Covalense – Demystifying the Future!

Covalense Global - Demystifying the Future! | Narayana Peesapati

Microsoft solutions are one of the fastest-growing requirements in today’s digital era. The IT industry has everyone’s attention owing to the latest interventions like AI, ML, etc. It is evident it’s the era of futuristic technologies and innovations. But to reach their companies require trusted and reliable software solutions that meet their diverse, specific, and intricate needs.

Covalense Global is a Unique Digital Transformation & Enterprise Solutions company, offering future-ready solutions and superior customer experiences! They have been working for the past 16+ years, in building platforms, end-to-end product development, designing and delivering innovative solutions, and offering managed services & niche consulting for customers globally. Their mission is to enable customers to achieve business growth through the right technologies. 

Simplifying Complexities – Covalense Global

Covalense Global is a well-diversified, highly competent, and motivated group working cohesively to deliver effective solutions to organizations of varied sizes and businesses including many Fortune 500 companies globally. 

Their business operations across geographies are ably supported by 6 development centers in India, the USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore & New Zealand. Their work is spread across a broad range of industries, including Beverages, Banking & Financial Services, Education, Energy, Engineering, FMCG, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, Media & Entertainment, Technology, Telecommunications, Travel & Hospitality, and Logistics.

What triggers the growth and establishes the long-standing success of Covalense Global?

Covalense has witnessed a healthy and steady growth trajectory over its 16 + years of journey. A major part of their growth comes from organic marketing and strategies. A huge add-on to their growth is owed to their exemplary and diverse portfolio of services, and technologies, across multiple domains and customers, globally spread in different geographies.

Another factor to their phenomenal growth is Covalense and its team’s understanding of the market and that every client has unique and varied requirements. This can only be fulfilled by creating something that is carved to each client’s needs and problems. They solely focused on creating trust and establishing long-term partnerships than running after short-term goals and projects.

What establishes their dominant position in the market and long-standing success is their laser focus on long-term vision, customer centricity, commitment, and strong values. They have a team of industry experts who are dedicated, energetic, and always striving for innovation and excellence. 

Covalense Global is dedicated to maximizing the value of enterprises by adding intelligence to processes, products, services, and ideas and creating extraordinary customer experiences!

Service Proposition of Covalense Global

Covalense focuses on highly customized software services, innovative solutions, building platforms, and products for customers globally starting with innovative start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. 

They believe in building long-term partnerships with clients. They work with several large brands and enterprises globally along with smart IP players across different domains. Their strong focus lies in future-ready solutions and recommending the right technologies that suit their client’s unique needs, business models, and budgets.

Covalense Global’s portfolio of services:

  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Digital Transformation & Legacy Modernisation
  • AI & Advanced Analytics
  • Enterprise Data Management
  • Product Engineering
  • Quality Engineering
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Managed Services

What sets Covalense Global and their services apart?

Covalense offers unique & highly customized solutions that are futuristic and easily scalable with the client’s growth. They are a people-focused, customer-centric organization that is committed to long-term partnerships.

They believe that customers look for reliable partners who can understand their business and come up with IT solutions that suit their unique requirements. Covalense Global and its team dedicate themselves to exceeding expectations, ensuring their solutions are aligned to their client’s long-term road maps and strategic objectives that enable their business growth.

The team is perfectly capable and experienced at understanding the business needs of clients, training their teams, and retaining the knowledge to deliver Value added deliveries and Value Ops to their clients. They value long-term partnerships. 

Covalense Global builds, designs, and deploys precise, innovative, and holistic solutions while working as trusted development partners with teams and clients!

New additions to Covalense Global’s service lineup?

Covalense Global aims to make agile, future-ready solutions that meet the needs of today and requirements of tomorrow. They are constantly improving, evolving, and innovating to become a large player in the data science solutions and modernization space.

One of their latest offerings is – ‘Data COE & Digital platform Modernizations’

In the next 5 years, they aim to meet the market demands on a global scale and emerge among the leading solutions providers in data science solutions and modernization space.

