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Nagma Abbasi- NextGen Life Sciences Pvt Ltd

The onset of this year has shown everyone the importance of healthcare and its related industries. The onset of the pandemic not only called for the arsenal of all the available healthcare personnel but also all the technologies and all the instruments and tools, the healthcare industry has to offer. Although the world faced a lot of difficulties, the healthcare industry tried its best to provide the required instruments, care, etc. to make sure that the virus is contained and also the infected are looked after with the best possible treatments and accuracy.

Although, the ultimate way to put an end to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus is to bring out a vaccine, no matter how easy it sounds it is way more complex than meets the eyes. All the research, materials required, and other high-precision tools and instruments that are used not only for the generation of the vaccine but also other medical researchers are highly important and often hard to come by from a single source.

NextGen Life Sciences delivers true to its long-standing name and reputation in the Biotechnology industry when it comes to providing high-end and best-in-class solutions for testing equipment, reagents, kits, and instruments, and also other highly sought-after tools and materials for conducting medical research and other related tasks. With their network and tries spread around the globe, NextGen Life Sciences truly redefines standards of service along with the highest delivery standards as they make sure their clients receive the highest quality products for their research and testing or other purposes and also the desired testing equipment and machines, etc. delivered at their doorstep in pristine condition and under the given stipulated time.

NextGen Life Sciences with its very high satisfied client base has earned an impeccable reputation for their promising service quality, standards, the quality of their products and not to forget their best-in-class and highly efficient delivery system. All of the above combine to form the brand and make NextGen Life Sciences one of the leaders in the Biotechnology industry and also one of the most respected in their space and among the competition.

NextGen Life Sciences, The Journey:

NextGen Life Sciences has been successful in attaining customer trust in a short period by providing excellent services in the industry. Like all start-up companies, Nextgen also faced initial challenges like capital investment, finding good talent, building customer trust, and good relationships. 

NextGen Life Sciences was started in 2014 to become a frontrunner in the distribution of innovative biological products and services for the Life Science Research and Diagnostic market. NextGen Life Sciences is poised to become a one-stop solution to cater to the research needs of scientists in the Field of Molecular biology, Cell Biology, Immunology, Healthcare, Drug Development, and more.

NextGen Life Sciences wants to deliver the right products with complete precision and accuracy to facilitate research findings to lift and advance human health and the healthcare industry as a whole. NextGen Life Sciences also provides complete solutions in Instrumentation, Reagents, Next Generation Sequencing Services, Bioinformatics, and customized solutions to Scientists and Researchers. 

NextGen Life Sciences is poised to become one-stop-solution to cater to the research needs of scientists in the Field of Molecular biology, Cell Biology, Immunology, Healthcare, Drug Development and more.

NextGen Life Sciences aims to achieve its objectives as a single source facility, catering to the research needs of scientists in the field of Molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, health care, drug development, etc. Their product areas as well as research areas, include Cell Analysis, Cell Culture & Transfection, Cloning, DNA & RNA Purification, Gene Expression Analysis & Genotyping, PCR, Protein Expression & Analysis, Real-Time PCR, RNAi, Sequencing, Synthetic Biology, Cancer Research, stem cell research, Drug Discovery and development, Plant Sciences, epigenetics and custom services/oligonucleotide. NextGen Life Sciences’ ultimate focus is to provide high quality and innovative products and services at a competitive price in a timely fashion to customers.

The key achievement for NextGen has been consistent growth for the last six years in terms of revenue and profitability. Without just sitting back relax NextGen overcame these problems and today it stands strong in the market with creating a unique place.

They work very closely with their customers and aim to gain recognition, success, and growth with a focus on scientist’s research needs and by following three principles viz; value, service, and support. They have collaborated with partners from the USA, Europe, Singapore, and other South East Asia countries for distribution business, manufacturing, and R&D.

The factors that helped NextGen to grow-

  • Company Culture
  • Knowledge Management
  • Clearly Defined Roles
  • Continued Scalability
  • Cash Flow
  • Development of Internal Tools
  • Consistent Team Quality
  • Customer Happiness
  • Core Values
  • Little Wins
  • Team Performance Evaluations

NextGen is growing every year by 1-2 percent in terms of profitability and significantly growing in terms of turnover every year since the foundation. In terms of the employee as well they have a 100 percent retention rate. NextGen has grown its presence in the market as well and adding more customers every year.

Products/Services Offered:

The firm has maintained a long-term relationship with clients by rendering quality services-TAT (Turnaround Time) for the product deliveries by managing inventories with microanalysis of basic needs of prime customers, addressing customer problems customers in time with best possible solutions, maintaining highly skilled and trained sales and technical team. It is looking forward to the new technology and its application-CRISPR.

