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The demand for different and innovative marketing strategies popped up after the onset of the pandemic and this called for unique and revolutionary ideas, digital marketing was existing in the market but the use and un-tapping its potential was something that was deeply witnessed in 2020 and has made its mark as the new ace of the marketing industry. Digital Marketing has not only evolved but the strategies related to it have taken a winding turn which not only keeps the products/services marketed on a top priority but also engages the targeted audience in the most effective ways possible.

Digital Marketing has changed almost every electronic medium into a powerful tool fully capable of marketing products/services and getting as much ser engagement and awareness possible. Also, with the integration and applications of AI and automation techniques has changed the speed and functioning of this industry rapidly. With many companies and start-ups providing unique and differentiated solutions, it is highly exciting to find which ones are a notch apart from the rest.

Luxe Digital is one such company, leading the Digital Marketing industry and making its name as one of the most respected and highly sought-after names when it comes to providing digital marketing solutions. Luxe Digital, although a young company not only holds world-class solutions for digital marketing problems with their latest and technologically advanced software, which is closely integrated with AI, thus making them a unique and unparalleled company in their niche.

Their customer satisfaction ratings are through the roof, which not only speaks about their delivery and efficiency standards but also about their team of highly skilled and expert personnel who are not only dedicated but also hold extensive industry and trend knowledge to provide best-in-class, efficient and scalable solutions that are custom-made for their clients.

Luxe Digital’s Road to Success

Luxe Digital was founded in 2018, with a mission to become one of the global leaders in the digital marketing industry. They wish to do so by providing the most innovative and unique services in the industry, developing and restructuring the landscape in digital marketing. They are not only relentless when it comes to their services but also highly motivated and dedicated as they are the purveyor in digital marketing technologies and AI technology in the industry.

This not only makes Luxe Digital a truly unique and a class apart company in their niche but also tells to their clients that they are here to provide the best and most advanced solutions in digital marketing and AI technology, making them the one-stop solution and best-in-class for AI digital marketing services.

Luxe Digital is based in U.S. They not only aspire to be the global and market leaders with their digital marketing technology and solutions but also provide their clients with solutions and services that are unmatched and provide complete satisfaction and help achieve overall growth for their clients.

Luxe Digital is one such company, leading the Digital Marketing industry and making its name as one of the most respected and highly sought-after names when it comes to providing digital marketing solutions.

Luxe Digital deals with and in a plethora of marketing strategies ranging from building social media campaigns, e-commerce and content management platforms that strengthen businesses, etc. They create campaigns and content that move people, develop strategies and experiences that elevate brands and engage consumers, develop branding that exudes the best and create technologies that execute data and elevate mobile apps. These are some of the factors that not only distinguish their brand in the industry but also take them notches above the competition in the market. They specialize in the beauty, luxury, fashion and technology industries.

Every successful company has a strenuous and daunting journey, and Luxe Digital and its team have not only shown an unwavering spirit but also their dedication towards becoming the global leaders in providing digital marketing and technology solutions, helping their clients achieve the best and maximum growth possible and also maintaining the best industry standards has led them on a path that is not only successful but also highly respected by their clients and competition alike.

Thus, their main challenge was building their brand and clientele as they go all the way, becoming industry leaders, and aiming for more. Their offices now functioning globally, not only give the company an overall boost but also motivation and confidence that their services are highly acknowledged and sought-after by their clients. They have been strategizing since their inception to achieve a robust and streamlined company, which not only excels in providing a unique and unrivalled service but also carves its name as a global leader in the industry.

Luxe Digital’s Unmatched Services

Luxe Digital and its team have always put their clients as their top priority and their growth and development as their reward for working in this field and industry. They not only provide subpar service standards but also hold themselves accountable for their every move and every service, thus making sure that their clients receive not only the best services but also by the best team and the best company for the job.

They provide services that are not only a class apart but integrate with the client’s needs and demands in such a way that they truly feel that they are handcrafted for their clients, providing an unpretentious and conscious experience which not only shoots across the hearts of the clients but also their target audience, in turn getting them the respect and growth that their clients truly deserve.

Their core services revolve their technology platform, AiDAS. AiDAS is their premium and main software that packs the years of experience, skills, expertise and knowledge that Luxe Digital’s team have learnt and applied, which not only is a one-stop, best-in-class marketing solution but also defines and epitomises the industry standards and practices. Their arsenal also includes Premier Jet App, Liquid Beauty AI and the soon to be acquired Skintelligent.

Their services are not only a decade ahead when it comes to planning and execution but also differentiating them from the competition in the market by a mile. Luxe Digital and its team believe in cultivating a working environment that provides a human sustainable approach, for their partners, investors, employees and their clients, resulting in overall growth and development of their resources, knowledge, client’s satisfaction and loyalty towards them and also their services.

Apart from being a brand asset and communication executive, Jacqueline Hudson also has experience with designing and implementing communication campaigns using channel success metrics.

The Anchor of Luxe Digital

No company is ever complete without an apt and talented leader, and for a successful company, the list and checkpoints for a leader become longer. Luxe Digital and its rapid growth in such a short span, its ambition and the global expansion in such a short time wouldn’t have been possible without a leader, who is not only highly-skilled, talented with extensive industry and practices knowledge but an unrivalled spirit, dedication and command over the business, team, and its functioning.

And this is just the top of the list as there are a lot more requirements on the mental and physical front equally, but Luxe Digital is lucky and truly unique with a leader which not only checks the list but leaps and goes for more, she is the Founder & CEO of Luxe Digital, Jacqueline Hudson.

Jacqueline Hudson is a highly decorated executive with various big names and competitions in her basket of achievements. Apart from being a brand asset and communication executive, she also has experience with designing and implementing communication campaigns using channel success metrics. Jacqueline has been a consultant and a communications executive across various industries including beauty, fashion, cosmetics, luxury, technology, and real estate.

She has highly-skilled in the digital marketing arena and is adept in working in different departments like brand marketing, editorials, copywriting, creative content management, and project management. She knows a web-based content management system that includes Google Analytics, analytical system, SEM, SEO, Quantcast, ComScore, and also social media developments. Jacqueline Hudson has been honoured with a place in Top 40 Under 40 in Top 100 Magazine. She is a PhD degree holder from the Digital Marketing Institute of Dublin. Another feather in her cap is being an award-winning nominee at the American Marketing Association. In 2019, she was nominated for Top 50 Elite Magazine.

Being a global speaker, Hudson has lectured over 14 countries across the world. She always wanted to be an industry leader in the field of digital marketing and thus, moved on to higher education. Having done has extensive research on colleges, as well as universities, she came across the Digital Marketing Institute. She enrolled herself in the postgraduate program. Thus, using her skills to provide the best and be the best when it comes to the field of digital marketing.

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