EesySoft – Evaluating Educational Effectiveness

Michel Visser, EesySoft

EesySoft – Evaluating Educational Effectiveness

The world of education is constantly evolving. Despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, institutions around the world have doubled down their hybrid learning structures to ensure academic continuity and provide students with the best learning experience. In 2020, the pandemic lockdown regulations unexpectedly moved teaching & learning online, and accelerated the educational industry’s need for digital transformation. For the past year, institutions have been adapting their traditional methods of teaching and learning by integrating Educational Technology and online tools.

Such rapid change brought on a new set of challenges, including promoting the adoption of newly implemented technologies, tracking how faculty and students engage with online learning tools, communicating online, and supporting users when options for face-to-face interactions are limited or non-existent. There are challenges to achieving an ideal teaching and learning experience, but they can be overcome. Several companies are offering a variety of services that address these institutional pain points, but very few provide a comprehensive solution to all of the challenges in the way that EesySoft does.

EesySoft is the EdTech Adoption Platform that helps institutions maximize the value of their investments in educational technology. Their software as a service (SaaS) platform allows customers to gain in-depth insights into their learning management systems (LMS) and third-party tool usage and provide effective 24/7 support to their users. This multi-faceted solution allows institutions to communicate directly with students and faculty using in-application messages. EesySoft’s data-driven approach to optimizing LMS and third-party tool adoption currently helps over 3 million students and faculty worldwide.

The EesySoft team is an international group of skilled professionals who have been working in the EdTech sector for over a decade. With an impressive record of satisfied and loyal customers, it is no wonder that EesySoft’s name consistently comes up amongst the top EdTech solution providers in the market.

The EesySoft team is composed of technologists, educators, and even former EesySoft customers!

The Company and its Journey:

EesySoft was founded in 2010 with the vision to help customers to improve the adoption of enterprise applications like CRM and ERP systems. The company pivoted its focus into the education sector when the founders, Michel Visser and Jan Henrik Ejme met Willem van Valkenburg from the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands. Willem helped the EesySoft founders recognize the value of their software in bridging a critical gap in the education sector by assisting universities in supporting their LMS’s. This helped them develop a unique service in the field of online education. Since then, the company has grown tremendously, both in terms of size and product offering.

EesySoft’s team carries decades of combined experience in the field of education and online learning. With EesySoft, institutions can measure how their LMS and third-party tools are being adopted in real-time by learners and faculty. This data-driven approach to improving EdTech adoption is unique to EesySoft and has led to hundreds of customer success stories.

The EesySoft team is composed of technologists, educators, and even former EesySoft customers! This has allowed them to combine technological and educational expertise with real-life experiences from their customers. This variety of backgrounds allows them to connect more deeply with LMS admins, CIOs, support agents, and instructional designers and to better understand their needs.

EesySoft has close partnerships with the top LMS and third-party tool providers that make up the majority of the online learning ecosystem. Moreover, EesySoft is constantly working on new releases to ensure their EdTech Adoption Platform continues to provide value to institutions around the world.

Listening to Customers and Looking Towards the Future:

The Company is the leading provider of technology adoption solutions in the education market, supporting over 3 million users worldwide through integrations with top LMS providers including Blackboard, Instructure/Canvas, D2L, and Moodle. EesySoft has helped countless educational institutions revolutionize their pedagogical methods to align with the preferences of the modern-day student and teacher.

Their EdTech Adoption Platform offers detailed reports on technology usage at different levels—institutions, departments, courses, and even individual users. EesySoft enables institutions to manage and gain critical insights from various tools (including third-party solutions) that are implemented in their LMS ecosystem.

EesySoft aims to boost its customer-centric operations by developing features based on customer feedback from their community.

The data collected by EesySoft is actionable, meaning institutions can act on it by, for example, sending personalized in-app messages to very specific groups of users. The purpose of such a message can be to nudge a particular kind of behaviour or as a reminder to perform a task. There are varying message styles and formats that can be designed and personalised due to their intuitive ‘in-line editor’. The Company also offers 24/7 support through the EesySoft Support Center, which any institution can use to streamline online support processes for students and faculty.

Since EesySoft’s support solutions are also context and role-sensitive, users are provided with relevant resources exactly at the moment that they need it, which drastically reduces resolution times on support requests.

The Company also aims to boost its customer-centric operations by developing features based on customer feedback from their community. One of the most notable releases this year is their new administrative dashboard, which provides a cleaner and more user-centric experience.

Looking ahead, EesySoft plans to expand its partner and reseller network and develop deeper integrations with leading LMS providers to diversify in the educational market. From a feature standpoint, the company is currently developing AI components that will enable its platform to recognize prevalent challenges and proactively reach out to the users, thereby enhancing user satisfaction.

The EesySoft Culture

The Company is very proud of its motivated team. Employees share a common enthusiasm for education, and this passion is contagious. The team is composed of a diverse group of individuals, each of who brings their unique perspective. EesySoft always welcomes different backgrounds, nationalities, skills, and ideas, as the company believes this is the best way to stay innovative and thereby also the best way to serve their customers.

With head offices in two thriving international cities, Amsterdam and Oslo, they are long since used to the occasionally odd hours to assist their customers around the world. Although hard work is important, they also value a lively social culture- in non-covid times. Through company getaways, excursions, dinners, and other events, the company makes sure everyone enjoys themselves inside and outside of the office. This helps to create a family atmosphere within the company, ensuring improved cooperation amongst employees, higher levels of satisfaction at work, and thereby guaranteed smiles for every EesySoft customer.

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