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Studio Astrid – Adding New Dimensions to the Architectural and Interior Designing Sector

Difficult journeys often lead to beautiful destinations. And having one such trajectory of life, Bhawna Khanna, from being a dreamer to a market leader in the architecture and interior designing field, is one such inspirational example for many budding designers out there.

Since her school days, Bhawna was highly fascinated with the beauty of tall standing buildings and beautiful structures. That’s exactly the time when an innovative, out-of-the-box thinker rose in the landscape of architecture. However, before a happy ending, there is always a plot-twist that makes the story even more interesting.

While she was pursuing her Bachelor’s in Architecture, the recession hit the world and made things pretty difficult for the freshers to get a job. But what makes you weak also makes you stronger. Many obstacles tried to put her down but she bounced back higher every time. 

After her graduation, Bhawna got a job in an architecture firm but that was not the last stop for her indeed. One day, while coming back home from work, Bhawna thought that something was missing in her career; there was a lot that she hadn’t explored yet. “Am I just meant to draft designs and follow the same old patterns for every project?” she asked herself and the answer was “No”. 

After tossing all night on her bed, a new morning came with a new goal for her – to start her designing studio, where she can experiment with designs and spaces. Even for her family, it was hard to believe in her as for a newly graduated architecture student with no contacts in the field it would have been difficult to get business.

A place called home is a dream for many, and Bhawna believes that it is every person’s right to make a dream place that speaks for them and gives them peace and happiness. And, to transform those dreams into reality, the Architect incepted Studio Astrid in Delhi that offers the most unique architectural and interior designing consultation. With over 6 years of expertise in the field, Studio Astrid amalgamates their practical approach to manage space and the big dream lists of its clients to make their dreams come true. 

Success isn’t overnight. It’s when every day you get a little better than the day before. It all adds up.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Cutting through the Complexities 

To chisel a beautiful statue, you first need to hit the rock, which is what counts! Similarly, when starting a venture, you face challenges, which is the seed you sow for the success of your organization.  We believe that everyone faces challenges on their way to dreams, but tackling them with innovation and efficiency sails your boat! 

Getting into the field where there are no prior connections to establish a network is a tough task. Bhawna also faced many challenges in her early days with which she tackled well and became what she is today, a dynamic woman business leader!

She says, “Being a young woman entrepreneur, it is challenging to leave your mark in society. Initial challenges were getting leads via different platforms, coordination with labor, vendors, and clients, and synchronizing everyone on the same point.”

In 2016, she just started with a bookshelf, did many furniture assignments in 2017, word of mouth led her company to interior consultation and turnkey projects in 2018, followed by architectural and set designing projects in 2019 to date. In 2018, her first interior project also got featured in a lifestyle magazine and was awarded in 2018. Founding Director of Studio Astrid says, “Every assignment is vital and we carry it with utmost dedication and sincerity, from installing a small book-shelf to a space crafted to perfection.”

What Studio Astrid Offers?

Studio Astrid’s quirky and fresh solutions are cognitively ahead, more experimental, and polished than any other service provider in the space. Studio Astrid’s designing experience is eccentric and proactively delivers the highest level of joy to the clients.

Team Astrid provides a comprehensive plethora of services that include Architecture and Interior Design consultation, Vastu Consultation, Set Designing, Furniture Designing, and Turnkey solutions. Studio Astrid also offers painting and wall arts to add the story to your walls.

What makes Astrid different is their belief- “Anything but Ordinary”. Each space is unique and important for them and it is catered with utmost dedication and sincerity. Bhawna says, “No matter how much we do, we always find it less. The driving force of perfection takes us forward. We now do turnkey projects and everything, from structure to linen, is executed with our team of expertise.”

Studio Astrid is planning to launch customized theme-based cutleries and crockery’s for their project-based clients. Over the years, they have always seen clients finding it difficult to pick interior-based products in the existing market, so the studio has decided to customize different products for them.

Bhawna Khanna – An Experienced Creative Director

Bhawna brings to the table + 6 years of extensive Architectural experience across the Residential and Commercial sector that has equipped her well with strong Project and Design Management skills. She is an experienced Creative Director with a demonstrated history of working in the design industry. Having strong deposition to challenge the status quo to make things work more effectively and efficiently.

Bhawna has a bag full of achievements collected in her career throughout. In 2018, Bhawna was awarded the title of the young entrepreneur of the year by Spark Excellence awards. In 2019, her project got featured in Fashion Wave magazine. In 2021, her story got featured in, In 2021, her article got featured in Delhi Magazine and is still counting.

“In the post-Covid-19 situation, working with utmost quality and dedication in your work will lead you to survive and accelerate your growth,” Bhawna shares.

Instead of doing a baby shower for women, we should focus on a business shower, where we have these informal meets to get our friends started with networking and marketing their start-ups.

The work culture at Studio Astrid and their client’s experience 

At Studio Astrid, they believe teamwork leads to dream work. In the studio, they all are like a family; they accept and respect each other’s viewpoints and perspectives. Team Astrid’s trust and dedication towards each other make them strong and unique. Team Astrid doesn’t believe in the rat race. They believe in improving work each day by learning from their success and failures.   

Their services and standards differentiate them from the competition in the market, making them a leader, commanding the Architectural and Interior Design sector with their expertise and extensive knowledge. Bhawna and her Studio Astrid are highly-respected among their highly-satisfied clients and their competition.

Studio Astrid has uncountable and different experiences with each client. To highlight the one, it’s their very first client, for whom they designed a bookshelf. “Keep up this dedication and work and you have a way to go.”, this word from their very first client inspired the studio to design unique things and innovate.

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