Best Performing Microsoft Solution Providers To Watch - 2022

Best Performing Microsoft Solution Providers To Watch - 2022 features,

Covalense Global: Covalense Global is a Unique Digital Transformation & Enterprise Solutions company, offering future-ready solutions and superior customer experiences! They have been working for the past 16+ years, in building platforms, end-to-end product development, designing and delivering innovative solutions, and offering managed services & niche consulting for customers globally.

Their mission is to enable customers to achieve business growth through the right technologies. Covalense Global is a well-diversified, highly competent, and motivated group working cohesively to deliver effective solutions to organizations of varied sizes and businesses including many Fortune 500 companies globally. 

Their business operations across geographies are ably supported by 6 development centers in India, the USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore & New Zealand. Their work is spread across a broad range of industries, including Beverages, Banking & Financial Services, Education, Energy, Engineering, FMCG, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, Media & Entertainment, Technology, Telecommunications, Travel & Hospitality, and Logistics.

Covalense focuses on highly customized software services, innovative solutions, and building platforms, and products for customers globally starting with innovative start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

They believe in building long-term partnerships with clients. They work with several large brands and enterprises globally along with smart IP players across different domains. Their strong focus lies in future-ready solutions and recommending the right technologies that suit their client’s unique needs, business models, and budgets.

Z-Ware: Z-Ware is a software company specializing in IT Services and Consulting, specifically: web technologies, digital design, user experience, full-stack engineering, knowledge sharing, collaboration, business process optimization, mobility solutions, and custom software development.

In addition, they also specialize in integration and middleware technology, business process/workflow modeling, and analytics. So whether you require a complete end-to-end solution or just looking for a little patchwork, Z Ware is here for you.

With Z Ware’s base of operations in Melbourne and teams available in most major capital cities in Australia, Z Ware can service a wide range of client needs and locations.

They design, build and create bespoke, custom, one-of-a-kind software platforms. They aim to develop based on their partner’s needs. So if they have a problem to solve, some magic to create, or need extra resourcing and support for their in-house development team, Z Ware and its team are their people.

They are a highly motivated, passionate team dedicated to ensuring their partners are geared up with the best solution for their business. They also offer training and education. Z Ware offers professional IT Services & Consulting. Whether trusted to entirely deliver their partner’s vision for their product/solution or simply supplementing their internal teams with Z Ware team members, they aim to help establish best practices and drive delivery.

Z Ware provides services through four distinct channels, which allow them to tailor the engagement experience for that segment:

  • Development – IT services and consulting for corporate and SME partners. Providing tailored software development and consulting services, Z Ware’s team of highly dedicated, creative, and motivated individuals provide the best possible outcome for their partners’ requirements.
  • Government – IT services, consulting, and labor-hire for Government agencies and organizations.

Government departments require highly tailored solutions, trusted support, modernization, best practices, and sustainable development models. Z Ware has the experience and expertise to support a wide range of government projects, including short- and long-term skilled resourcing.

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