2020, the agency had 6 in-house personnel. Leveraging their offerings and strategic hires that have brought in world-class service, the agency has grown over 400% by January of 2021. Through their partnership with Databox, they have developed custom data dashboards for our clients to give them a 360-degree view of their marketing and sales efforts. 

Services offered and factors differentiating them from the competition

Auden Digital transforms the Digital Marketing space by providing truly unique and impeccable solutions, which combine ground-breaking data analytics with UX/UI services. Auden Digital provides premier, customized inbound marketing services that remove the friction between audiences and companies. Utilizing premier technology and cutting-edge marketing strategies, Auden Digital leverages innovative automation with a human touch to free company capacity that allows businesses to streamline their interaction with customers for a better ROI.

From web design and development, search engine optimization, marketing automation, data dashboards and analytics, content marketing and customized engagement strategy, Auden Digital provides a comprehensive suite of services for enterprise companies that are scalable for the needs of each individual client. 

Seeing a need in the market or an unsolved problem is the inspiration the Auden Digital’s team builds upon to develop new products and services based around inbound marketing. As a data-driven marketing agency that is passionate about reducing friction between man and machine, they are always looking for ways to improve experiences for clients and even the world at large. This innovative approach leads to creating cutting-edge technologies and solutions that make for a better, more efficient experience for all of everyone while freeing up time for human interaction that matters the most. 

As digital pioneers, Auden Digital has been leveraging remote work long before it became a cultural necessity.

As Auden Digital continues to add incredible innovators to their world-renowned digital marketing team, they are consistently pushing their services and capabilities to new heights. They are expanding and adding to the breadth of their solutions which in many ways can help companies engage with their customers on a more intuitive level. Auden Digital now offers a premier level of customized website analytics and data dashboards at your fingertips, allowing you to adjust tactics and strategy at a moment’s notice- all based on measurable KPIs.

In addition to personalized engagement strategy and content marketing services, they now also offer social media strategy and management that correlates with your inbound marketing strategy, resulting in a comprehensive road map for in-depth engagement with your audience. They have also introduced cutting-edge software and UI/UX that is truly integrating technology with psychology to provide the ultimate experience with brands.

Lastly, they are also developing some truly trailblazing offerings that give roadmaps for other

agencies and companies to scale their business utilizing technology and data. As a company deeply invested in their peers and human interaction, this is their way of helping others reach new stages of success.

Auden Digital’s work culture

As digital pioneers, they have been leveraging remote work long before it became a cultural necessity. As a result, their company culture focuses on creating connections across technology (it’s what they do as a profession after all). Their employees are encouraged to spend time with their families, to take vacations, and pursue their passions. They believe in knowing each other, and their clients, on an interpersonal level.

They love seeing updates on their team’s kids, applauding their personal successes, and sharing in the unique gifts that make Auden Digital’s team truly world-class creatives. As a company, and as individuals, they are passionate about pouring into the people and the landscape around them to leave the world a better place. Whether it’s mentorship, veteran support, animal rescue, or ecological impact, their company and employees are giving of their time and treasure to create a better tomorrow, today. 

Factors that make Auden Digital unique

Team – They consistently seek out the best in the industry, and specifically focus on culture fit. As an inbound digital marketing agency, team members have to be nimble, adaptive, curious, and passionate about what they do. They find that while raw skills are certainly important, the desire to challenge the status quo, step in to lead or help others when needed, and ultimately deliver a phenomenal experience to both their clients and peers, ultimately driving their success. 

Innovation – Technology is constantly evolving, and so are they. As an agency, they are always on the cutting edge of advancements in both the digital realm and intangible marketing. Auden Digital is committed to consistently pushing the boundaries to create better experiences, smarter and more intuitive automation and AI, and game-changing marketing strategies that resonate with audiences of all industries.

The leader behind Auden Digital

Auden Digital is truly unique when it comes to their services and team, as is the man leading them. Fuelling the overall growth of the company and overseeing client satisfaction, is the CEO at Auden Digital, Alex Leybovich. Alex spent 16 years in digital marketing, developing solutions for Keller Williams, the Department of Labour, Accruent, and others. Throughout his career, he dedicated his time to reducing the friction between man and machine – focusing on the problems that modern technology created in interpersonal communications, and removing them for a better user experience on all fronts.

Coming from an enterprise tech background, he knew that what he was building and what he had to offer was not only effective but revolutionary for the companies he was assisting. The pinnacle of that came in 2020 when 9- and 10-figure companies started looking to Auden Digital for solutions to problems they had yet to solve. 

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