LeadG2 – Innovating Inbound Marketing and Sales Enablement Solutions


LeadG2 – Innovating Inbound Marketing and Sales Enablement Solutions

The past year had its fair share of ups and downs, as businesses and start-ups adopted and modified their strategies and approach to overcome the hurdles, it created a whole lot of opportunities for new things and new possibilities. As work and promotion of products/services shifted to online, this not only created hurdles but also opened up possibilities for new methodologies and strategies to be used for the promotion and marketing of products/services but also spreading awareness about them to the targeted audience and market as a whole.

As customers shifted to the online mode of buying, and most of the time spent by people shifted to the internet, online promotion and marketing strategies like content marketing, blogging, etc. became highly-effective and the new normal. Sales-Enablement and CRM are very important aspects that affects a company’s capability to launch their product into the hearts of customers with the available resources. Thus, Sales-Enablement and CRM are highly-important as they directly affect the sales, revenue and overall development of a company.

LeadG2 is one of the pioneers in providing solutions for inbound marketing and sales enablement-related objectives that a company aims for in their journey. LeadG2 provides highly-efficient, standardized, and scalable solutions to make sure the client’s needs are fulfilled, exceeding their expectations and delivered with quality and assurance. Their services and high levels of customer satisfaction not only make them a leading pioneer in the Business Consulting space but also highly sought after as their name and reputation stand among one of the best in the achieving sales performance results and revenue growth for their clients.

LeadG2 The Agency

LeadG2 is a sales performance agency. They have been helping businesses drive revenue with the use of inbound marketing and sales enablement tactics since 2012. They are a proud HubSpot Diamond Partner and pride themselves on using the best tools to help their clients succeed. Their team is highly-skilled and expert, comprised of smart and talented people that are passionate about creating sales results for their partners.

Their journey began as a start-up within an established company, focused on providing B2B professional services. Thus, giving LeadG2’s team, decades of experience and hold in the market, making them one of the best teams with thorough industry knowledge and impeccable service standards. 

LeadG2’s success and reputation in the industry and the market are credited to its people and their culture.

LeadG2 and its management team feel getting the right people in the right roles at their company has greatly accelerated the company’s growth. They are ready to scale up and deliver the highest quality of services and drive results, and to have the best people who feel utilized, challenged and passionate about what they do. 

LeadG2’s success and reputation in the industry and the market are credited to its people and their culture. Despite of being a remote company with less in-person meetings, their core values – Quality, Integrity, and Responsiveness – are a part of everything they do and the decisions they make. LeadG2 is incomplete without its people, and thus, they ensure focusing on creating a culture that ensures the whole team knows and feels that. 

For the first couple of years, LeadG2 saw fantastic growth, but then they hit a natural plateau as they became more consistent year-over-year for about 3 years. They did not stand down, and the team took this opportunity to perfect their systems, organizational structure, and the services they offer. For the last few years, they have been hitting growth benchmarks and are pacing for 2021 to be another record year. They are especially proud of their retention rate which has been consistently around or above the 80% mark. In 2020 alone, it was 86% – and this reflects LeadG2 and its team’s commitment to driving results and superior customer service.

Services offered and how they differentiate from the competition in the market.

They provide inbound and outbound sales results for the organizations they work with. They do this with two specific – but usually very integrated – strategies:

  • Inbound Marketing – LeadG2 creates and promotes educational, helpful, and relevant content and ongoing thought leadership to drive the attention of prospects to a brand. They use a variety of tactics including content marketing and blogging, SEO, social media, email marketing, video, marketing automation and more to help drive traffic and sales qualified leads.
  • Sales Enablement – This is all about helping sellers sell smarter and sell faster. Sales-enablement is made up of having the right strategy, content, technology, and training so they can set their clients up to compete and succeed. Services around this include building custom Sales Playbooks, CRM set-up and training, and sales enablement tools and training.

Their services are a class apart from the competition in the market due to the following:

LeadG2 and its roots in sales.

Their parent company, The Center for Sales Strategy (CSS), has been helping sales organizations turn talent into performance for almost 40 years. They are obsessed with ROI and have the experience to deliver sales results because they have done it over a long span of years with countless satisfied clients.

LeadG2 has been where others are.

More than a decade ago, when CSS needed to grow and diversify, how it generated new business, the team turned to inbound marketing and found huge success after launching their sales strategy blog. Once the team mastered the art of using thought leadership content for successful lead generation, they launched LeadG2 so they could help businesses do the same thing. 

LeadG2 understands the changing needs and demands of their customers and integrates what they learn and discover into their services, dominating the Consulting Business space by always being one step ahead, with the latest trends, technology, and best practices. Things change so quickly in the digital marketing world, and LeadG2’s team is regularly learning and having these conversations to be on top of the best ways to drive sales results and revenue growth for their partners. 

Beyond their core inbound marketing services, they are also proud of their sales enablement services, especially the Sales Playbook. This is a very strategic and customized deliverable that they believe every organization needs – no matter the size of their sales force. 

LeadG2 takes the services offered ahead with a mix of listening to their clients and their evolving needs and frailty and focusing on being one step ahead of the trends, technology, and best practices.

The leadership at LeadG2

A company is not complete without its team, and a team is incomplete without a sound and apt leader, and thus at LeadG2, the leadership plays a crucial role as the company’s overall performance and growth is dependent on it. We got the opportunity to interview VP/General Manager of LeadG2, Dani Buckley.

She comes from a background in radio where her career started while she was still in college. After graduation, she moved from the marketing department to sales, spending a handful of years selling radio and digital advertising (where she was a client of The Center for Sales Strategy (CSS), and she honed her skills as a salesperson. In an effort to transition more to the consulting side and work in a more holistic environment where marketing and sales is aligned, she focused her learnings and development on everything related to content marketing, lead generation, website development, SEO, social media marketing, and sales enablement. 

Shortly after Matt Sunshine, Managing Partner at CSS, launched the LeadG2 brand, she was brought on board as a Consultant. Beyond serving their clients, she played a major role in helping develop the focus of the agency and the services LeadG2 offered. In 2016, she was promoted to General Manager and most recently to Vice President in 2020. LeadG2’s team has been able to grow their performance agency to be one of the top inbound marketing agencies and HubSpot partners in the world!

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