Foundation of Covalense Global

Covalense Global is known globally for its unique and best-in-class Microsoft solutions. It is made possible by its team of highly experienced and expert personnel, highly customized service offerings, their command on the latest trends and technology, and their highly respected position in the market as the leaders of the space.

All this would not have been possible without an equally versatile and eccentric leader. One who is an expert in the field but is also a charismatic personality, a nurturing team player, and a dignified leader.

Narayana Peesapati is the Founder and Managing Director of Covalense Global.

Narayana founded Covalense in 2006 to establish a trusted IT services organization recognized worldwide for its services, long-lasting business relationship, and commitment to clients.

With an impeccable track record of consistent growth through delighted repeat customers, Covalense has expanded its global footprint across 18 geographies under his admirable leadership. He is highly respected for his transparency by customers, his amicable leadership style by the employees, and his astute business acumen by the investors.

Narayana steers the strategy of the organization with his technical excellence, he is highly admired for his amazing strength in empowering teams associated with him and his strong belief in their ability to deliver results.

“It has been a great journey so far. Winning accolades, earning the trust and respect of our customers, teams, partners, and associates, and being able to serve as a trusted development partner globally gives me immense pride. It has been a great learning experience and I enjoyed every bit of it. I am honored working with wonderful clients for the past 28+ years of my professional journey”, Narayana adds.

Narayana’s thoughts on the responsibilities of an entrepreneur?

When I started my entrepreneurial journey, I listed the below as my responsibilities:

  • Building a reliable IT solutions company 
  • Social Wealth Creation
  • CSR

I always felt that being able to deliver solutions that benefit societies and communities is my core responsibility. Working for a better world has always been my motto. Bringing prosperity and spreading happiness every minute of my life is my purpose. 

I always opine that Entrepreneurs should work on their core strengths and deliver solutions and products that are always futuristic, and sustainable, and help customers achieve business growth. Never give up and keep on enjoying every part of the journey to continue for long innings! Always ensure that your organizational goals, your team’s orientation, and your long-term vision contribute to making a better world together!

Work culture and the team of Covalense Global?

Covalense Global, its management, and leadership believe in nurturing, innovating, and delivering with good team spirit. They ensure every team member is involved & meaningfully participates to the best of their abilities. 

The work environment ensures everyone has a voice and can freely share their opinion. This along with great mentoring by the leadership, and constant opportunities to grow personally and professionally, pushes the team to take pride in their work and go the extra mile while crafting and delivering unique solutions.

“Since the beginning, my core strength has been oriented towards building trustworthy, reliable, and competent teams. I always considered myself accountable for their professional and personal growth. I believe in working with all as an extended family. I value teamwork, commitment to customers, and strong ethics. I practice flat hierarchy as it enables everyone to grow, innovate, and lead.” – Narayana Peesapati, Founder and Managing Director, Covalense Global

Covalense Global is among the Top 20 wonderful workplaces to shape your career. 

They are Great Places to work certified. Covalense Global continually ensures that teams work for a better world, for a better community, and the greater good of all! 

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.”  – Steve Jobs

Is there any special experience with your clients you would like to highlight?

Yes, I have had many special experiences with my clients. One recent one is a customer of mine with whom I have worked years ago, who called me up and said “Narayana, the product that you had built for me 19 years ago was amazing & grew massively with your support. I want to develop another large-scale platform for 3 continents – Europe, Australia & New Zealand. Are you interested in working with me & my team once again”?

There was another large FMCG company client, a multi-billion dollar MNC, who said “Narayana, for the past 16+ years, I have seen you delivering amazing solutions with teams whom I know and worked closely with for over a decade. What is the formula for retaining such a bright and energetic team? They are as reliable as you and pick up calls even at wee hours with confidence and calmness in their working style” This statement brought tears into my eyes and made me feel that I was blessed with great customers and amazing teams.

Narayana’s take on the competition in the market and how he handles it?

If you love what you are doing, it is never a rat -race. Having clarity in thought, percolating the same to the team, and focussing on the greater good of humanity gives a huge sense of purpose and keeps us well settled and calm.

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