SharinPix – Leaders of Image Integration on Salesforce

Jean Michel Mougeolle- SharinPix

SharinPix – Leaders of Image Integration on Salesforce

The world of business is vast and has so many opportunities and intricate details that have more than sufficient solutions for a single problem. As the world is evolving, the uses and applications of many tools have been increased for a better reach and overall effectiveness of the products and services.

One such tool is images, no matter how small or big, images play a pivotal role in some of the most important fields of a business. The process of image integration is trivial and its smooth transition into the business process requires expert solutions and more than that experts in the field who have the right experience, a skilled team of expert personnel, and services that take care of every requirement related to image management.

The use of images taken by internal users or partners/customers, etc. can be made a part of one’s business process and be easily integrated into any document, email, etc. taking the efficiency and presentation of the documents. etc. enhanced and effective. These image integrations not only affect the overall working and presentation of the business, their plans, etc. but also add to the user engagement, making sure that the customers/partners receive the best-in-class experience and image integration solutions that can only be provided by seasoned and expert professionals.

SharinPix is a unique company, dedicated to working in this domain and with one specialty – Images. They are not only dedicated to providing any image requirements that are required in Salesforce but also are one of the leading companies in the domain with more than 400+ loyal customer base, ever-flowing high customer satisfaction ratings but mostly it’s their service standards, deliverables, and the accuracy that truly sets them a notch apart from the competition in the market and makes them one of the most sought-after company when it comes to integrating image features (taking pictures, making annotations, merging images with documents, emails and more) for any requirement in Salesforce.

SharinPix has a global presence and they provide these unmatched and unparalleled services via their app, making sure that everyone has reach and access to their services and makes the best use of them without having to worry about the tedious processes involved when working with images so it’s seamlessly part of the business process without any extra effort at the right format, resolution, quality, etc. 

SharinPix is now a team of 10 people, with their main efforts focused on making the app enrich more and more Salesforce capabilities.

The company, Obstructions for its take-off and the Success:

SharinPix is a 5 years old French company delivering worldwide an App on the AppExchange to make possible any implementation of image requirements in Salesforce. They are constantly and relentlessly working on providing all the required images for any need, and quality, you name and they will deliver it without any problem, making sure they live up to their name and reputation in the market, which follows a long list of highly satisfied and loyal customer base. 

Every company faces a lot of initial challenges and for a company like SharinPix, the challenges were the same yet trivial as their niche is quite different from the other companies and industries. Some of the challenges faced by them were, firstly to educate people that Images can be used in Salesforce implementation. Everybody loves to use images but hates to lose time doing so. Because of the lack of support for years in Salesforce capabilities to implement great image support, people had abandoned the idea of using Images in Salesforce in an efficient way.

This is exactly what SharinPix solves. SharinPix is now a team of 10 people, with their main efforts focused on making the app enrich more and more Salesforce capabilities. They also have achieved growth and gained expertise in business areas such as Field Operations, Customer Success, and Digital Asset management.

The lightning new interface in Salesforce offers more ways to integrate and get a rich experience to desktop and mobile users. With a long list of components, they cover all the possible personalization using images from mobile, in flows, in developments, even to external users on Salesforce Community or customer web site. Whatever one needs to implement with Images in Salesforce, there is a SharinPix component for that.

Their High-Resolution Services, New Additions, and the Screenshots of their Future Roadmap:

SharinPix is Image Experts, Salesforce Experts, and AI Experts. They have a deep understanding of Salesforce implementation projects with over 400+ active customers for many different use cases in many different industries, where they need automation, powerful features, and an intuitive user experience for the end-user.

Their knowledge of all those different needs and their understanding of where is Salesforce heading in the future makes their team ready to help those companies always get the best of their implementation with images.

They have now added a new Enterprise Plan which gets a lot of Smart components to implement Field Operations smartly, merging images in a PDF, driving inspection on a Google Map, or a Plan PDF. Sharing information externally and asking for more pictures to external users or even filling a PDF to get the information updated in Salesforce are some of the addons on their app through those components. Including all those image capabilities and optimization and permits to construct a very efficient experience for both the Field team and the back-office team working together.

Their services are always evolving and constantly increasing its reach and applications and it is because the team of SharinPix relies heavily on the feedback from their customers, how they can implement tools better, right down to their app interface, the company is truly driven by customers, making sure the company always remain up to date with the latest industry trends and practices, way ahead of the competition in the market.


A company like SharinPix not only requires a team of experts with a skillset that expands to vast details and intricate realms but also a leader who is not only a visionary but also manages the implementation of the services SharinPix offers, keeping the team in perfect shape and the App always ready to offer something new to their customers. SharinPix is being headed by an effervescent and able leader, Jean-Michel Mougeolle, CEO at SharinPix.

He started as a Software development Engineer and made his path to become a VP of R&D in different start-ups. He then moved to larger companies as CIO and a Salesforce customer for years. This is when he constructed the first version of the SharinPix app as part of an internal project and started the journey to becoming an Entrepreneur with SharinPix.

Work Culture at SharinPix:

The team believes in giving back as a key, internally and externally. They believe that making business in that way, not only for more money but for a better world for everybody, change the mindset people have at work. Sharing the success with all the team and showing them consideration for each brick they have added to make that success possible is also very important.

CEO’s take on the Competition in the Market:

It is a great source of inspiration. For what is working, what is smart, what is not successful too. When competition makes great success sometimes, they are also winning in an area where you don’t want to go. Competition in this market is focused on giving access to technology. SharinPix delivers solutions dedicated to Salesforce because they know the gap between Salesforce native capabilities and business needs around the image, and they aim to fix that.

It helps one to redefine themself, their focus, objectives and stay humble about what they have done so far.

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