Yuryi Ferber- Making Investment Management Possible at Fingertips through BRITech

Yuryi Ferber- BRITech

Business leaders not only show the inspiring and budding entrepreneurs how to lead the way ahead but also inspire people regardless of their career interests. Becoming a leader or a well-known personality in the world of business is not an easy feat, as it does not only require a person of a charismatic persona, discipline, effervescent but also an entrepreneur introducing cutting-edge and breakthrough products and services that not only revolutionize the way one looks and works but also brings a new wave of innovation and possibilities to their industry or niche.

A leader not only inspires but also leads the way to the future, enabling the young individuals to not only learn from them but also to understand their life, their professional endeavours and take the most valuable lessons and apply them into their own life, enabling these individuals to become a true leader and a true inspiration for everyone. 

Yuryi Ferber is the Founder and CEO of BRITech. He has shown the world of business that a true leader can emerge from anywhere and inspire the rest with his sincerity, dedication, and unwavering spirit to not only dominate the market but also show that he is no less than a vivacious, visionary, and unmatched business leader to watch out for in 2021.

Yuryi founded BRITech in 2012 and presented the world with innovative and breakthrough products and services which not only enhanced the working and performance of many industries but also proved his mettle as a flagbearer of BRITech. He has by far accumulated numerous achievements for his endeavours, inspired countless budding entrepreneurs, claimed the respect and loyalty of BRITech’s clients, and established a stronghold in the market and amongst the competition in the market.

BRITech, the Company, the Story

BRITech is a FinTech that offers solutions for the Investment Management ecosystem with a SaaS business model and more than 300 clients in 13 countries, with over 120 dedicated full-time professionals, processing daily + US $ 1 trillion AUC (Assets Under Control).

Founded in 2012 as a service company (BRIT Services at the time), in 2014 the company was renamed BRITech and started the transition to a SaaS company with a focus on Investment Management. It operates in 4 fundamental pillars in the delivery of investment management solutions: experience, technology, productivity, and excellence.

Yuryi doesn’t believe in Individual shows. The first rule is to be able to attract and retain exceptional people and allow them to work together in collaboration, establishing a direction and having a 360-degree alignment of interests between customers, staff, and partners. Thus, began the journey of BRITech, after he established the long-term vision, Yuryi brought in people that are not only experts in the field with thorough and extensive knowledge but are also dedicated to BRITech’s vision and mission and do not hesitate to help their clients in any way or anytime.

Bottlenecks are constantly shifting from place to place and the sooner you identify it and fix it the better.

Yuryi Ferber

Since 2015 BRITech is an investee of Oria Capital, Growth Equity for B2B technology companies, creating business continuity and innovation in the world.

The exemplary services of BRITech

BRITech deals in state-of-the-art and cutting-edge software and technology that helps Asset Managers, Brokers, Fund Managers, Wealth & Family Offices. They are one of the leading companies in the domain that not only have one of the most satisfied and loyal clients but also best-in-class service and delivery standards. They are not only dedicated to providing impeccable user engagement to their clients via their services but are always in pursuit of excellence, finding ways to not only enhance their services but also introduce breakthrough services in the market.

  • For Enterprises:

Firms such as custodians, brokers, and outsourcing companies are always seeking ways to help their clients, financial advisers, and asset managers to be more successful. Many are increasingly turning to technology as a way of differentiating their services. BRITech can be a valuable partner in helping to make that difference.

Cloud-based components can be easily integrated with other software. They are experts in extending functionality quickly and adapting their features to suit any process flow.

Their components can be “white-labelled” to conform to the look and feel of any firm. A competitive distinction is that their applications are multi-currency and multi-lingual. Whether it is to fill a gap in your portfolio of technology offerings, or to respond quickly to new opportunities in the market, contact BRITech for a solution.

If they cannot provide what you need from the components in their platform, they will customize a solution for you, quickly and inexpensively. They stand by their quality, time-to-market for delivery, and price competitiveness. BRITech indeed provides the best value-for-the-money for your IT dollar

For Family Office:

In a connected world, it is imperative to have modern, scalable, and flexible solutions to fulfil all the needs required from demanding family members.

