“Everyone has a Purpose and Ideas to Make the World a Better Place,” says Betsy Wiersma.

Betsy Wiersma - A Visionary leader

In each business, a group of individuals works together to achieve a common goal. Whether it may be a small business or a big one, it needs an effective leader to find paths, motivate and guide the activities to achieve objectives. Such a passionate leader motivates the employees, works with them in every manner, and achieves the goals of the organization. There is no exaggeration that no other aspect is as important to any business as efficient leadership.

Betsy Wiersma is one such visionary leader on a mission to transform the lives of many through her businesses and is the true motivation for budding entrepreneurs. 

In an interview with Betsy Wiersma, Founder of Wiersma Experience Marketing and Creator at CampExperience™ Network, Betsy Wiersma shared her journey throughout and her views on current business scenarios across the world.

Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey: 

Betsy Wiersma began her event production and sponsorship “empire” with the Junior float in her hometown of Indianapolis, IN. Betsy Wiersma saw that she had a captive audience of 100 students and Dairy Queen had the dipped cones and Buster Bars (this was in 1977 before Blizzards!), Betsy Wiersma did her first “deal” with Dairy Queen donating money for creating our Homecoming Parade Float, and Betsy Wiersma distributed free Dairy Queen “float” coupons. Everyone was happy and my first example of ROI: Return on Ideas was born!

I am my dad’s daughter and an organizer like my dear mom (God rest her soul). My dad is a life-long entrepreneur and never gave up on his dreams. I learned to innovate, share the vision, gather my allies, co-create solutions, raise the money for the project, do it with style and rinse and repeat.  And that Process on Purpose has worked for me for over 45 years in business. I thrive on the possible…and I believe what I teach:

  • Everyone has a purpose and ideas to make the world a better place.
  • We are all “in this together” and can help each other.
  • The journey is the destination…. enjoy the E-Ticket ride!

The road is long, but I am never afraid. I just listen to my gut, look for opportunities and innovate! This journey has inspired me to do work in the world that I brand Do Good & Have Fun.  

My Leadership Style is Service with Style. Here is the Backstory

On March 21, 1983, Betsy Wiersma was at college and late on a snowy Saturday night, seven college Seniors from Purdue University went snowmobiling. Betsy Wiersma knows looking back is not the most “adult” idea. Tragic long story short, they had a terrible accident, and her friend sitting with me on the sled was killed and Betsy Wiersma was in 21 days of intensive care with multiple injuries.

When Betsy Wiersma looked through the bandages, She knew her life had changed forever. Not only my physical life and life-long rehabilitation, but my entire being had shifted. Betsy Wiersma knew she was spared for a Life on Purpose and that every day is a gift.  This is the fuel to every day that she is blessed to be here to serve her team, her Network, and her clients.

So, my leadership advice is to let go of the “way” you are supposed to be, and You Be your best YOU!  Enjoy the wild ride of business and the opportunities that await with a Be Possible attitude and belief you can. And surround yourself with allies that will love and support your journey.

The Betsy Wiersma Experience Marketing portfolio looks like this:

  • The CampExperience™ Network in Denver, CO USA that for 16 years has gathered women for “Good.”  Together we have raised over $1 million for charities in Colorado and around the world while lifting and growing the “Sisters” and their businesses.
  • Global Sisterhood Network is the expansion of the CampExperience™ Network in Colorado for all women in the world that enjoy our outreach, podcasts, and events.
  • A Global Sisterhood Podcast Network and my flagship brand Boost Power Podcast.  This media tells stories for people to Plug Into Uplift and get Inspired.
  • Art On Purpose inspirational products, my book The STEW: Smart Talk Exceptional Women https://campexperience.com/the-stew and our new global online course MOVE Ideas into Action www.MoveIdeasIntoAction.com

What makes Betsy Wiersma unique?

All of our products and services are built to be easily accessible, to deliver education, inspiration, and the connections you need for life and business.  We grow as people have outstanding experiences and then refer their clients and friends.  And we pride ourselves on high energy, a positive “can do” environment, and having fun.

Charity Focus is Our Differential!

One thing different about our organization is that we use the process of philanthropy as a business and personal development tool.  Over the 16 years, we have partnered with large organizations like our Mile High United Way in Denver and small organizations like the Sock It To Em Sock Campaign.  In each partnership, we look for a specific project or group we can make a difference for and ways to engage our volunteers. 

