Kaya Blenders and Distillers – A Perfect Company to Celebrate Moments With!

Karun Kaura- Kaya Spirits

Life is full of moments, big or small, planned or spontaneous, and these moments need an equivalently worthy beverage partner –to unleash the most profound secrecy with hands, Kaya Spirits was born!

The Kaya Spirits has marked its place on the huge domestic as well as the global spirits landscape with their passion to serve the taste as per their consumer’s desire. The beverage makes the celebration complete and memorable. Kaya Spirits’ highly skilled and expert team of professionals strives to make a perfect blend that cherishes their consumers’ moments.

Mr. Karun Kaura, Chief Managing Director at Kaya Spirits is the backbone behind the company’s long-standing success.

Kaya Spirits’ Journey Towards Prominence

The journey of Kaya Spirits started 4 years ago when they entered the liquor market with their portfolio. They are Alchemists, blending historical tastes with modern desires. In a quest to permeate through the globe with their distilled vintage spirit, team Kaya is striving for an amalgamation of absolute excellence. Until the end of time, an alchemist enthuses to blend different aromas as one, for creation, and their journey also continued, with a firm belief and resolution acting as catalysts, in driving the journey of Kaya Spirits to be a colossal name in the liquor market.

Salute your job, so that you don’t have to salute anyone else.

When Kaya Spirits started its journey, its antecedent motto was to drive export markets as well domestic distribution in parallel. It’s been rightly said, roads to beautiful destinations are always full of obstacles. In their initial days Kaya Spirits also faced some hurdles, which were tackled well to mark their place on the huge landscape of the distillery sector.

While they established their network and presence in around 7 countries across the globe, super quick and super smooth, procurement of state licenses and adherence to state policies within India which are unique in every state, became a time-consuming challenge, which they further managed to overcome and initiated their domestic distribution around a year and a half later.

Kaya Spirits has experienced an extremely stimulating journey throughout. The hard and smart efforts of their team, every single day at the company took them an inch closer to success. With a firm footing in the African and American business sectors and about 20 states of the nation, for team Kaya, the sky is the only limit now.

Due to demographic and language barriers, a typical North- Indian company, faced resistance in certain geographies such as the southern states of India, where penetration, expansion, and sustained establishment was a herculean challenge but one that Kaya Group loved to undertake. Especially designated teams at HQ, and their counterparts in these states, are progressing towards making this challenge seem like a cakewalk.

“Kaya Blenders and Distillers turned 4 years old some months back, and we pride on having converted this venture from 0 – 50 Cr turnover in an astoundingly small period. Being recognized on various national and international forums as the star performer and the best upcoming brands in our turnover, just added further feathers to our caps of resounding success.” – Team Kaya Spirits

Pillars of Success:

Kaya Spirits affirms strategic development with the persistent approach and inherent foresightedness and passion. They proudly probate on the monostich that purity of a beverage is the ultimate ratified strategy to prosper in the world of liquor. Their spirits subsume devouring and unique ingredients, making Kaya’s brands earn the notorious tag for being distinctively savory. The company endeavors to triumph over the savors and trust of connoisseurs and spur them over recurrence.

Kaya Spirits works expeditiously to blend spirits without a compromise and pride in being the exclusive distillery to work with Irish blends, authorized by the Govt. Of Scotland. Their prima focus remains on the development of blends’ excellence, the establishment of brand value in targeted geographies in a phase-wise expansion mode, and recruitment and nurturing of the right local business partners. These three pillars form the entire pyramid of the business expansion of the Kaya family.

Kaya’s products come in better UV packaging, higher weightage glass bottles with bigger caps, making the process of savoring their product convenient and smooth to the consumer.

Kaya Spirits’ business model, being flexible and accommodating to particular investors’ needs and geographic demands, available in a varied investment range, hence caters to a larger segment of the market. Complete hand-holding, brand support, and minimized risk/ cash-safe financial model assures their business partners to join hands in this phenomenal venture together.

A View From the Future

Kaya Spirits prides itself on working on aggressive numbers with a sharp and focused approach towards their achievement. For now, their eagle eye is on, capturing a 5% market share of total exports from Indian ports and a 3.5-4% market share of domestic liquor markets by the end of the next financial years.

Catch up with us in another one year and we might talk of ruling the world…!!

Team Kaya Spirits

Continuous research and development are in their basic DNA. Kaya Spirits is continuously adding new brands of varying blends in its portfolio, based on capturing the pulse of the market and catering to the taste of the consumers. While young markets such as Maharashtra require peppy, fresh blends, seasoned markets like Punjab prefer their blend also the same, seasoned and mature. At Kaya Spirits, the holistic approach is to cater to the entire panorama, with individual detail to finesse in taste.

Mr. Karun Kaura – The Wind Beneath the Wings of Kaya’s Growth

Hailing from a strong background in law, Mr. Karun has promoted numerous non-governmental colleges and universities in India for courses in industry collaboration. Apart from currently managing Kaya Blenders and Distillers, he also invented and currently manages, Sky News, an online news-media channel, and also runs his monthly magazine, The Political Edge, both in the capacities of being the Chief Editor. His forte lies in being a media strategist and an extremely connected PR professional, as a result of which Sky News and Political Edge were born and further prospered.