Simplified Workflow: 

Forget about spreadsheets and manually tying together information from disparate systems. Their platform is highly customizable and can be tailored to how you want to operate. Simplify workflow and reduce administration overhead with their portfolio accounting functions and easy-to-understand dashboard. Their robust rebalancing and compliance engine make it a breeze to recompose your portfolio whenever it is needed.

Data Aggregation: 

Timely insights depend heavily on being able to collect all the information relating to your family portfolios. By compiling data across multiple sources, including custodians, banks, and held-away accounts, their platform will consolidate it into a single portfolio, allowing for a centralized view. Information on performance, portfolio deviation, comparison against benchmarks, cash flow, and other metrics become readily accessible at your fingertips, either through the dashboard or via their mobile version.

Family Structures: 

By allowing and automating the process of creating chained family structures, they can cross multiple generations and provide detailed information for each household or single entity as needed. Once the family structure has been set, it is straightforward to query information through the dashboard or by specific reports on a case-by-case basis.

Their services are not only oriented and made for every type of enterprise and office, providing one of the most advanced services to manage huge amounts of transactions and data without having to worry about any problems or glitches. They constantly work to not only keep their service up to date with the latest industry trends and practices but also heavily rely on customer feedback to improve the performance and usability of their services. 

What takes BRITech ahead of the competition in the market and strongholds its position in the market.

An essential aspect that is contributing to their global expansion is their franchise model. They have a long-term win-win partnership model, capable of attracting entrepreneurs worldwide – they maintain their focus on product innovation and the partners focus on sales, implementation, and local support for each region in which they operate. They have a team to manage the distribution channels helping the franchisees expand their business. Their customer-centric mindset is not the only thing that makes it possible – they have so many features addressing so many pain-points that able can up-sell frequently.

Their technology was designed to reach any size of customer, offering a cloud-based solution and monthly-basis payment per use. In the early days, back in 2014, they started offering solutions to a few pain points and, with constant R&D investments, year after year, they continue to expand the platform’s features and scalability. 

All these factors help them in maintaining an NRR (Net Revenue Retention), which measures the total change in recurring revenue for a set of customers over time. Their NRR is over 120% per year. This is possible because they do their best to retain the customer, help the customer use their software in the best possible way, and help him extract the best possible value out of it. 

BRITech’s work culture

Yuryi feels that good people don’t just mean good technical people – they need to share the same ideas and long-term vision. In other words, they must share the same culture, because they will hire more people and maintain the company’s culture.

This ideology not only led to the professional and highly dedicated and visionary team of BRITech but also enriching the work-culture and environment of BRITech with minds that are always looking to enhance BRITech’s services, help their clients in the best possible way, and most important of all, never stop learning, growing and become individuals who grow in both personal and professional domains of life.

All these factors, along with perfect sync and harmony among the team of BRITech, making them much more than a team, a close-knit family.

Yuryi’s message to running a business and becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Running a growing business is a constant exercise in identifying and fixing bottlenecks. Bottlenecks are constantly shifting from place to place and the sooner you identify it and fix it the better. If you don’t do it, inefficiency appears. To maintain the company’s good efficiency, we must try to position ourselves from the outside to have a clear diagnosis and help the executive of that specific area to fix the bottleneck. I am the CEO, but I like to joke that CEO means Coach Executive Officer.

As I learned from my father: reputation is the most important asset for anyone. It takes time to acquire, but very little time to lose it. Therefore, we must be very careful about what we do, how we do it, and the quality of our network of people. Once you’ve built your reputation and become a trusted individual, you will be able to attract good, trustworthy people to your business.

Another personal, non-technical skill I have is being humble. When you are humble, you know you are always learning and you know how important it is to be surrounded by good and honest people at work, personal, and family circles.

Finally, I would say persistence – this is a must-have skill for any business owner.

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