GND Solutions – A Revolution Digitalizing the Sphere, IoT Redefined!

Venkata Siva Reddy - GND Solutions India Pvt Ltd

GND Solutions – A Revolution Digitalizing the Sphere, IoT Redefined!

The world is progressing towards diversity and the world of business is equally adapting to find and develop diversified products and services. But to achieve the same the companies and start-ups have to think out-of-the-box as it is easy to provide a plethora of products/services but it is a completely different thing to maintain the service and standards throughout the range.

It also requires one to have skilled and expert personnel to achieve the same and keep the products/services updated with the latest technology changes and the latest industry trends. Thus, finding a company or start-up that offers a wide range of solutions is easy to find but finding the one with the finesse and expertise in the diversified solutions is hard and equally challenging.

GND Solutions enters the domain of IoT and M2M with services that are not only diversified but also have the best industry standards packed with the latest technologies and extensive knowledge of the products/services and the industry. GND Solutions is truly unique under the leadership of its CEO, Siva Reddy AV. Siva is not only the definition of a true leader but also has experience of more than 2 decades spread across many domains and industries.

His experience and expertise in skills such as diversification of Strategy/Product, Service Expansion Strategy/Growth, International Market Strategy/Technology strategy, Team Building, Leadership, Mentoring, and Business Development, etc. making him a true giant in the field and his company takes all his skills and other services to the next level, making GND Solutions one of the best and most sought-after after companies in the domain.

In conversation with the CEO of GND Solutions, Siva Reddy AV. Let’s hear more about his company, its service offerings, and its entrepreneurial journey.

The building blocks of GND Solutions:

The fundamental driving force of GND Solutions is bringing innovative and transformative digital solutions for Industrial, Retail, Pharma, and Enterprise segments focusing on Cold Chain Management, Warehouse Management, and Asset Tracking. The company maintains a 3-way service pattern for promulgating its products and services, amongst national and multinational clients.

GND Solutions enters the domain of IoT and M2M with services that are not only diversified but also have the best industry standards packed with the latest technologies and extensive knowledge of the products/services and the industry.

GND Solutions offers an end-to-end solution for IoT & M2M segment for the global market. Their services address the market needs for various applications like Cold Chain Management, Location Tracking, Asset Monitoring and tracking, Agriculture, Security, and Alert systems. GND Solutions offers products using various technologies like LoRaWAN, NBIoT, CAT-M1, Cellular, Wi-Fi, BLE & SigFox, etc. Based on the business-specific use case.

Their unique and diversified service offerings:

The company is proficient in transforming concepts to solutions ranging from miniature to complex system designs. Their proven design practices ensure superior quality and on-time delivery every time in providing complete end-end IoT Solutions across industries and domains. Also, GND offers a variety of services for those who are looking at specific skills such as:

  • Embedded H/W Design Services
  • Firmware Development Services
  • IC Packaging & Sip Design Services
  • Mobile Apps (Both Android & iOS)
  • Desktop Applications & Tools
  • Front End Framework & Dash Boards
  • Backend with Mean Stack & Cloud
  • Testing & Certifications

Their services are custom-made to fit their client’s needs and demands, giving high user satisfaction and exceeding their expectations. Their services are diversified, covering major aspects that a company needs high-end and scalable solutions. These include:

  • Product Engineering: Under this segment, GND Solutions and its team forge the products according to the client’s needs. After an in-depth analysis of the client’s business needs, the company works as a development team for the client and crafts the product that achieves their satisfaction. GND does not just deliver a product design that works but also ensures it’s optimized in all aspects such as cost, testability, and manufacturability. GND does take up both new product developments and also those which involve re-engineering to come up with products as a replacement for legacy products. They truly define engineering with their cutting-edge technology, crafted with complete accuracy and finesse, tailor-made to fit the needs and requirements of their customers.
  • In-House Products: GND is an OEM partner for many large global MNCs to help them deliver and implement IoT Solutions. The company developed numerous IoT products such as Industrial grade IoT gateways spanning across all wireless technologies, Smart Plugs, Smart Street Light Controllers, Home Automation hubs, temperature & humidity sensing devices, asset trackers, motion sensors, feedback buttons, door sensors, vibration sensors, pressure sensors, and soil moisture sensors. 

GND Solutions, their clientele, and their achievements:

GND Solutions is aiming and growing to be a global name in providing IoT and Digital Solutions for Cold Chain, Asset Tracking, and Industry 4.0 applications. They are facing exceptional growth and have steady clientele from Australia, Singapore, and Dubai, giving them a pan world presence with plans set to enter Europe and build a strong brand presence in Northern America all over the globe. 

They have achieved many milestones in their journey, some of which are: 

In 2016, GND got a project with one of the largest telecom companies to design, manufacture and supply an IoT device as an OEM partner to enable the telco to launch its first enterprise IoT solution business in India.

GND delivered the product in record time while meeting all the quality standards, along the way developed an application to show the end-to-end capability of the product, which enabled GND to launch its own IoT solution offering in the market in 2018. In 2021, GND has topped the chart of one of India’s largest telco’s vendors as a strategic partner and ODM for providing numerous IoT devices.

The backbone of GND Solutions:

GND Solutions and its services which are technologically advanced and exceeding the benchmarks for industry standards and quality has been made possible with the team of GND Solutions with their expertise and thorough industry knowledge. All this requires a leader who does not only has sound and in-depth knowledge of the industry and all the services the company offers but is also experienced and able to handle a team of diversified experts, etc. A leader’s job is endless and requires a new skill or ability to take the company and its employees forward.

GND Solutions has one of the best leaders with them who is a visionary, a man with a mission, and a man with many roles, Siva Reddy AV.

Venkata Siva Reddy Started GND Solutions in 2015 as an engineering services venture. With over two decades of experience in product engineering, chip to cognition R&D services in IoT and M2M segments, he is an expert in Cellular, GPS, Wi-Fi, LoRa, Satellite transceivers, RF design, Tracking and Monitoring, and Battery Charger Applications with a deep understanding of driving technology strategy, business administration and product management.

Siva Reddy has bootstrapped this company and with all his technical and managerial capabilities succeeded in placing GND comfortably in the list of go-to IoT product companies in India. 

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