Coming from a lineage of political advisors, political consultancy remains his first love, and he drives passion from facilitating aspiring politicians to find their niche in the Indian political scenario and help them establish a firm footing in the same, through organizing and conducting surveys, pre-poll analysis, and reports, generating mass awareness and expertise management of constituency, etc. Continuing on the political career, has been the Media Advisor to Ex. CM candidates, during the Vidhan Sabha and Lok Sabha elections of various tenures.

Voluntarily, he takes a conscious effort to devote his time towards some social causes, close to his heart. For the same, he worked in the capacity of the President for the International Council for student welfare (Section 25 Government Licensed Company) which prioritizes the education of meritorious students hailing from financially compromised backgrounds, ensuring their completion of studies and assistance in establishing a suitable and defined career path for them.

Work, passion, and my social cause keep me busy throughout the day and help me sleep peacefully at nights.

Mr. Karun Kaura

The Key Achievements:

Mr. Karun says, “The ever-increasing satisfaction of customers and the continued support of my business partners are the biggest achievements for me during my entrepreneurial venture in the form of their blessings. They act as catalysts to keep me and my team to stay unilaterally focused towards our greater goal.” Kaya has won many external awards and recognitions, that fuel the igniting fire and reinforces them to be on the right track. Below are some such awards:

  • International Excellence Award in April 2017 for Quality manufacturing of spirits at Goa, India.
  • Bharat Jyoti Award from Hon’ble Shri. Shivraj.V. Patil, Former Speaker LokSabha, Union Minister and Governor of Punjab at New Delhi, India on 23rd April 2017.
  • Asia Pacific Excellence Award by Hon’ble Shri. Ram Baran Yadav, President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal at Kathmandu, Nepal on 16th June 2017.
  • Dr. APJ Abdul Excellence Award for Outstanding Individual Achievements & Distinguished Services to the nation by Hon’ble Shri. Shivraj V. Patil, Former Speaker LokSabha, Union Home Minister& Governor of Punjab on 15th October 2017 at New Delhi, India.
  • Global Achievers Award by Hon’ble Shri. Navdeep Singh Suri, Ambassador of India to the United Arab Emirates on 20th January 2018 at Dubai.

Team Kaya Spirits – A perfect blend of diverse people

To lead the market, every business needs a team of skilled and hardworking people. Kaya is a blend of diverse people striving smart for the same purpose – The perfect taste! Kaya is one big family, without any denominations of employee or employer. Every person involved with Kaya Group works as an entrepreneur taking ownership of their vertical, and working in interactive resonance with other verticals, just like a family does.

The primary reason why the Kaya Team, powered through the global pandemic, professionally as well as personally is because the team, stayed huddled and more connected, through virtual daily meets. Mr. Karun says, “Being a firm believer of ‘work matters’, I believe in giving a free-hand to my professional family so that maximized productivity and increased resourcefulness is achieved.”

Sharing his views on the current Franchise business sector scenario, Mr. Karun says,

All business segments generally undergo massive disruption, every-time a researched, out of the box thought process or technology is maneuvered in the markets. Corona, was one such disruption, that no one expected and hence weren’t prepared. However, adaptability, being inherent in Indian DNA, the business sectors, realigned themselves with the latest modus operandi, without getting flummoxed, some quicker than the others.

Sectors like Edu-tech, pharma, mobile utility services, tech/app-based businesses, dark kitchens, supermarkets, hyperlocal delivery structures, organic produce, e-commerce flourished with peak success rates whereas sectors like fine dining, fnb prototypes, retail – fashion and luxury, real estate – commercial massively felt the pressure at sustenance. The alcohol industry, has forever been conventionally immune to such disruptions, and hence adapting to the new normal, Kaya Blenders also did the requisite revisions in their business model, re-strategized the modus operandi, and the entire work-force remained extremely agile and powered through the corona times.

On Much-Needed Transformations:

The Covid19 pandemic has created a critical situation for businesses and individuals. Businesses are struggling to survive and be relevant to the market race. While sharing his thoughts on the things businesses need to do to survive in the market, Mr. Karun shared the need for important transformations that can accelerate business growth.

Necessity is the mother of invention. The global pandemic of the corona has made many new trends in the business sectors, as the stabilized new normals of work, causing a massive impact and effect on the investment patterns of the business buyers. Some major changes seen in investor mindsets are faster returns, extremely cautious investment portfolios, and fail-safe/risk-free options, which is like finding Unicorns in the wilderness. Major transformations that should be done to make the franchise ecosystem stronger, post-pandemic are:

  • Definitive and strong social presence and portfolio by the brand
  • Possibilities of multiple business models, in varying investment ranges, catering to a greater segment of the society.
  • Retain flexibility for customization of the business model to suit the investor’s business and demographic needs.
  • Stronger connectivity between the brand and existing/ prospective franchise is now important more than ever, after the global pandemic
  • 3R’s: Recognize, reward and respect the existing business partners. They work as the best marketing strategists for your business growth.
  • Aligning the investor’s thought-process with the brand’s vision and mission, is generally under-rated and treated as industry jargon, but done effectively, goes a long way in establishing a superb franchise eco-system.

At Kaya Blenders and Distillers, the aforementioned pointers, are the basis of their franchise business design that helps them to chart new paths to grow and conquer the market.

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