Frasil – Innovators of Tomorrow

Fran Killoway- Frasil

Frasil – Innovators of Tomorrow

The field of medical science is evolving and presenting radical innovations and solutions to problem humankind thought was nearly impossible or hard to achieve in the coming years. But the innovation of AI has given rise to many possibilities and innovations that are changing the outlook and the face of many industries. AI is not only improving the processes of many industries such as manufacturing, computing, etc. but its various uses and applications are helping breakthrough the medical problems.

AI unlocks the potential and uses of many solutions that can help people with disabilities or who require some solutions to help ease their daily life functioning and fit in with the world at a more stable and adjusted pace. AI is on the verge of providing PLWD (People Living with Disabilities) a unique solution that is custom fit for their disabilities, etc. Many companies are looking forward to pinching their products and services but only a few are successful with their implementations and unmatched products and services.

Frasil is the leading name that is devoted to help PLWD with AI and provide solutions that are never heard of but will help and provide everything that their clients require and will require in the coming future. They are one of the pioneers in the industry aiming to commercialize the world’s first intelligent humanoid that will change the way one looks at AI and also provide their clients with a solution that is unmatched yet will help them out in every way possible.

Frasil is a truly unique company, unparalleled with their products and services and also a very trusted and loyal brand among their highly satisfied clientele. They are not only aiming to help PLWD but also leading the innovation curve of the uses and applications of AI.

The company and its Journey:

Frasil is powered by an AI neural network platform. Frasil aims to commercialize the world’s first intelligent humanoid that can give tangible benefits to people living with a disability (PLWD). Despite their unique product offering, what sets Frasil apart is their product’s ability to personalize user experiences progressively as each individual explores the Frasil platform.

They can do this with a team of highly skilled experts, who have thorough and extensive knowledge and a combined experience of more than decades. Their focus is set on providing people with unique solutions and a UI that is easy to use and understand shows their compassion and relentless effort to raise the level of humankind altogether.

Frasil faced a lot of challenges along the way and is still on the bumpy road but that is the beauty of a business/start-up, to ride the road with an unwavering spirit and relentless effort, as it is the journey that is remembered not the destination. Some of the initial challenges faced by Frasil are:

PLWD finds using technology with either a black background and white text or white background with black text, much easier to navigate, but the norm is to build screens full of color. Finding technology resources, who can design through the eyes of PLWD, rather than their “normal” eyes, because they have been taught to build technology the traditional way which favors (normal users). 

Frasil is the leading name that is devoted to help PLWD with AI and provide solutions that are never heard of but will help and provide everything that their clients require and will require in the coming future.

Frasil’s Catapult to Success:

The Company is very focused on its direction and the timely manner in how the company is tracking. Over the time the team spent, in first-hand engagement, clarified that the user is the actual decision-maker. In Australia, there are some corporate structures, like the NDIS, that look after groups of PLWD but in the end, the PLWD is the decision-maker. 

Over the 10 years, building Frasil, the team trialled Frasil over 100 times to groups of PLWD and there was always strong pushback, on something that needed to be constructed differently. Late in 2020, the feedback was confirming that the Frasil build was answering the needs of most PLWD which was the trigger to push Frasil out into the market.

Frasil’s unique product offering, new additions, and its hold in the market:

Frasil is set to provide an intelligent humanoid that will not only improve the daily life and functioning of PLWD but will also give them confidence with their easy-to-use platform and unmatched service standards and quality. Frasil makes sure that all their customers are satisfied and given the products that are custom-fit to their specific solutions, they will never say no to a specific disability or challenge and will stop at nothing to provide their customers a user experience and product that is unrivalled and unparalleled.

The Company has just completed the first iteration of MyShool. This app was requested by teachers looking after special needs children. For example, two icons appear on each of the screens along with say, my school bag, my crayons, etc. The first is a toilet and the second is a help icon and both buttons are always in the same position on every screen. With a lot of disabled children, they are too scared, embarrassed, or shy to tell their teacher they need the bathroom or help. So, the inevitable accident occurs or they don’t get help. 

There are over 300+ competitors, in the disability market, but there is no competitor offering that covers all disabilities in one application. Most of the competitors in the market focus on specific disabilities cutting out a large percentage of the market. Frasil, in the alternative, allows all PLWD the opportunity to individually tailor their version, of Frasil, to their particular needs, emerging as a niche in the market.

Frasil’s mantra is to firstly, accept all feedback and secondly, using this feedback by continually enhancing the existing Frasil apps while building additional Frasil apps. These are some of the reasons that keep the Frasil’s hold in the market bold and strong and keep them a leap ahead of the competition in the market.

Leadership at Frasil:

Fran Killoway is the Executive Chairman, Founder, Inventor, and visionary that has been the flag bearer of Frasil. She is not only an experienced expert with her involvement in creating, developing, and delivering technology for more than 20 years. She has previously taken a start-up technology from Australia to the USA and licensed that technology to a US Fortune 500 Company in the defense industry.

Apart from Fran’s experience in creating, developing, and delivering technology, other areas of competency include anthropology, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and linguistics; research methodology, political behaviors and strategies, strategy and market direction, and the building and commercializing of businesses and their products and services.

rasil’s first interaction with each PLWS and the first-hand the changes Frasil can make in each PLWD’s life journey is all the motivation the team needs.

She thinks entrepreneurs have a lot of different responsibilities. In her case, she knows how clever the software code that she built is, and thus, her first responsibility was to build an ethical framework, allowing the Frasil code to reach out to all PLWD. Frasil intended to give as many PLWD choices and a voice to be heard while trying to maintain a balance been the economy and the ecosystem of PLWD. Understanding that PLWD are just people like us and as they have different needs, they must be able to make their own decisions so they can develop as individuals.

This is paramount to Frasil’s philosophy, which is achieving own goals, making choices about one’s life, and having some control over things that are important to them.

Work Culture at Frasil:

Fran believes in leading through humility and vulnerability, allowing for both positive and negative feedback, up and down the management chain in the daily running of the company. Frasil’s first interaction with each PLWS and the first-hand the changes Frasil can make in each PLWD’s life journey is all the motivation the team needs. Fran believes in allowing people to use their strengths because she wants to surround herself with strong successful people and they must be encouraged to contribute and allowed to grow. 

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