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Darren Trumeter- Trujay

The Leading HubSpot Solutions Partner of 2021

For most, the year 2020 defined a transition to a remote culture connected digitally through data. As companies found new ways to increase capability and efficiency from home, it brought forth opportunities to provide expert (and cost-effective) solutions in data management and security for one Austin-based company.

Trujay, an industry leader in data management solutions, embraced the year as one of tremendous growth. Their CRM (customer relationship management) expertise has maintained the highest standards, boasting a high customer satisfaction rating of 93% and yielding exponential growth.

The company improved customer satisfaction ratings and enhanced the internal benchmark. The companies’ clear focus on the customer through unparalleled service plays a critical role: higher referrals, highly-rated experiences, and even award-winning recognition.

Meet the Company That is Paramount to the Success of Any Business

An essential piece to any company, CRM revolves around the customer profile, revenue, and managing interactions and promotions. With a commitment to providing the best solution to manage a companies’ data efficiently, Trujay ensures its clients’ records remain secure and accurate.

Trujay Services Encompassed:

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Trujay’s primary focus is offering services that are scalable and apt services for their clients, regardless of their scale and demands, which has led them to focus solely on providing CRM data services. Their products and services are aligned to ensure that data remains both accurate and scalable. They also offer data migration services for an effortless transition of data without data loss or security breach.

A key differentiating factor is Trujay’s technology product. The technology allows for more data movement and manipulation and increased opportunity to filter, merge, and manage it. Through a combination of elite tech and services, Trujay supports its customers’ account management skills with a team of seasoned data experts, positioning the company as a premier CRM data service provider.

Put simply, Trujay moves data from CSV, Excel, and other top CRM systems, such as Salesforce and Pipedrive, seamlessly to HubSpot. Trujay teaches a customer how to use HubSpot at the most personal level by providing a handheld approach to data migration, onboarding, consulting, and training. As the company uses HubSpot for its internal affairs, Trujay knows how to manipulate, map, and automate data in a way that merits recognition.

Who Put the “Tru” and “Jay” in Trujay?

Trujay’s team, composed of highly skilled and expert personnel, is spread throughout the globe. Proclaimed CRM data experts, the team leverages the latest technology to ensure its customers’ maximum value. Yet, no team can come together without a leader at its helm.

So how did Trujay get its name, and who’s responsible for leading a team of high caliber?

Darren Trumeter, Founder & CEO, and Jay Hendricks, Founder & VP of Services, put their heads (and their names) together to create one of the most reputed and sought-after companies in the CRM industry. Its roots are in its focus on a quality experience: creating repeatable processes for CRM data needs.

Trumeter boasts immense knowledge and expertise, backed with years of experience in the industry. Having spent the first part of his adult years as a military pilot, Darren transitioned to a role with IBM in their sales program. He has been in the tech/software/SaaS space since. “I have been fortunate enough to have succeeded in seeing several companies harvest,” Darren says of previous roles where he has led as a founder, CEO, and as board member. “It’s thrilling to have experienced the transition from business idea to vision, then plan, creation of the start-up team, and then seeing it all the way through to an acquisition.”

As a CEO, he has shifted companies from what seemed an inevitable failure to a successful harvest. For Darren, even start-up failures have provided lessons later used as a success story.

Creating Key Partnerships That Yield Growth:

Trujay has a sure leader, one responsible for driving sales, forecasting, and often exceeding even his own monthly expectations. Scot Pearl, Director of Sales, plays an instrumental role in cultivating a strong and strategic relationship with HubSpot that benefits both companies. This partnership allowed Trujay to offer additional solutions while directly impacting growth.

“By truly understanding a customer’s needs, we’re able to create a customized solution that will exceed expectations while maintaining the quality of the data,” Scot says.

Remote-work Experts With Real Company Culture

Trujay comprises employees from different cultures with its international roots, including the US, Ukraine, Australia, and Turkey. The diversity fuels a culture of camaraderie and smart collaboration on clients’ challenges and changing demands. For Darren, he feels that the team does well to balance a “work hard, play hard” balance. Trujay believes in creating a work culture that encourages its employees to thrive in their professional and personal lives.

Though considered a start-up, the company tends to compensate better than the market rates and grow its employees beyond their current position. As a leader, Jay Hendricks feels if he and the team can develop an employee into a role Trujay doesn’t have, seeing them succeed beyond their time at Trujay is equally rewarding.

“We want to curate a culture that our team wants to be a part of and grow with,” says Hendricks. “We also want to ensure each member is poised for continued growth professionally and personally.

Demonstration of Technological Innovation:

Trujay has many uniquely memorable customer experiences, each one demonstrating its commitment to curating creative solutions. One such example featured the challenge of working with a client’s strenuously complex data.
The project called for a unique system and a need to migrate its data to a new, more robust CRM. Utilizing unique and custom logic built by engineers from practically thin air, a creative solution leveraged the connection of their data to HubSpot. The customized logic and automation simplified data in HubSpot so much that the client’s entire business model changed, and HubSpot recognized the result with a particular trophy.

Dedication at the Summa Cum Laude Level:

Gabi Thread- Trujay

The marketing team spent New Year’s Eve completing the award-winning success story and its content. It provided a technological explanation in layman terms and a testimonial video with real sentimental value. The team celebrated the start of the new year only after their story was complete– and it won by a landslide.

Gabi Theard, Trujay’s Director of Marketing, states that “Winning HubSpot’s Impact Award for Innovation proves how Trujay transforms the basics of data management into an art form. Our system is impeccably unique, with an ability to create custom logic from scratch and connect anything to HubSpot. I say this without ego because as a marketer with a focus on creative strategy, I can see quantitative processes and hard data in a completely creative light.”
The dedication brought by the marketing team demonstrated agility and drive that remains at the core of the business. Though niche in service and often a topic that few understand entirely, Trujay has shifted its position as a premier and smart choice in the industry.

Quote By Daren Trumeter- Trujay

At HubSpot, we rely on our partners to help us improve productivity to our customers using our tool. Trujay has had such a positive impact on their customers’ success, focusing on data migrations and new integrations, their IntegrateHQ solution has truly been a success, and we are thrilled to be an elite partner.

Kati Ng- Mak- VP of Global Partners Strategy & Operations HubSpot

As technology continues to fuel business growth and connect its employees and customers, Trujay aligns itself as a trusted partner. One with the flexibility to meet their clients’ changing data needs while managing complex transitions securely.

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