We have larger global partners of Imani Collective https://imanicollective.com/ and Threads Worldwide https://threadsworldwide.com and we promote their good works and buy goods to support the women they serve.  Our smaller global partners are SITEAW, Inc.Shifting Ideas Through Education for African Women where we fund opportunities for young girls who have been or are being oppressed by traditions in their ethnic groups. Some of these women are circumcised and married off at a tender age, others are raped, trafficked, or sold into slavery.   https://www.siteawinc.org

There are so many examples of Doing Good and Having Fun.  One of my favorites was 1000 Acts of Peace in September of 2019.  We gathered donations of more than 20,000 items of shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, floss, toothpaste, combs, sanitized wipes, Kleenex, a bottle of water, and a Luna bar.  Then 130 ladies assembled 1000 knapsacks in 2 hours, loaded them onto busses, and delivered the donations to the Mayor of Colorado Springs, Colorado, to gift to agencies that served people experiencing homelessness.  

The process of partnering has elevated the stature of our CampExperience™ Network organization, attracted new members, and kept the loyalty of current members.  Our focus on helping others rates high in surveys about organization interest and market reputation.  We have developed a style of “sisterhood by choice” in that we treat each other as family and treat others as our own.  Our community involvement generates positive energy, publicity, and more opportunities for our members and sponsors. 

How did the 2020 Pandemic turn out to be a blessing for your team?

My team is nimble, talented, and energetic.  In 2020, we reimagined our organization to meet the confinements of the global pandemic.  Weirdly, the “stay at home” was an expansion for us.  In this time, I was able to get 62 amazing women to write 1000-word essays for our book the STEW: Smart Talk Exceptional Women and I had time to create 100 new pieces of my mixed-media art.

In “normal life” the co-authors would have never had the time to say YES to this huge project and my team and I would have been “too busy” for the project. When would I ever have time to make 100 pieces of art from my heart?  

In 2020 we also expanded our podcast network to serve disconnected women and took our monthly networking events online.  Now we have international participation, and we are growing!  We also attracted in these expanded online events our new lead staff member who finally “had the time” to connect to our organization.

What is the reason behind your long-standing success?

The Secret Sauce in Every Idea

The Secret Sauce about all of these ideas that I would share with the world…I made them up!  I saw a need, checked in with my talents and interests, and what the heck…just did it!

I call it “See It to Be It” and it is part of my Process on Purpose that I teach.

My philosophy in business is “match not sell.”  That means you (your company, product, or service) be the best you and put that offer in the world with STYLE!  Then you match the offer to the best customers and partners for HUGE success and an energized process of getting there!

What the future holds?

Global Good and Brand NEW MOVE Ideas Into Action Global Course. Betsy Wiersma was so excited to launch my style of uplifting inspiration and to teach the Process on Purpose that Betsy Wiersma has used for 40 years in business to manifest and grow every idea.  Now people around the globe have a simple system to end the frustration of being stuck and to use Betsy Wiersma’s exercises to MOVE every idea.  

In these online classes and global retreats, we will gather the biggest dreamers and Big Idea Thinkers to share the fun of the ride.  And then stories from some of my best entrepreneurs plus my inspirational art is in my book The STEW: Smart Talk Exceptional Women.  All of these products are fueled by the Global Sisterhood Podcast Network as we continue to tell the inspirational stories of possibility.  This plan for the support of other and their ideas makes for a bright and adventure-filled future.   www.MoveIdeasIntoAction.com

Can you tell us which your favorite book is? 

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. Every day there is a message I need to hear.

One person who you admire the most?    

My dad Cliff Wiersma who made a rich life for us all from his dreams and hard work

Whose business story do you find the most inspiring?  

Any wild entrepreneur with a Big Idea!

Constant vigilance- a need or a strategy? 

Vision and passion and just keep winning.

It’s a rat race out there. How do you cope with that?

Betsy Wiersma does not believe in “cutthroat” competition or bidding wars where we win or lose. You be you and do your gig your way.  You will have the right clients and the right opportunities when you stretch to serve BIG!

She Believed She Could. And You Can Too!

“There are only two ways to live your life.  One is though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle”

Albert Einstein

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