NextGen Life Sciences offers services for Cell Analysis, Cell Culture & Transfection, Cloning, DNA & RNA Purification, Gene Expression Analysis & Genotyping, PCR, Protein Expression & Analysis, Real-Time PCR, Sequencing, Synthetic Biology, Cancer Research, Stem cell research, Drug Discovery and development, Plant Sciences, Epigenetics and Services for Sequencing, Next Generation Sequencing and Bioinformatics. NextGen Life Sciences’ products address a wide range of requirements right from the sample, material characterization, and chemical analysis to clinical diagnoses and biological-based therapeutics handling. In addition to that, it also has a dedicated team to look into after-sales and services.

NextGen Life Sciences aims to bridge the gap between the needs and pains of researchers of the Life Science/ Biotech Industry and assist the scientists to gain insight on the recent innovations and technologies, assuring a sound knowledge of the subject matter. With their augmented spectrum of products and solutions, NextGen Life Sciences aims in empowering the mounting realm of complex analytical challenges in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, government, environmental and industrial research, and the clinical laboratory.

Currently, NextGen is enthusiastic about the futuristic innovations in Biotechnology like Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and CRISPR in clinical laboratories, NGS Data analysis, and interpretation of unknown genetic variants. CRISPR technology is a simple yet powerful tool for editing genomes. With its presence in North India, it is planning to expand its network in West and South India as well.

NextGen has launched its brand products of International standards last year and is keen to add more products to its portfolio. NextGen is focusing on Colleges and Universities as well to create awareness among young minds about new technologies and their applications. NextGen helping the young generation by training and short-term internship programs relevant to Life Science and Biotechnology Industry.

NextGen Vs. COVID-19 and the Roadmap Ahead:

Despite the urgency, the NextGen team educated people about the Real-Time PCR testing kits options available in the Indian Market and provided the best solutions to customers. NextGen’s team was swift to adapt to the changes and operate remotely. The NextGen team initially required guidance from Dr. Nagma, who is well-versed with the relevant technology helped the team in remote working. Receiving their inputs and guidelines from her made NextGen’s team more efficient and coordinated with their performance and deliveries.

Due to COVID19 cases surging across the country, the clients started demanding products for COVID-19 Testing Kits and instruments. Dr. Nagma was proficient in managing the team. As per ICMR guidelines, the gold standard test Real-Time PCR testing has been recommended for all clients. NextGen was spontaneous in delivering the needs of the Healthcare and Biotech industry in the time of COVID-19 as well.

The sudden lockdown was surprising for many people and businesses equally as no one was prepared for this halt, but despite this hurdle, NextGen’s team worked meticulously with its associates and partners to create the best quality products available on highly competitive pricing to customers as a total end to end solution and contributed in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

The prime hospitals in Delhi, NCR, ICMR approved Diagnostic Testing Centres, VTM Manufacturers and Research Institutes who have contributed to COVID Vaccine development are NextGen’s Prime clients during this Pandemic. NextGen Team feels proud to serve the nation in such a difficult time and serve for this noble cause of saving lives.

A brief about the CEO and her views on the Biotechnology sector’s contribution in empowering the society as a whole:

NextGen Life Sciences and its team are always incomplete without its dynamic Founder and CEODr. Nagma Abbasi, who is spearheading the development and execution of long-term strategies with the vivid vision of expanding the organization’s footprints across the global market.

She attended IMT Ghaziabad, AMU, Aligarh, and Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Delhi for her studies in Business administration, Doctoral studies in Molecular Genetics, and Post Doctoral studies in Molecular characterization of viruses. She feels it’s her experiences and failures that account for most of her learnings and strongly believes in updating herself about worldly changes through reading and interactions. She aspires to be one of the leading entrepreneurs and set an example for the future generation. 

Her career spans over a decade working with Esteemed Research Institutes and leading Multinational companies in Life Sciences/Biotech industry across various verticals like Product management, customer segmentation, brand management, and strategic marketing.

Dr. Nagma strongly feels and believes that learning new things is ever-going progress and also emphasizes smart work which is not short of hard work, dedication, and complete efforts. Today, with her determination to deliver the best of services and solutions which are smart and futuristic, NextGen Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. has become the most preferred brand for clients in the Biotechnology industry.

The biotechnology sector has always been tremendously innovative and is on a robust increase trajectory. The sector, with its huge growth capability, will maintain to play a sizable role as a modern manufacturing hub. The Biotechnology / Life sciences sector is one of the major significant sectors in enhancing India’s global profile in addition to contributing to the boom of the economy.

Dr. Nagma strongly feels and believes that learning new things is the ever-going progress and also emphasizes on smart work which is not short of hard work, dedication and complete efforts.

Moreover, the increasing advancements in technology and the change in requirements have pushed the Biotechnology industry and all its companies/firms forward, pushing to produce more efficient and unique products/services and thereby changing the face of the Healthcare industry as a whole.

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