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Biraja Prasad Nath & Keshav Tripathy

Biraja Prasad Nath & Keshav Tripathy – Nirmalya Labs

Engineering is not only taking the world of machinery and technology ahead but also bringing many changes into the functioning of things and changing the face of many industries on the way to achieve innovation and breakthroughs. The latest engineering feats such as AI, Blockchain, etc. are changing the face and functioning of many industries and taking mankind into the future full of possibilities and extensive applications of the same. As new companies and start-ups are bustling into this domain it becomes highly important to have a sound and solid product base.

This can be achieved by product engineering, testing, and most importantly consulting as a minor fault in the product can have a detrimental impact on the company and its name, as, in the evolving world of breakthrough technology, the product is the name and the face of the company.

Nirmalya Labs is a leading name in providing services in the field of product engineering, testing, and consulting, providing expert solutions from a team of highly skilled and expert personnel, with extensive knowledge of the industry and the related technologies. They are truly unique in their product offerings with an extremely high client satisfaction rating and loyal clients that without a doubt return to them for their tailor-made products that are fit to their demands and needs. Nirmalya Labs not only are an unparalleled product provider but also a leader in the innovation curve, taking the competition in the market by storm.

In conversation with the Chairman at Nirmalya Labs, Biraja Prasad Nath. Let’s hear more about Nirmalya Labs, its products, and its team’s entrepreneurial journey.

Please tell us about the company and its journey so far.

Nirmalya Labs is a company that blossomed out of the need of its co-founders to start something on their own, where they could innovate and do something which they never got to do in their corporate life. After working for more than 20+ years incorporate, the duo of Biraja Prasad Nath & Keshav Tripathy decided to carve a niche in the domain of Product Engineering. Our key services include Product Engineering, Enterprise Application, Agile Testing, and Finance & Accounting Services. Considering the volatile dynamics of the global economic system, every company/organization needs cost-effective, robust, secure, and hassle-free services.

Biraja Prasad Nath & Keshav Tripathy envision becoming partners in the success of entrepreneurs by helping them translate their ideas into world-class software products. Recognized as a start-up by the Govt. of India and Odisha, we deploy innovative enterprise solutions in a cost-effective way that allows small, medium, and large businesses to leverage technology effectively. When innovation, passion for customer success is amalgamated with values, ethics, quality, and sustainability, the blend becomes a perfect combination for a successful company.

Well, challenges exist mostly around money, talent, and survival. But Biraja Prasad Nath & Keshav Tripathy have to weather the start-up storm and not just survive but succeed, we have looked beyond these ‘initial’ challenges and planed for long-term impact. Survival and success depend on several things, but the most critical ones in our mind have to do with problem identification, designing scalable solutions, and putting the right team in place to execute it.

Since its inception, we are very much clear about what we are going to do. Biraja Prasad Nath & Keshav Tripathy have identified problem statements, build the solution. Our first product on MBC (iPravaah and mPravaah) was well accepted by the customer and in a short time frame, we got more than d by 2M consumers. Secondly, we have put most of our efforts to build an ERP (Extend) solution which caters to customers who can’t afford big names in the market and at the same time they need an innovative and cost-effective integrated enterprise solution. We are happy, in the last year, we have had more than 20 customers on board for Extend and many in the pipeline. 

Tell us about Nirmalya Lab’s unique products and how you take them ahead.

Predominantly we work on product engineering; however, we are also working on enterprise application, Testing, and consulting. We as a start-up, have handpicked passionate engineers who want to take the challenge and dive deeper into the latest technologies like Blockchain, AR, & AI. Blockchain is a match made in heaven for the sharing economy as Blockchain enables philosophical alignment between the sharing economy users.

Biraja Prasad Nath & Keshav Tripathy are positive thinkers and see the invisible, feel the intangible, and are willing to achieve the impossible. We are a very small entity, yet technologically ahead of many companies in the market. As a niche SW Product Company, we are targeting start-ups that have an excellent idea but do not have an engineering team to translate the idea to the product. At Nirmalya Labs, we work with the following motto and message to customers: 

“You Focus on Your Core Business, let us do the Engineering.”

We as a company spend lots of effort on innovative solutions and technologies which would help a majority of the society. Recently we have started work on an innovative solution using AR & ML for the grooming industry, which will be affordable for budget customers. 

Tell us about your professional experience and the experience of Nirmalya’s highly-skilled team of experts.

Biraja Prasad Nath, with over 22 years of experience, Biraja Prasad Nath has worked with leading global organizations such as Progress Software Corporation, IBM Labs, Credit Suisse, LTA-Singapore, Singapore Ports, Alltel-USA, Satyam Computers, and Tata Steel, Jamshedpur. Before Nirmalya Labs, Biraja Prasad Nath was the Director & Head of Engineering in Progress Software Corporation. Biraja Prasad Nath is an alumnus of the National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur. 

Keshav Tripathy, With over 30 years of industry and consulting experience as Project and Program Manager in the domains of manufacturing, logistics, credit card, port operations, insurance, etc. Keshav has worked with giants like NIC, Tata Steel, Satyam, GE, and IBM. Keshav is an alumnus of the National Institute of Technology, Rourkela. 

CA Dayanidhi Harichandan, with over 20 years of experience in Strategic Financial planning and controlling, fundraising, financial accounting, auditing, budgeting, tax management, and statutory compliance. Dayanidhi has worked with giants like PwC, and AAA group of companies. Daya is an alumnus of ICAI, India. 

Your take on employee relations and what makes them unique.

To make our work enjoyable and make the office feel like a second home, we emphasize 3R (Respect, responsibility, and recognition). Some of the key areas, where Nirmalya Labs religiously focus on are as below:  

Treat Employees like grown-ups and partners. Biraja Prasad Nath & Keshav Tripathy share information with partners, listen to their ideas (or better yet, actively seek out and act upon their ideas) and assume they are responsible enough to manage their own time and self-driven. Treat everybody equally irrespective of experience and position. Biraja Prasad Nath & Keshav Tripathy pay partners decently and give them good benefits, including not only decent healthcare, Group Insurance but other even rarer essentials, like paid parental leave, Anniversary Leave, and equities. And lay-offs as a last resort for us.

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