APRIL | 2021



On the cover of the magazine is the revolting and inspiring story of Jacqueline Hudson, Founder, and CEO of Luxe Digital. Luxe Digital was founded in 2018, with a mission to become one of the global leaders in the digital marketing industry.

They wish to do so by providing the most innovative and unique services in the industry, developing and restructuring the landscape in digital marketing. T

hey are not only relentless when it comes to their services but also highly motivated and dedicated as they are the purveyor in digital marketing technologies and AI technology in the industry

Grab an insightful conversation with Krishnan Raman, Co[1]founder, and CEO at Flutura. Flutura is a visionary in Industrial AI solutions and Cognitive Digital Twins, providing transformational financial outcomes to our customers.

Find what makes a great Sci-fi movie into reality with the futuristic innovations by Frasil. Frasil is powered by an AI neural network platform. Frasil aims to commercialize the world’s first intelligent humanoid that can give tangible benefits to people living with a disability (PLWD).

Despite their unique product offering, what sets Frasil apart is their product’s ability to personalize user experiences progressively as each individual explores the Frasil platform.

Find another resourceful conversation with Christopher M. Carter, CEO of Approyo. Approyo is a private, global technology services company focused on making its customer’s IT management and cloud migrations simple.

Approyo is an SAP-certified cloud and infrastructure, management, and SAP HANA operations services provider and a Microsoft SilverPartner.

Explore deep into Product Engineering, Enterprise Application, Agile Testing, and Finance & Accounting Services, offered by the duo of Biraja Prasad Nath, & Keshav Tripathy.

Their company Nirmalya Labs, excels in product engineering, and related services

Find what makes brands so successful and sought-after, with the comfortable, elegant, and statement activewear by BeReal. Batool Zaidi is the is the Founder, a fitness enthusiast, and a hardcore believer in inner beauty, body positivity, and Eco-friendliness.

In a conversation about leadership and innovation with the CEO of GND Solutions, Siva Reddy AV. GND Solutions is bringing innovative and transformative digital solutions for Industrial, Retail, Pharma, and Enterprise segments focusing on Cold Chain Management, Warehouse Management, and Asset Tracking.

Find out the what makes IT industry, the epicenter of innovation with Mr. Rajinder Gandotra, Founding Partner & CEO at Avekshaa Technologies.

Avekshaa pioneered a paradigm shift in the way performance, availability, and scalability requirements are delivered to business-critical IT systems.         

Magazine Profiles

Innovating Data Processing via the Cloud

Approyo – Innovating Data Processing via the Cloud

Transforming Businesses with Top Notched IT Solutions

Rajinder Gandotra- Avekshaa Technologies

Trailblazing Industrial AI Sphere

Krishnan Raman- Flutura

Innovators of Tomorrow

Fran Killoway- Frasil

A Revolution Digitalizing the Sphere, IoT Redefined!

Venkata Siva Reddy - GND Solutions India Pvt Ltd

Product Engineering, Fortified and Redefined

Biraja Prasad Nath & Keshav Tripathy

CXO Articles

- Dan Stone- COO- Storage Made Easy

Dan Stone- Storage Made Easy, Cyber Security Concerns